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Psychology prethought analysis and construct design of delivery

Updated on April 26, 2016

This will hurt

Nothing you ever tested in psychology is real since you can not control for any variables and you test when people are in need and want, or looking for answers.

example: A family member dies and their is a great trauma. You test them with inventories that ask if they have experienced normal reactionary stressors like sleepless nights, fatigue, sadness, tears, and phantom pain for the loss. What do you think the answers are going to find except that they are stressed and exhibiting those behaviors. You catch drunks and addicts when they are looking for help or fall and then you say they are in love with themselves on the MMPI, well why do you think they sought help? Because they hated themselves? I guess your research for years has been garbage since your education was based on cultural lies, suited to your learning needs. All of it is basically lies because I project my life on others to sense what I want and research does the same through bias and their education level, you can not control for your education and that implies biased to learned scholars. You will never be able to look and think that your education interferes with your research again, like I said once before. You cannot see a candle if you have never seen a flame (figure that shell out.)

I guess when you look at psychology all the learned information both genetically, culturally, read, sensed, and experienced through the sensing world would be needed in an examination of thought, then know your education was a lie and start over with the test or research. You damned your self in psychology for fun. Toxic worlds, like mothers in family are roads that any mule can follow, if you are an ass.

Many times in psychology or the stuff I had written culture, education, influences of hair color, smiles, plastic affection for non feeling people who say "Nice outfit" and secretly hate the person on their minds eye. I guess stealing thoughts would be one way and then, you find what your heart lacks. You were ugly in your own hearts and I was not. New subject time.

Finding a Heart, construct the meaning and location first for many are un-weighed. You damned all to your ugliness and I would pray you find your own education a stumbling block to research for it biases the research to the mind learning and interviewing. It always happens that the researcher creates a construct like "pain" and then exploits it to the general audience and then fails to see the future in the trees, trees being the lives the word would touch.

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN COVETING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES: One thing about animal sex, mating tables like periodic homes for quails and rosters rarely know that fertilized eggs will actually hatch. Not withstanding they sit on them anyways. Now that came first in the coupling energy of the senses of the life inside the forces that gave the world life to ask the question before nature? Thoughts to think then how would you be able to read the question if life was not before the creation of the question.

Another construct is time. Think to the time when before it there was none no sunlight and no senses to create the hands that would drop from branches to shadow it. Then forget the question, time caught up to you and you know now that before it was none and now there is some, so what time was it before? Time that the Buddhists created, Nature created, Roman time, of fonts of scripted lies in the dead spaces of Zen Nazis?

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN COVETING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES: If the Nazis went to India and Tibet in search of ancient meanings and they found Ephedra and Meth products used for climbing mountains and Tantric sexual rituals for the private lives of lovers and then exploited it in sex research in Germany. What would have happened if the Buddhist Hindi community would have admitted that drug trades were ancient like the silk roads and they used it only medicinally? There were a few other Chinese herbs yet I was never in study, just Western herb lore. And Ask the Christians too about the voodoo magic communion wine in the Black Death with the humors of Christ in it? I would just like to ask if any of your religious beliefs influenced any of your learning, culture or family values that influenced your choices in learn and who forced them on you if you have both upbringing and choices.

Psychology of exploiting loneliness in times of sorrow. Psychologists like many need paychecks, yet when you are lonely and 12 sessions are paid at x amount of dollars and you only have a situational concern why would there need to be a specialty to cover general psychology of no one cares? Research questions? I guess for practice and then it is a question of why test monkeys when want and need drive them to help in the first place. I guess one either wants/needs or accepts that they are them two the same when words mean nothing to careless thieves. I for got this one for the life "Thou shalt not kill." Did Christ get a suicide contract with 2000 years of learning in suffering to prevent his mother from ordering his own death? Granted his mother were and was the people before her and her God. Had that been all of creation then the payment was intended to be forgiveness.

One other note of psychology of the Judge advocate general, question if you are Democrat and hate the Republican agenda yet pay for their programs and all their taxes and buy their products why are you not Republican, change the named labels Democrat and Republicans with any name you like ad ask? Politics of psychology, everyone pays the same.

If you hate labels, then what is a computer or a library if the quiet library is a planet that no one ever hear unless like a murmur in space if echoed home? Then name an Earth and Earth of a roar in the night not heard in nowhere since it was just a wave or energy unheard yet by the senders perceptions or returned thoughts that another heard. Label a white board black inverted in the fields that never were made then all would be what? Having never been any genetic matter or any thought senses imagined or ever known would the question then have ever risen to such heights as to reach the other people that question the origin of the null. Theoretical yet it would depend on the point in which null was nothing before it self in void. To avoid a replicating error in creation Suns or names without names sense the repeating nature of a creator and then in turn senses that spheres were of it's description yet in truth it's size and life more like the fusions of more than this topic merits.

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN COVETING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES: Where does it hurt? Does it hurt worse in the beginning or end of the symptom in an investment in a relationship that begun with the never known word love. Love for self for seeking help and then to be damned for asking, those thinking outside the self that the self never loved it self? Question then the need to self talk with a replicated near facsimile of nature, not nurture.

Here is where it hurts. Nothing I said made sense because are labels on the screen that you use to project your symbolic meaning into and represent in your frame of reference. I would then postulate that it is neither null in the reference nor full aware in the null hypotheses of varying frames of references projected on my assumptions that your read at all and yours that you understand. Having labelled you unknown, you would imagine yourself special that I directed it at you at all, that you see an understanding without asking your assumption that you are within your right to make liberty with my thoughts. Be it as it may, you liberty your thoughts in my words anyways and mull them in the things you then think like a machine, unthinking as they enter your thoughts to ponder.

Strange, un-thought thinking processes. No issue, mine like islet cells think too, without me thinking of their function and forces, otherwise it would be an investment to even think about their inner worlds, the islet cells I mean. Granted that is an assumption that the organism of life is alive. Try to think islet cells without a label for them and of their function without knowing it, careful you may get it wrong. If you had no meaning or location for them. One other null to Zen about in the tradition of nothing was before then and would be in the layers of infinite, no belief traditions without labels would put you at a disadvantage in life, since you would never share them with anyone and as I did, be the light in your heart of mind's eye until shared freely and exploited by the greed and envy of coveting others. Having said that, then you would be undone, for none would have known you or your nothing. That is Zen, doing it all for eons of human years and then removing time, to be not in it again and never having none of it was in the times radius of spherical life before life was even sensed. Never try that for not known would be unknown, and you would forget everything I said as you read and drift to the void of a thought in your mind to ponder for eternity in silence and loneliness, if the void was alone, then know you to find a space of nothing, or try for the next thousand and five years. There would be no way back to there even, nor here. Try because I try everything, and take your time, mine is valued as my own.

Cellular level education on the nonlinear nature of the movement of time inside your thoughts and being would be needed and the equation for computing each atom, each molecular structure, all their carried transmitters, the heart beat, the movement of fields of energy, light, the planetary light consumption, thought speed being non-physical and shared though the projected life and then you would see that you would be fractions by the radius of life. Neuropsychology is the field in which the things once labeled would be challenged and none would know the limits of the molecular lives of storms, bridges to synaptic dysfunction in a normally functioning organism as nature designed, then disease is of the mind of another? A projected illness, then you live into it, then punished by others for being it. Why diagnose it if you hate the behaviors that you give to others? I was no fool in psychology and that was why they hated me. You get the diagnoses that you are assigned and then tortured for being them by friends, family and life. I was a nurse, I got tortured for that.

What are you if not a symptom of your life? Are you more aware than a book of education or the dead making a living in the conifer trees.


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