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Psychotherapy, the Next Expose' - Two

Updated on September 4, 2023

Expert Opinions

To my 'layman's' eyes, he obviously had Asperger Syndrome.

As there were two ‘psychologists’ among the membership I expected them to make their assessment.

After all, people with Asperger can not be successfully placed into positions requiring interpersonal contact which this position required.

Yet, despite all the signs, I seemed the only one aware of the condition.

Time passed, and more and more people began to complain about him. The psychologists held silent.

Complaints were clear signs of Aspergers; he had difficulty in social situations, couldn't make eye contact or stared. Didn't get humor or sarcasm in a simple statement nor understand the most simple gestures and had to stick to a regime, going down the 'check list for symptoms of Asperger's.

I went to one of the Board Members and informed him of my 'assessment’. He had no idea what Asperger was so I sent him a number of sites.

The so-called ‘psychologists’, people who are paid for their ‘expertise’, had noticed nothing odd about this man. Hence because they were the ‘experts’, my assessment was discarded.

As Time Goes By

As time passed, as more ‘flaws’ were revealed, he became a thorn in the side of the most senior people. They demanded actions. He was being paid for a particular set of duties but was incapable of performing. Activities which anyone with Asperger's would be unable to do.

Having already defined him, my focus moved to the two ‘psychologists’ . With their degrees and years of experience, their inability to recognise something as well know as Asperger's fascinated me.

I began to present them with little things, totally unrelated, to see how they would ‘diagnose’ the problem.

Law Suits

I was aware of a number of law suits brought against Psychologists. The common practice is that the cases are often settled out of Court and the parties sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In this way the Public is unaware of the massive number of lawsuits. If one does a simple search the number of therapists successfully sued is enormous.

To become a 'psychologist' is rather an easy 4 year college course. I use the term 'easy' for other subjects demand a far greater depth of knowledge. Further, there is no 'if' in other subjects, in psychology there are.

A Real Example

At a luncheon, the mother of a child, (who attended a very expensive private school) was told that he had trouble communicating and she needed to take him to a therapist.

As he was sitting beside her, and had never seen me before I spoke to him in a complex sentence. He had no trouble in hearing, understanding, and making the appropriate response.

I told her;

“Tell the school you’ll have to remove him because you can’t afford the private school fees plus psychological analysis. The school will tell you that he doesn’t have any problem.”

She called me two days later. It went as I had predicted. The school, which had a link with a psychologist, (and no doubt received decent ‘referral’ payments), now decided that there was nothing wrong with the child.

She removed the child from the school, anyway.

This kind of ‘soak the parents’ is practiced by many expensive private schools, which do receive gratuities from psychologists.

*The two 'psychologists’ of the group to whom I had repeated the incident; (beginning with the first paragraph of this section and ending with what I had told the mother, robustly averred that the child obviously would need assessment and therapy).

Snake Oil?

As stated in a previous article; Psychotherapy, the next great Expose, many people are wrongly assessed which often destroys the rest of their lives. ‘False Memory’ Syndrome is just one aspect.

Many children, as the one mentioned above, are made to feel as if they ‘need help’ when there is nothing wrong with them.

Those, such as the mass murderer in Colorado, are never diagnosed, or treated. It is only after they perform their actions someone pops up with some expo facto psychological explanation.

A very interesting movie staring Richard Gere and Ed Norton had a murderer successfully portraying ‘two personalities’. He could easily fool the psychiatrists, for they, like most of their peers, are more than willing to accept this kind of ‘explanation’ for violent behaviour.

This of course leads to the charge that hindsight is 20/20; and if all these theories and proofs and clear guidelines really worked, that someone would have picked up on the actions of the proto-mass murderer before he began his spree.

The reliance on 'psycho-therapy' needs to be reassessed.

For example, a lawyer hearing of an incident can immediately define the law, the process. A doctor, noticing particular actions, can diagnose a particular disease.

Yet, psychologists do not perceive aberrations unless the paying patient is sitting in front of them.


Charles Manson, the nut job in Norway, the 'joker' at the cinema, were not hermits. They did not suddenly appear. They had lived among others. Those who had some ‘expertise’ ought have been able to spot them.

But they weren’t identified before their actions.

The fact those members of the group to which I belonged who held degrees and were practicing psychologists could not define this guy as having Aspergers is simply par for the course.


Although not publicly exclaimed, many psychologists are less useful than astrologers or Tarot card readers.

The difference is, if you went to a 'Psychic' and repeated their advice to your friends, they might slap it away.

If you changed the term to 'Psychologist' they'd nod sagely.

The fact is that both are working off 'clues' you give them. It depends on how sensitive or intelligent they are as to what they will 'diagnose.'

Hence the psychologists of the group are oblivious to persons not sitting on their couch and couldn't diagnose Asperger's where every web page written on the subject is virtually written about him.

They couldn't grasp that a child who has communication difficulties would not be alert to a strange voice making a strange request.

Be very chary of what you are told by psycho-therapists. Do not allow them to give you drugs, hypnotise you or in any way present an opinion which goes against what you have known all your life.

If you've always had good relationships with your family, then no problem could be attributed to them.

If you have friends and are functioning in society then whatever problem you have is not particularly serious, despite what you are told, especially when it is going to cost a heap of money for you to get 'better'.

A psychologist is not a doctor. A psychologist is someone with some a B.A. and some training who can exert their influence over those in their presence. Many grab this 'power' and exploit it.


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