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How To Cure Your Public Speaking Phobia

Updated on February 1, 2010

Public speaking is the number one fear of most people, and most people will do just about anything in the world to avoid having to give speeches in public. Safe to say, something needs to be done about the fear of public speaking that nearly every person has. But that is easier said than done. If you have a public speaking phobia, then you understand how difficult it can be to live your life in the way that you want to live it. Public speaking is not exactly something that is easy. I understand that. There are many people who either suffer or have suffered from public speaking phobia, myself being one of them. So please know that you are not alone in your fear.

Once you have admitted your fear of public speaking, then you will be able to do something about it. But what exactly can you do? There is a lot of information out there on severe public speaking phobias, and it can be difficult to sort through all of that information. Of course, not all of that information is even correct, and if you do not know what is correct and what is false, then you are going to have an even harder time sorting through all of that information to find something that helps you overcome your fear of public speaking.

Fortunately, I have found something that I believe helps people overcome their public speaking phobia. I have previously written about the subliminal powers of hypnosis, and how you can lose weight with hypnosis. Fortunately for you and millions of other sufferers of the fear of public speaking, your public speaking phobia can be cured through the power of hypnosis.

Personally, I have used hypnosis to cure my fear of public speaking, and I can attest that it truly does work very well. While my fear of public speaking is not yet eliminated, it went from about 9/10 to somewhere closer to a 2.5/10. This is a huge reduction for me, and I believe that you can see similar results in your own life if you use hypnosis to cure your fear of speaking in public.

I hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions on how to cure public speaking then feel free to ask!


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    • Daniel Townsend profile image

      Daniel Townsend 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. I will probably make some more hubs in the future about public speaking phobias, since they are a burden to so many people.

      Your post and diagram are very very impressive by the way. Your whole blog is, for that matter.

    • profile image

      Nick Blanchett 8 years ago

      Thanks for this great advice. I agree, we've all been there, situations like going in front of the stage and making a speech to a faceless crowd! But what I just kept in my mind are these things:

      Speaking in public is not inherently stressful.

      Don’t fear the fear. Don’t fight it.

      Don’t put pressure on yourself to succeed:

      - It’s not about you.

      - You don’t have to be perfect or brilliant to succeed.

      - You are not the only one with this problem.

      Be yourself.

      Don’t over-prepare or prepare in too much detail, but do rehearse if possible.

      Make sure you have a message to share. Focus on your audience and on the message itself during your presentation.

      Don’t believe something bad will happen.

      Don’t think your audience does not want you to succeed.

      Get practice to see firsthand that all the points above are true.

      Recently, I made an effort to put up a comprehensive diagram for this, please take a look!

      Thanks, Nick