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Punching Bag

Updated on January 23, 2014



I started a forum about being angry that you want to punch something and @beth37 that answered convinced me to write a hub about taking up kickboxing so hear it is. Kickboxing can be a great relief of anger. You can find classes in your area online if you’re interested. You can learn a new fighting style, lose weight, and learn how to defend yourself. There are times when you are just so angry that you want to cry, yell, or punch someone or something. There’s no need for violence at all. However if you do feel like hitting, a punching bag might do the trick as well. When you feel that rage of hot fire, I suggest that you go home in a calm matter, put on your boxing gloves and hit the mess out the bag. Even in the forum, @wilderness said that there is no need to punch anything, meditation, self control and anger management classes is the key to melt it away. I totally agree, because I like peace and do yoga. But there are some people, even me, that want to just hit something. Punching bag and kickboxing can do the trick.


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