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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Bicycle

Updated on March 20, 2011

The first step in buying a new bike is to determine what type of riding you will be doing. This will narrow down your options to just one of four basic kinds. If you are an enthusiastic long-haul cyclist you might favor the typical street bicycle, which varies from other designs primarily in how much you lean over the handle-bars.

Locate A Good Bicycle Store

You will end up paying more, but you will probably be more pleased with your purchase. Bikes from large chain stores may not be assembled properly or well suited to your body type. If you do not like the seat or pedals on a specific design, a few bicycle stores will exchange the parts at little cost or even no charge.

Take A Trial Ride

Prior to purchasing any bicycle, ride it for a sufficient amount of time to make certain that the shifters and brakes are simple to employ, that the gears mechanisms will work for ascending hills, that it fits comfortably, and that the suspension and frame are adequate for a smooth ride.

Avoid Cheap Bicycles, Other Than For Casual Usage

Cheap bicycles that sell for under $200 from manufacturers such as Mongoose, Schwinn, Huffy and Roadmaster might appear to be economic choices, but pro cyclists advise that you spend $300 or even more, if your financial plan permits it. Why? You will get a great deal more bicycle for your dollar.

Mass-market bicycles have cheap construction materials compared to more expensive bicycles and could weigh up to 7 or 8 pounds more. They only come in one size, so you won't likely get a good fit. And mass-marketers don't compare to bicycle stores for assembly quality, service and professional guidance.

Adults ought to think about cheap bicycles from a big-box chain for only casual usage, and stay with the front-suspension design, which will more likely ride better than a cheap full-suspension bicycle. If buying a bike for children, go with a cheap one as they tend to outgrow them quickly.

Types of Bicycles

There are four basic kinds of bicycles. However, when you are determining what type of riding you plan to engage in, consider more than the essentials. Bike makers are segmenting today's market with designs that mix attributes from many classes.

Leisure Bicycles

These bikes are for light, easy riding on smooth trails and pavement. They feature tall handle-bars, a wide, cushy seat and shock absorbers for the seat.

Mountain Bicycles

These are created to withstand rough mountain trails. You will get a shock-absorbent forward suspension fork and maybe rear suspension that supplies great regulation and plenty of comfort on the toughest terrain. They have knobby, broad tires, a thin or moderate breadth seat, and riser or flat handles.

Road Bicycles

These bicycles are for individuals whom wish to log quick or major distance, including multiple-day journeys. Conventional street bicycles have a light frame, a slender seat, thin tires and drop handle-bars that force you to lean low. Performance street bicycles, a rather new kind, are much like regular ones but for their longer head tube and shorter top tube, which permit a somewhat more erect riding stance. Cross bicycles, one more sub-class, are basically brawny street bicycles with knobby, broad tires for off-road excursions.

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