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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is a Miracle Body Fat Burner

Updated on November 19, 2015

Pure green coffee bean extract is creating a buzz within the weight loss industry not only because it is a powerful body fat burner but also because it is a weight loss solution with zero effort. Fitness experts and health care professionals are excited about this natural fat burner which is clinically proven to effectively reduce your weight without any change in your diet or your lifestyle.

Research studies have found that pure green coffee bean extract is a miracle body fat burner. These studies have revealed that the green coffee beans contain potent antioxidants along with its fat-burning ability.

Green coffee beans are the unroasted coffee beans. These unroasted green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which is the miracle fat-burning substance. This chlorogenic acid is what makes green coffee more powerful than roasted coffee when it comes to weight loss, because roasting reduces chlorogenic acid and eliminates the fat-burning abilities of the coffee beans.

Pure green coffee bean extract helps you reduce weight naturally and effectively, burns your body fat, helps your body to slow down the aging process, and regulates your blood sugar level.

Researchers have studied the benefits of green coffee beans for a number of years, but it is the study done by Dr. Joe Vinson at the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA, that has caught the attention of the media and the people. A clinical trial conducted for 22 weeks has shown that the participants taking green coffee extract supplements have lost an average of 17 pounds, without changing their diet and exercise routine at all. The study also has shown that the subjects have lost 10% of their body weight and 16% of their body fat.

Interest in green coffee beans has soared when green coffee bean extract has been highlighted as an effective weight loss supplement on the popular Dr. Oz TV show. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor, featured the weight loss benefits of pure green coffee beans on the TV show of Dr. Oz who also has performed his own research study with 100 ladies from his audience as participants. Dr. Oz’s study has shown that the ladies given the green coffee bean extract supplements have lost twice the weight compared to those given the placebo pill. More studies have also found the same results.

Findings also show that green coffee extract supplements can inhibit your appetite, making you consume less amount of food. When taken daily, green coffee bean extract supplements can offer a massive boost to your weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract burns your body fat efficiently when it is of a high quality blend. Green coffee bean extract supplements must contain a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid, a minimum of 400 milligrams per pill, and the supplements must have zero fillers, zero binders, and zero artificial ingredient. There are pure green coffee extract supplements which offer optimum weight loss benefit with a formulation of 50% chlorogenic acid, and 800 milligrams per pill. You have to read the labels to be sure you are getting the right green coffee bean extract supplements.

A weight loss expert has called the green coffee bean extract a miracle fat burner because it helps lose weight with zero effort. This is the reason that green coffee extract supplements appeal to weight watchers and has created a high demand in the market.

On top of all its weight loss benefits, green coffee bean extract supplements come with no side effects. In all the research and studies done, not one has found an adverse side effect of green coffee bean extract because it is completely safe and natural.

Some people call the green coffee bean extract the magical weight loss supplement because it offers a weight loss solution with no side effects, no new diet, and no laborious exercise routines to do. Indeed, pure green coffee bean extract is a miracle body fat burner.


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