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Pure Raspberry Ketones

Updated on April 8, 2014

Not only are Raspberry Ketones an amazing fat burner but it helps burn fat not only in the problem areas like your belly fat but actually it helps burn fat all over your body.

Eat 100 lbs Per Day of Raspberries?

While hundreds of thousands of people all around the world try to lose weight, many don't understand the relevance of not only eating healthier but also of eating the right fruits and vegetables.

In resent years, there have been so many studies and reports done on various fruits and vegetables that your head can seem to be spinning off.

There are Dr's on TV telling you almost daily that this fruit is better for you than that and that not only are they good for you, but that the amount you would have to consume on a daily basis is insurmountable.

I was watching a TV show once where the physician said that in order to get the benefits of Raspberry Ketones, in reference not only to burning fat but to get the antioxidant benefits of this berry, we would have to eat in excess of 100 lbs per day.


You heard me. That's what he said. 100 lbs of Raspberries per day to get the full effects of this amazing fruit.

Well, I am all for burning fat and all but really?

There is no way in the world anyone that I know can realistically eat that amount of raspberries per day and eat their other meals and snacks every day.


Concentrated Raspberry Ketones in the form of a capsule and taking a total of 500mgs per day.

Easy Peasy

To me that was the best news ever. Now that is something that I could do.

No eating 100 lbs of raspberries per day but an all natural capsule that has no fillers or binders, just pure raspberry ketones.

What Else Will Help With Weight Loss?

As I have mentioned before, in order to get the fat burning that you really want (especially belly fat), adding more natural herbal supplements or drinks can also make a huge impact and give you more of the antioxidants that will also keep you healthy.

There are many herbs and plants that provide not only give you the benefits of antioxidants but also work to give you increased energy and act as appetite suppressants.

Some of the plants and herbs that help with this are:


This plant is believed to have the amount of caffeine. Coffee has 2% caffeine while Guanana has anywhere from 3.6 to 5.8%.

Caffeine is known to improve mental clarity and alertness. People who take Guanana will have the same effect.

When it comes to weight loss, Guarana works best with other supplements that may include green tea extract and more.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Another Breakthrough plant for weight loss. Real studies have been made using green coffee extract and they have been very positive.

They are also trying to do studies to see if it balances blood sugar.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract has so many benefits that its a wonder we aren't all drinking gallons of it per day.

Not only does it improve mental thinking and mental alertness, but it is know to prevent various cancers, helps with Parkinsons' disease, heart disease, low blood pressure, skin damage, renal issues like kidney stones, chronic fatigue, gum disease and so much more.

What we are interested in here though are the benefits of Green Tea Extract on helping with weight loss. Because Green Tea Extract has caffeine in it, it just makes sense that it will help with weight loss. Combined with other plants like Guarana, this is a powerful way to gain energy and alertness and decrease appetite increasing your fat and weight loss results.


This plant will boost your immune system and help you improve your mood (many times needed while going through dieting) and boost your endurance. It's a very important puzzle to your weight loss journey.

I am sure you know of those day's that are just hard to stay in a good mood when you seem to be depriving yourself of some foods and treats. Ginseng can help elevate your mood so that you will feel balanced and not dwell on those foods and change of lifestyle.

Although Weight Loss can be a challenging journey for us, if we have the best natural ingredients to help us get he best results possible, than it's worth checking out.

Make sure to check with your Doctor prior to starting any weight loss plan and supplements.


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