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The Puroquiet Volume Limiting Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Lets Kids Listen Safely

Updated on April 11, 2019

Loud Volume Can Be Detrimental To Children

Teenagers who went to a lot of rock and roll concerts in the 70’s were often told by their parents that the loud music would ruin their hearing. As would seem obvious when trying to tell a teenager what to do, this was ignored. Those teenagers now grown up and with children of their own have realized that Mom was right — loud music is not good for a growing child. And with the advent of mobile devices, phones and tablets, young children are now encountering the same potential problem of having their hearing damaged as was the case back then. The solution isn’t to limit their time listening — though that would be the best way to proceed — but to remove the high volumes that they could find themselves listening to because it’s noisy out in the world where they are and the earbuds glued into their ears have no qualms at being driven into the red. So let them listen, but make sure they’re wearing the PuroQuiet Volume Limiting Active Noise Cancelling Headphones when they’re doing it.

These are over the ear headphones -- right there the ears are less intruded upon. Their size allows for certain things to occur: the first being that technologies can be built into them to inhibit the loud volumes that a child might want to listen at, as well as other useful tech. It also allows for a higher quality audio response in general — headphones by their very nature are bigger than earbuds and so can contain larger speakers. In the case of the NME, that’s 40mm drivers (speakers) encased in a durable aluminum ear cup. Through the use of aluminum for construction, not only are the headphones lightweight, but they can be folded flat for carrying without concern that they will quickly fall apart (as might be the case should they have been wholly constructed from plastic). The overall weight is minor, allowing a child to bear wearing them for extended periods of time without concern. This is aided by having a padded leather wrapped headband (adjustable obviously) working in tandem with similarly leather wrapped ear cushions. And the inside of each ear cup proclaims which ear it’s intended for too. A multivolume Bluetooth button and volume controls are there along with the ANC switch (but again just to note, the 85dB sound limit is baked in and can not be sidestepped or turned off).

Limit The Decibel Level

The seal created by the ear cups (standard issue for over the ear headphones) help to keep surface noise at bay, but in most situations the outside sounds intrude on what is being listened to and cause the child to increase the volume. That’s not good. So Active Noise Cancellation is included and runs off of a rechargeable battery inside the headphones (the microphone used for this doubles for 2-way calling if the headphones are connected to a phones audio in).Battery life is rated at up to 16 hours if ANC is turned on and 22 hours if just using the Bluetooth to stream audio (not having earbuds with loose wires means a safer environment for a young child listening from the get go as there’s no wires to get caught on things). The longer battery life happens whenever an audio signal is being fed into the headphones because they limit to the volume level to 85dB (the maximum safe level as recommended by organizations such as OSHA, the World Health Organization, American Speech Pathology Association and others). It’s not about keeping the volume low as the audio signal is being digital processed so as to fit into this limited decibel range without losing the quality by staying within the 85dB range.

But thanks to the combination of technologies and the physical construction of the headphones and the drivers themselves, the audio response doesn’t come across as clipped or muffled. Or to put it more simply, the child will never notice that they can’t blast the music so loud as to be the equivalent of hitting themselves with a sledgehammer aurally.

The PuroQuiet Volume Limiting Active Noise Cancelling Headphones works with iOS/AndroidPCs and comes in two colors — Blue and Pink - and includes a USB charging cable, 3.5mm volume limiting audio cable and a carrying case to carry everything around in (just because the headphones fold doesn’t mean they should be carried around cavalierly Protecting their child is every parents first duty and these headphones do just that by providing hearing protection that can only be helpful both now and as they grow up.


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