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Pus On Tonsils

Updated on October 20, 2011

Most of us at times have suffered from sore throats which probably lead to colds and related illnesses but pus on tonsils is not likely to be a symptom of this but of something entirely separate.

If the pus is either white or yellow, it may well indicate the start of tonsillitis which is caused by either a virus or bacteria. This can cause complications especially if the pus spreads from the tonsils to the roof of the mouth and can even spread as far as the chest and lungs. This is needless to say, very unpleasant and causes foul smelling breath but worse still, can cause swelling and blocking of the airways which then becomes a life threatening emergency. Thankfully tonsillitis is easily treatable with antibiotics if it is bacterially spread. However, if the pus spreads and becomes an abscess, it may well need to be drained by medical doctors.

Most cases of tonsillitis however, are viral and like other viruses, can not be treated with antibiotics although these may still be prescribed in order to keep any infection from it under control. Thankfully, the illness tends to pass fairly quickly although if it re-occurs frequently, it may be necessary to have the tonsils removed.

Pus on tonsils may also be misdiagnosed and may not be pus at all but could in fact be tonsil stones. These are usually fairly small balls of mucus and bacteria which collect in small pockets around the tonsils. Usually these will fall out naturally and you may barely notice them but for some, these tonsil stones can grow and have to be removed by a doctor.

Montitoring Pus on Your Tonsils

Unfortunately, as anyone who has done this will testify, if you remove them and squash them, they produce a foul smell. For some people who have these tonsil stones for a long period of time, it may well affect their breath and cause halitosis. Keeping the throat clean by gargling will help to prevent these forming somewhat.

To summarise, signs of pus on your tonsils does need to be monitored but providing there are no other serious symptoms, it may be worth gargling with mouth wash or a mixture of salt and water to see if that clears it up, but if it makes no difference or the pus on tonsils seems to be getting worse, then it is best to consult your doctor for advice.


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