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Remember when the highest part of our blood pressure was how far up our arm the nurse tried to put the cuff?

Updated on June 18, 2015

When we are not feeling well or just not like ourselves, frequently we want a quick fix to this uncomfortable situation. Of course we can go to our doctor and quite possibly get a prescription for whatever ails us. The problem is when aging every time we go to the doctor it seems we get new prescriptions. Many of us don’t want more drugs to take; we just want to feel better. This is the big acceptance behind ‘going natural’. And again going natural is great if we are knowledgeable about our medications we are currently on.

A prime example is the combination of several drugs and grapefruit. Many times these two combinations within our system can cancel each other out. Are we already cancelling out our medication by eating or drinking something we have become accustom too? And of course there is also the question, is there a natural treatment for something, so we do not have to take more medications, a well known example is Cranberry Juice for Urinary problems. What we really need doctors to do is schedule a Nutritionist appointment for us. This is done automatically if we have Diabetes but not so much with a specialty request from us to our medical doctor. Foods play such an important role in our life this should be part of a year trip to the doctor.

If we cannot find a Nutritionist when going to our medical provider, we can generally call the local hospital and ask for patient education. This call will provide us with when and where the next educational meeting is taking place. At that point, we will possibly get all of our questions answered or get a private meeting the Nutritionist.

We go to our medical doctor for physical health and we go to a Nutritionist to help us stay on a healthy diet and medication regimen, but what about our mental health? Do we take care of our mental health? There is such a stigma regarding mental health in our country – we frequently do not even discuss emotional and depressing happenings in our life. Many people still think ‘you just need to buck up and get over it’.

In our busy lifestyle of today, it is just not possible to get away from all that is happening in our life for a couple of days. Even when we go somewhere we take our cellphones and laptops, eBooks and so many more.

‘Interestingly enough, while going to a resort specifically for getting back to nature, I was looking forward to ‘no tech’ week, just nature and me. When I checked in I noticed what appeared to be a drink bar in the lobby. Imagine my surprise to discover it was a charging site for all technology equipment, cellphones, laptops, tablets and so many more. None of the units had electricity, heat or running water – the idea was to allow people to have complete quite.’

Apparently people were not as eager for what they say they are searching for. Our minds are constantly active which is creating for some overload. Remember those vacations when we were growing up. We went in search of a destination that was unlike being home. We changed our traffic patterns and were not around most who knew us on a daily basis. We did not take work along and in most places; those we work for did not seek us out.

So how can we meet this new vacation template, so we get a real break from work. Do you remember how much fun it was to play recess games in elementary school? Do you remember how we waited all morning for those 15 to 30 minutes of time outside or in the gym? Do you remember how freeing it was to not worry about what was on our desk or just handed in to the teacher?

Instead of worrying about a 2-week vacation, let’s just satisfy a week of mini-vacations. Forget the gym in the work place, oh sure it is great and we can use that before or after work, instead lets take our lunch outside or in a atrium and listen so that we can identify each sound. On another day, lets sit on the floor of our office (if you are worried about being seen – hide behind your desk) and play Jacks or Marbles. And really concentrate on winning; forget about every happening in the workplace. Transfer your phone to the reception center, turn off your cellphone, if we can find another to join in the game all the better. Another plan could be hopscotch or battleship, what about snow ball fight, as long as it is in fun no anger or one-upmanship. Remember playing Tetherball and working so hard to the rhythm of the game? Most certainly the idea is coming through – a recess for workers or civilians, each day.

If done twice a week, the ability to deal with the day-to-day stress will begin to lessen and if done everyday well just imagine the stress reduction. These ideas are not new, they are the equivalent of the break time at such large, successful businesses named in the Fortune 500.

Next week: What role do pets plan in our life after 50?


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    • MGWriter profile image

      Marsha Caldwell 2 years ago from Western Washington State

      Stress in our life can be good as well as bad. However, we only seem to hear about the bad part. This column provides us with good and bad stress, which do you enjoy more?