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Pyometra - Explanation and a true story

Updated on July 14, 2008

I decided to write about pyometra so that i can help and inform everyone that has a female cat or dog at home. It was about 2 years back that i first discovered what it was, since one of my cats was acting strange, didn´t wanted to eat, was always hidden, so i began to search the internet for information before taking her to a vet.

One of the things i stumbled upon was an infection of the uterus called pyometra that had the same symptoms that she was showing. The next day i went to a vet and he confirmed what i read, it was indeed a pyometra infection. The next events i decided to call "an incredible veterinary mistake" and i will tell you why. He tried to treat the infection with antibiotics. It didn´t worked as he espected, and im going to show you why. (i will continue my story after i write a brief explanation of pyometra and its complications with the animal health)

What causes pyometra?

First of all pyometra happens from hormonal and structural changes in the uterus. Theres no specific age for this to happen, and it doesn't matter if the animal has bred or not (some vets says its has less probabilities of gaining the infection if the animal has bred, altough that's not a good fact to hold on).

The main risk period is normaly after 8 weeks after her heat cycle, since at this time her cervix begins to close the inner lining gets to its normal state. Howver it may appen that during this time cystic endometrial hyperplasia (CEH) occurs as an incorrect response to progesterone.

When this happens, bacteria that has migrated to the uterus begins to grow, mostly because progesterone causes mucus secretion. Following this, the cervix closes wich prevents the uterine drainage. The major factor to diagnose the severity of this condition is to watch the cervix.

  • If the cervix is open, the infection can leave the body, and its easier to treat. Its called open pyometra
  • If the cervix is closed, there cant be any discharge of infected material. The uterus may rupture and pus starts to spread trough the abdomen, causing a worse infection and an iminent death. This is called closed pyometra

Symptoms you may watch

The most easier way to detect this problem is by the discharges of pus trough the animal vulva. However when a close pyometra happens, symptoms are harder to detect. But for both cases there are: vomiting, loss of apetite, depression, increased drinking and urinating. Fever may also occur.


When the animal is broght to a vet for the first time he will observe for the most obvious signs of the condition. If the cat or dog has closed pyometra he will request an X-ray of the uterus to confirm if there is presence of fluid in the uterus.

After the confirmation of the condition (and this must be made the more quickly as possible since time is a crucial factor here), the best way of treating the animal is the surgical treatment (ovariohysterectomy) wich completely removes the infection, prevents any rupture of the uterus and recurrence of pyometra. The alternative treatment (only if the animal owner wishes her to breed) is antibiotics to help expel the pus from the uterus when its an open pyometra. But if the animal has a closed one , this treatment is not recommended, since the animal can expel the infection and uterine rupture may occur. If the animal is treated with longterm antibiotics there are some high probabilities that infection may occur, so its best to let her breed and then ask your vet for a surgical treatment.

And now returning to my story...

So my vet tried to treat her with antibiotics, it was 3 sessions as far as i remember. The problem was that the infection had grow fast and the antibiotic wasn't working. I remember asking for another solution and he talked about surgical treatment. I agreed with that (altough it should have been sooner but the lack of information at the time made me believe in that vet´s work).

So the surgical day arrived, i prepared everything to take my little animal, but i noticed that she was weaker than before. Something was very wrong, my first thought was " can she make it trough the procedure?". I took her, and the vet told me that at night would be the best time to pick her up , since she had to awake from the anestesia and he had to check if she was responding well. I agreed and went to lunch. Later at night i arrived at the vet´s place, and there she was with a big bandage all over her belly, aparently the procedure went well, but there was already a little rupture so the infection was starting to spread. But he told me that now what she needed was some rest, some care so that the bandage always stays, and trying to keep her warm and make her eat something. That's what i did, but then something wrong happened some days later. She didn't wanted to eat, and began to get weaker, always hidding in a spot. I tried to call the vet but for my incredible bad luck , the vet had a heart problem and was in the hospital recovering (yes was bad luck indeed). Unfortunately she died in my arms the next day, her little heart just gave up. It was a very sad day, and i still get sad when i remember that.

About 1 year and 5 months after that event.

Another female cat i have (that was the mother of the one that died with pyometra), started to show the same symptoms. I urgently rushed to a diferent vet and he she said without great delays "this is pyometra, but to make sure im going to ask for an X ray, and tomorrow you give me the resuslts". And so i did. She confirmed my suspicions again, and she said that the cat needed surgery as fast as possiible to prevent something worse. In the next day by the moring i arrived at the surgery place, and she was already especting me and my cat. And so the same thing was told "Come by later at the end of the day to pick her up"

This time it was an happy ending

My father went to pick her up, and when i arrived at home there she was, looking like the other one i had in the same conditions, and i had to go trough another couple of days watching carefully step of the cat´s recovery. And she recovered well. The crucial thing that helped her stay alive was the rapid diagnostic and surgery. It took her almost 2 weeks to fully recover and now she is a lively cat running around like crazy (altough a little more fatty hehe).

Point of the story

I care very much about animals, and since this is a problem that may occur to anyone that as a female cat or dog at home, i decided to write so this may help people that are in the same situation. Remember pyometra is curable, if diagnosed and treated in time.

(One more thing i call uppon your attention. When an animal is in its heat cycle, I DON´T RECOMMEND by any means giving her a pill to calm her and end that cycle, since that can cause an abnormal function that may cause pyometra. Contact your vet first and always ask for a second opinion)


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    • profile image

      Hiromi 3 years ago

      I wish I knew about this disease and how spaying could of prevented it when I first got my dog. Hachi passed yesterday from pyometra, and she was turning 8 this month. She was a beautiful Silky Terrier. She was always healthy, so when she first started acting weird (not eating, throwing up, just laying down), we thought she would get better soon. We took her to a vet after 2 days, but the doctor just gave medication to help the vomiting but that didn't help at all. After the 5th day, she was getting so weak so we took her to a different vet, and that was when we first found out she had pyometra and she had to have surgery right away or she won't make it. I was just shocked. They said the surgery would cost $1200 and we couldn't afford it. It was too late for surgery though, because she was too weak, and she passed at the hospital while we were talking about what we could do. I keep thinking maybe I could of helped her live longer if I had done something earlier, and I just want to apologize to her for not noticing earlier. She was my best friend and always will be. I am in so much pain right now and don't know if I can ever overcome her death. I thought we had so many more years to spend together. It's like I lost a big part of me and I miss her so much.

    • profile image

      thalassa 3 years ago

      Hi, Daisy.

      You might want to try out the services of the PAWS clinic as their rates are a lot more affordable than the private veterinary clinics. They spay cats and dogs with pyometra. Their rates can be found here:, although I suggest you call them to confirm if the rates are still the same. You can also try to get in touch with the CARA Clinic and ask if they do spaying for dogs with pyometra. Contact details for the clinic can be found in this site: Hope this helps and that Sohwa gets treated and gets well soon.

    • profile image

      daisy 3 years ago

      i have 8 dogs they are not breed like shih tzu, pomerenian ect.. they called "aspin" (asong pinoy ) or "askal"( asong kalye) means street dog here in the philippines and my 3 yrs old dog named sohwa diagnose to have pyometra and my heart is really breaking. i really love her but the cruel reality i can't sent her to a vet because of stupid reason "its very expensive and i can't afford it". why every animal clinic here is very expensive? every time i pat her head and she's looking at me it's like she's telling me " don't you see i'm sick.. "why your not helping me?" "your my mother right , please help me to ease my pain.." my heart is breaking and i feel very guilty and its killing me because i can't do anything to ease her pain. i thought all i can give her is my love but... its not good enough. how can i show my love and care when i can't save her... i know what she's going thru right now yet i can't do anything... you can laugh at me.. you can say i'm so cruel... but sohwa is not just a pet she's like a family to me..she's always there when i'm happy.. she's always licked my hand when i'm sad and feeling down...

      i love you sohwa....

      i will not give up.. i dont want to lose you...

      stay strong and please dont give up...

    • profile image

      Trisha 3 years ago

      my 8yrs. old dog died in the vet.surgical room because of pyometra, until now we don't forget how brave she are to fight the pyometra..And until now we protect our animals by pyometra..

    • profile image

      KrysR 3 years ago

      I have had Mimi for about 5 years. I teach middle school so life can be hectic sometimes. Last year Mimi started having vaginal discharge. Basically it was just a little bit of water and then eventually it was a couple spots of blood. I took her to the VET and the doctor did a Urinalysis sample. He said she had a UTI, so he gave her a steroid shot and sent her home with two weeks of antibiotics. I told the VET i planned on spaying her after I got settled in the new job (was student teaching at the time - intern). I didn't mind this VET since it was better than the last one.

      The last clinic I had gone to two years prior, the VET kept on wracking up charges. It was blood work, a urinalysis and a fecal sample, deworming, and then they wanted to an X-Ray as well. This visit was when Mimi had a fever and diarrhea. The fecal sample, urinalysis, and blood work I understand, but the x-ray came out of no where. And the vet wanted to put her on steroids because he believed she was developing a stomach condition. So that left me with a pricey bill and the belief that alot of VETs charged ineccesive tests.

      So a couple weeks ago Mimi had discharge again, and this time a little bit of blood. It was on a Saturday and I was contemplating which clinic to take her to. The only other clinic open was the first clinic I had taken her to, the one with astronomical costs. I live on a teachers salary for now, so I have to be budget friendly, but I would have gone to the clinic if it was the last option. Luckily I checked the SCPA and they told me to bring her in the morning. Mimi was ok, she was eating, drinking, and running around. Other than the discharge she was fine. So i took her to the VET at the SCPA, and she checked MIMI. She did a urinalysis and bloodwork. Mimi had a normal temp, and normal blood pressure, so the VET said that SCPA charges a spay at 40$ which compared to the other quotes was a great price. So i booked MIMI's spay for the next Saturday and waited on the results of the blood work and urinalysis. I thought it was a UTI since Mimi had one in the past. The Vet called me the next day and went over Mimi's results. She explained that Mimi's blood work came back great, no elevated white blood cell counts, good liver and kidney functions as well. She also told me that the urinalsys came back negative, I was stomped to what could be causing the discharge. She had mentioned previously that Mimi could have pyometra, but because her daily functions were normal we didn't rush to to do the spay. So the VET noted in Mimi's files that pyometra could be a possibility and passed the info to the VET who would be spaying Mimi. Therefore the VET who performed Mimi's spay would examine her uterus.

      I got the call while doing my grocery shopping, shortly after dropping Mimi to be spayed. She had pyometra, but the VET said she would be fine. She was going to be given two weeks of clavamox. I picked up Mimi' she seemed anxious but ok. She did not want to E-collar so for the next couple of days she fought me on the collar. I went to petsmart and purchased one of those inflatable collars, which she is currently wearing. Her appetitie is normal, she's eating and doing her business in the litter box. She's been walking around the house checking everybody out. I do have one question thought. A few days after the spay, blood staring coming out of the vulva. A little. I called the vet and left a message explaining the blood. The called me back and asked what her daily habits were. I explained other than the blood, she was normal. She was eating, drinking, not lethargic, and using the bathroom. So they said she was ok, to just watch her. I spoke with my Mom (nurse) and she said when human females have hysterectomies blood leaks out sometimes, spotting occurs. When I had a laprascopy I spotted blood for a little bit after the surgery (I while back when I got Mimi I went through a period of being a sick, lasted a few years even Mayo Clinic was involved. Mimi never left my side. So I'm making sure she is OK).

      The vaginal discharge isn't like a flood, but it came out a little water and then now like a few clots. But Mimi's disposition has not changed. If it continues past Wednesday I'll call the vet again. What do you guys think?

    • profile image

      Catladykaren 4 years ago

      Omg I'm crying reading your stories about the lack of information and losing your furbabies because it was too late. I'm a huge advocate of spaying and neutering because of all the homeless babies that end up euthanized at the shelter. This horror called Pyometra is absolutely the best reason to spay. And the costs of vet care are always a shock to any pet lover, who often has to live with the guilt of making a decision based on money instead of love. These days people are taking better care of their furry children with better diets, creature comforts, and seeking veterinary care. There are still those who never take their animals to the vet and when they become sick, dump them at a shelter, or let them die "naturally" suffering and in pain. We've come this far but need to stop learning the hard way. Anyone that adopts an animal should be required to get a permit, similar to the Health Department's Food Handlers Card. Breeders or owners of un-fixed domestic mammals should be licensed. This is a way all pet parents could be given basic information on caring for our precious little ones and have resources handy so we know what to expect. Breeding without any education can have terrible consequences, stillborns, sick babies, congenital defects, unwanted and homeless kittens and puppies, Pyometra, and death of the mother. Requiring a "Pet Owner Permit" might also help prevent abused or neglected animals by educating people about costs of care, basic health care, and recommended check ups. I know if there was a 2 hour pet permit class to get a good overview of pet ownership responsibilities and pamphlets listing local animal services, I'd welcome the knowledge. Vet costs are a mystery to most owners. But put it in perspective - a human's annual checkup is almost $300. Household pet - $35 - $5. Surgery? Human - minimum $10000 if not more. Its a terrible decision to have to make because of money. My baby has cancer, I've already spent over $1000, and estimated treatment is 4000

    • profile image

      Nadia 4 years ago

      it was been 12 days since my cat died.. she was 5 years old. she was like my baby. she died of pyometra. in our our country there is still not much facilities for animals. i was devastated cause i kept thinking something more shouldve been done.she died in my arms and i couldn't do anything. it took her more than half hour to die and never in my life have i felt so helpless.

    • vineetnagil profile image

      vineetnagil 4 years ago from Rohtak

      its very sad...that my lovely 12.5 yrs 'DINKI' german sheperad is suffering from pyometra me had her had a surgery of this.... surgery went fine but she is only drinking water not eating in INDIA haryana state vets are good and trained but cant help fully cause risk is always associated with this pyometra.....medical or surgical....hoping that my girl DINKI make it and win this battle ......its heart breaking when u see ur girl in this situation....dinki u are my precious and always be......thank u for being my lovely pet.....she is lying heer in my living room with me and i hope u will overcome this surgery.....

    • profile image

      Tati's mommy 4 years ago

      I have been sitting reading all your stories of loss love, i feel your pain and anger too. I just left my pom of 10 years at the vet. It's friday and they won't operate on her because the weekend is coming up. They did keep my Tati girl there on IV fluids and antibiotics. She is to be operated on Monday morning...But after reading your stories I fear she may not make it till then. I never heard of this disease till today, "PYOMETRA", people need to be better informed about this. I will be back here after Monday with how it's going, pray for her please.

    • profile image

      kimmie 4 years ago

      Well it is me again we decided to have the surgery for panda the next morning , I was hopeful the vet said she would be fine, he didan x ray and it looked promising, turns out she had the closed cervix, this is much worse. It is hard to determine this before surgery,and they lost her during surgery.I did everything I could do and still lost my baby girl.not to talk anyone out of surgery but getting hopeful about this may lead to more heart break for you.....My heart feels like it is getting ran over by a train...We love our animals and letting go is rough but some how we manage, Panda was great I held her minutes after she was born, and was with her for the last 11 years I can't believe how this happened so fast , my heart is broken and I feel very mad.i feel for anyone who goes through this, but you will make it even if your left alone in the end, all the memories will help and they say time heels all wonds maybe that is not true I still cry over my girls I lost last year..I LOVE ALL MY ANIMALS RIP TO ALL MY GIRLS I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL FOUND EACH OTHER IN YOUR NEXT LIFE...

    • profile image

      kimmie 4 years ago

      We have decided to take her in the morning to have her put to sleep I am having a problem waiting. I wish I could wrap my mind around the time frame in witch she became so ill, I feel like a piece of crap just waiting till morning but what else can I do.My heart feels as if it is being ripped out of my chest.I keep laying with her and talking to her and she doesn't respond its like she is gone.... I hope I am doing the right thing.I hope one day I will see all of my animals, all animals are great but my girls were my life and now I am lost...I still have years of memories to keep me going but I wish I could just give them more kisses and hugs....Granted my love for them will never die.

    • profile image

      kimmie 4 years ago

      I am about to say good bye to my wonderful dog of 12 years panda a huskey who made my life great the hurt I feel is to powerful I dont have the money to fix this kind of thing and regret not getting her fixed.i cant change that now I will miss her forever and never forget how I feel and she is still do you tell something goodbye your not ready to part with....I love you panda my life is not the same without you you dogs are my life and make me hole ...this is a silent killer that happens before you really have time to figure it out....saving your dog should not be so expensive if I had it I would pay im sorry I cant.....

    • profile image

      birdysmom 4 years ago

      First and foremost , your all blessed to be caring animal owners looking for answers. Secondly , as I sit experiencing my 2nd bout with a female pet suffering from pyometra, I can't help but remind others we can avoid this by simply spaying our non- producing female pets- in doing so we save lives, spare ourselves the panic of financial difficulty, and spare ourselves the guilt of being selfish pet owners not prioritizing a small expense now to have longterm companions, vs a very costly emergency proceedure which could still end badly. I am hopeful my little shasta will pull thorugh her surgery monday and that I will have her a long time going forward but if I have not caught this in time I have noone to blame but myself for not getting her spayed and sparing her this painful experience. I feel so bad.

    • profile image

      Sweetness7652 5 years ago

      My cat Tia was operated 2 days ago for pyometra. Tia had green puss leaking out of her. I caught it on the first day that she started leaking. I knew something was not right Tia is the first cat we ever owned so we had no idea about pyometra. A normal white cell count is 16000 when there are in the pyometra state their blood cell count can be elevated as high as 30000, Tia's blood cell count was 64000 it was the highest white blood cell count that the vet had seen in his 30 years of practising. Treating pyometra is not cheap it cost us 1300 dollars to get her fixed up. Tia is doing well she is eating and drinking just fine, and she is expected to make a full recovery. What I have learned from this experience is that if you wait to bring the animal to the vet with this condition the complications are greater and also the chance of death is higher. I knew there was something wrong with her the puss that was coming out of my cat was nasty she was covered in it as well as the puddle of puss in her chair. The vet also said that this condition can not be treated by antibiotics.

    • profile image

      mjgurl 5 years ago

      My Abbey Died From Pyometra. She had surgery, Doc said she would make it. Well she didn't. :(

      My Husband ran into a lady who's pitbull had pyometra.

      She said the Vet had her bring in her dog for 4 days in a row.

      Each day He gave her a shot to induce labor ( she wasn't pregenant)

      once the shot kicked in she would start pushing like in labor she was pushing out the infection from her uterus. End of story the dog lived.

      NOW why have I been reading about all these poor dogs having surgery from pyometra and then end up dying ?????? I surely hope this isn't about the money?? I would like to hear any thoughts or comments on this procedure.

    • profile image

      jlo 5 years ago

      First, I just want to say how sorry I am for those of you who have lost your precious babies to Pyometra. I just lost my 16 year old Cocker to this horrible infection. I had never heard of it before my baby got sick. She may have had it for a while, but she quickly delined Friday morning and we put her to rest Saturday evening. Visible dripping from her vulva started Friday and got worse quickly till we put her to rest. Eventually she didn't want to eat or drink and just kept pacing and her balance was off and eventually she got so weak she just layed down and wouldn't move or respond at all. I took her to the vet on Friday and he diagnosed her a uterus infection. She also had a heart murmur, that did didn't have at her last vet visit. As our babies age, there wear out just like we do, but faster. My advice to anyone with a female dog, is to SPAY them ASAP!! Although my baby lived a very, very healthy life until this Pyometra infection, I regret not getting her spayed. We at one point were going to breed her, but didn't. Then we were moving around a lot, and beings she was so healthy, we didn't think twice about spaying her. But I live with regret now. Please, spay your pets and spare them the chance of getting Pyometra. Who knows about Pyometra until it hits your baby??? Vets should educate pet owners on this horrible disease as soon as they become pet owners of a female dog or cat. Anyway, I miss my baby like I never thought I would. My house just isn't the same and my world has a hole in it now that nothing or no one can fill. I miss you baby girl, and will always love you...

    • profile image

      holli janie 5 years ago

      oh gosh this is all too scary ..... my dog had an emergency opp Wednesday because of pyometra!!! she is very sore but trying to be her normal self ! (ie running around jumping up on the sofa and going up stairs when im not looking (she just wont sit still unless im siting with her ) i have taken to feeding her myself as i fear if I do not then she will quickly deteriorate!!!!!!!! she is at the moment eating quiet well considering its only Friday and she had her opp on Wednesday ! and is loving her milk and water being given through a syringe and loving her chicken too :) !! she was soo poorly before the opp i didn't have a clue what was wrong with her but the vet quickly diagnosed pyo!!!!!! id never heard of it before !! its was the scariest few days of my life shes only 6 and iv had her since 12 weeks !! im hoping she is going to make a full recovery i will be devastated if she dose not pull through! it all started with her just not looking her normal self then she started the grass eating followed by sickness after every meal! pretty much as soon as that all started she then went off her food and drink!!! its been so hot lately and i new she was poorly i could feel her burning up :( so I took her to the vets on the Tuesday and they kept her overnight on a drip and operated the next day! she was able to come home the same evening and instantly seemed better although very sore :( and sorry for herself! Reading all of the comments about your pet friends who didn't pull through this is really quit scary :S and very sad :O( and im very sorry they are no longer with you :( i was under the impression that she was out of the dark and everything was looking up................. :( hmmmm i will have to keep you all informed and im just praying that she does pull through as my family and i just love her to pieces, she is my first baby and i want her to live the life she deserves :') my boo dog she is too preciouses - i only wish (like the rest of you guys) that i had know about this deadly killer :( its just not fair on us owners if we are not given the correct information at the time when we most need it to stop this happening again........i hope this has helped some people and if there dog shoes even a slight symptom then please take her to the vets !!!! the quicker you act the more of a chance you have for saving your little beloved one wish us luck guys and good luck to all of you that have or will come across this deadly infection xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • profile image

      wiz 5 years ago

      surely this is down to your vets or animal wellfare people for not telling you about this problem with pyometra if you where told about this on your first visit to the vet for boosters we all would have had them spayed and our animals would still be here ,but then if they did tell us they wouldn't be able to charge so much for the pyometra operation .

    • profile image

      mjgurl 5 years ago

      My sweet abbey gurl ( Female Boxer ) died yesterday :(

      She had emergency surgery for Pyometra. She made it through good. Stayed on IV's hospitalized for 3 days. Came home in great spirits and all looked great. Then She got Vestibular Disease Which is SO SO scary. Then her back leg started hurting so she could barely walk. She kept going downhill. She struggled for a full week and a half. Last day she could only lay and breath fast and hard. Took her in again and they could not save my baby. She suffered even though she was on pain pills and antibiotics. The horrible part is this could have been prevented if the vet or someone had informed us about giving baby asprin after surgery to keep her blood from cogulating .. That is what took her life. Her blood cogulated in her organs. I am so heartbroken and have guilt for not knowing more.. I beg all owners of Dogs and Cats that are female to get them spayed as this prevents this silent killer Pyometra.

    • profile image

      Charity 5 years ago

      My 8 yr old American bull dog is very sick now and the vet thinks it is pyo...they want almost $600 for the surgery and we don't hav that kind of money!:(.... She is very ill and idk if she will make it!.... It seems so entirely wrong to charge so much $ for someone to save their pets life!!!.... She is such a sweet and great dog!! I hope they are wrong and it is something else but she doesn't seem to be getting better on the antibiotics:(:(:(

    • profile image

      Mossy 5 years ago

      I just found out about this horrible condition. My baby Molly (5 year old Pitbull) wasn't feeling good. I could tell. She didn't want to eat & she was drinking way more water than usual. She was sitting in the floor & a puddle of discharge came from her lady parts & I freaked out! It kept discharging over the next hour while I called vet after vet. Finally I called the emergency vet (it was Sunday evening) & they told me it was Pyometra. They said she needed surgery & it was gonna cost $1,000 dollars. Needless to say I rushed her there & she got the surgery. She's back home now. She's doing great! She's got a good appetite & she's drinking water & taking her medicine. We have to go back to the vet in 2 weeks to get her stitches taken out. I'm totally confident she's gonna have a full recovery. I think it went so well because I acted immediately. Don't wait! Take them to the vet ASAP! Thanks for this article. It gave me some good information.

    • profile image

      Shrikanth 5 years ago

      i lost my snowy at 630 tomorrow she was supposed to be operated... she was 12years old... she left me while she was asleep...pyometra took her

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      My kitty didn't make it :-( my new vet was VERY neglectful with her spay incision and he tried to do ANOTHER surgery to clean the infection. I knew it was a terrible idea, but he still went ahead and did it, she died some minutes ago, I'm devastated! She was only 2 years old and so alive before all this happened.

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      Thank you SO much for your advice. I have a regular vet, and 2 of my former 6 cats died when I took them to him, they were very ill with gallbladder stones, so I thought that the vet had done the best he could... Until I brought my female unspayed cat yesterday and realized he really wasn't taking the matter seriously and sent her home with only a shot of antibiotics :-/ I started panicking because before I took her to the vet I googled her symptoms and it all pointed to Pyometra, I took my kitty to the vet anyway and he confirmed my worries and obviously I was aware of the severity of her condition. Luckily my kitty had just started showing symptoms, but I made the mistake of taking her to my regular vet and he just gave her a shot of antibiotics, I was worried, so I googled more about the disease and then read your article, I made the decision yesterday night that I would take her to another vet who would take my kitty's illness more seriously because my former vet only wanted to treat her with antibiotics and then spay her after 3 months! I thought it was insane. So the vet who saw her today stabilized her, gave her intravenous liquids and all she needs and she'll be spayed TODAY. I wanted this to happen as soon as possible because my kitty is only 2 years old, and yesterday she did eat a meal, so I didn't want her to get dehydrated and weaker, or for more complications to arise. This vet will charge me more, but if my kitty has a chance of surviving this, then I will try it, I just really hope that my kitty gets better. I advice you all who have kitties, take your kitty at the 1st sign of something wrong, my sister noticed the day before yesterday that our kitty skipped one meal, not normal in her since she LOVES her meals, so we knew right away something was not right, even when she seemed active. I can't thank you enough for your advice and I'm so so so sorry that your beautiful baby didn't make it, but believe me, with this article you're saving kitty's lives. Probably my kitty's life too. I will come back to update and let you all know how my baby's doing.

    • profile image

      Lori 6 years ago

      Our Siberian Husky was diagnosed with pyometra on Tuesday and went thru surgery on Wednesday morning. We picked her up that same evening and she was very bright and more than willing to get going. We are having to coax food into her which worries me greatly having read the other stories. The vet wants to see her tomorrow, I just hope and pray she recovers and wished someone had warned us about the dire consequences of not spaying female dogs. We had always hoped to breed our Sib. A big thank you to all for sharing - it is definitely a wake-up call to owners of female dogs.

    • profile image

      Melanie Carens 6 years ago

      My 4 year old Prissy Boo has pyometria hooked up to IV"S right now and surgery later today. Vet says it is gigantic and not the best situation. I feel so dumb as I have four shih tzus and never even knew about this. Did not breed her just thought she would have cute puppies, never in my life did I dream about her having something like this although she did have proably some fale pregnancies and no one ever knew about this. Please pray for my Prissy Boo.

    • profile image

      mary 7 years ago

      how long does the dog usually stay in the hospital after the procedure my dog goes in tommorow moning and i want to know i was in too much shock to ask

    • profile image

      ivette 7 years ago

      thank you for your story.. I have a totally opposite story, my 2yr old yorkir terrier started not actting right, she wasn't eatting and just sleeping all day, into the second day I took her in to the vet, I was told she was suffering from pyo, vet said she need surgery asap if conditions didn't improve within a day or two, I automatically was very worried I didn't want her to die..but the vet price was a little to high for me, so I contacted another vet explained the situation and he agreed to do the surgery for a little less, thank god! I took her in he checked her out and said it looks like open pyomtra and also she was in heat...So we went ahead and got her spayed..after the surgery I learned from the vet it was just heat cycle she was going through.. It's a shamme because i really wanted to breed her..but her syptoms were really bad not eatting for 3 days not drinking, she was a little dyhradated,and basically I got scared... but i guess it's best to be safe then sorry... People PLEASE MAKE SURE WHAT YOUR DOGGIE HAS BEFORE PUTTING HER UNDER THE KNIFE.. I know it's in her best interest...

    • profile image

      Lee 8 years ago

      very sad to hear about your animals, i had a dog who dies 4 months ago after a pyometra operation, for one week after it she was fine, then she went bvery poorly, not eating drinking, i had to feed her through a syringe, i was very hopefull she would get better, but 3 weeks after pyametra she waited for me to finish work beofre she called it a day and died, she was only 7 years old and was my best friend, makes me sad all time when i think of the way she went.

    • profile image

      lee 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Me n'Nikita 8 years ago

      well im happy to report Nikita's surgery went VERY well she came home Bright eyed and missing me thursday evening!!! she seems to be healing great the laser surgery i think is playing a huge part in that, if its an option at your clinic i highly recommend you do it, should be an extra $50 and well worth it!

    • profile image

      Me n' Nikita 8 years ago

      thank you so much for ur stories... broke my heart to say the least... my 9 yr/old female russian blue is in the hospital on an iv waiting for her surgery 2morrow

      morning for this:-(... i noticed a yellowish discharge yesterday and was able to get her in there this evening and the vet suggested right away that's what it was and wanted to spay her ASAP. from what i read theres a 75-90% survival rate for this disease when caught in the early stages... i just hope and pray we caught it soon enough my life wont b the same without her! i heartidly agree SPAY UR FEMALES!!!!

    • profile image

      Frannick 8 years ago

      I have lost 2 female Syrian hamsters to this dreaded disease. My first one had closed Pyometra so there was no chance and had to be PTS, the 2nd one had open Pyometra and put up a very brave battle for 2 days....I had her on antibiotics and constant fluid electrolyte therapy but still the pyometra won the battle. I loathe it and it's very difficult to spay such tiny creatures in order to avoid it and even if they get it, there's such a small chance they'll survive the op. I think the above story and mine is every reason why any larger mammal ie. cat, dog etc. MUST be spayed by 6 months old, regardless.

    • profile image

      anon 8 years ago

      i think the story is lovley and im sorry to here u lost your first cat but i must add a few other points to your story A pyometra means pus in the uterus, which can either be infected or sterile. Pyometra is the most common uterine disease, usually found in an unmated older bitch. This can be caused by cystic endometrial hyperplasia (thickening of the uterine wall). Hyperplasia of the endometrium occurs in response to progesterone during normal metoestrus (the luteal phase of the reproductive cycle, occurring after ovulation). Hyperplasia resolves at the end of the luteal phase in younger animals but not always in older bitches. This is due to them sometimes having cystic regions found within the glandular tissue. The abnormal state of the uterus is more prone to infection than the normal uterus. Pyometra most commonly occurs 4 to 8 weeks after standing heat, but can occur as early as the end of heat or as late as 12 weeks after heat. This condition can be life threatening and is usually presented as an emergency. The clinical signs will depend on whether or not the cervix is open. The clinical signs of an open pyometra include lethargy, depression, loss of appetite, polydipsia (increased drinking of water) and polyuria (increased urination), and possibly vomiting. If the cervix is open and the uterus is draining ("open pyometra") there will be a discharge from the vagina of pus. Lulu was showing most of these signs. She also had a distended abdomen where the pus was building up in her uterus faster than it was being discharged from her vagina

    • profile image

      Spot and me 8 years ago

      Unfortunatelly after I wrote my comment, the next morning, today, at 3:20 am. Spot died in our arms. We were with her for her last breath. The house is really empty now, so is my heart. Pyometra is the ugliest desease I have ever heard of, and I'm sorry I didn't hear of it before. My little girl would still be alive. I'm just glad she wasn't suffering a lot at night, and was taken away from us peacefully. All we could do was to show her how much we love her. Thank you for your post, and please please anyone who reads this, learn from my mistake, fight for your girl!!! Rest in peace sweet Spotty (we love you).

    • profile image

      Spot and me 8 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your story, although I regret I didn't find it earlier. My dog went through surgery with pyometra a week ago, and unfortunately our vet acted the same as your first vet. We waited four days before surgery. Although my dog is still alive, she doesn't want to eat, I have to force food into her mouth, and she is really weak. I'm not sure if she's gonna make it, although I am very hopeful. I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to research pyometra while we were waiting for her surgery, other wise, I would've taken her to an other vet, to have immediate surgery. Please pray for my dog, our lives would be really empty without her. And thank you again for sharing, I hope when someone needs immediate help, they'll find this site, and listen to us to make sure their dog or cat is not mistreated like ours were. Thanks.

    • Lilymag profile image

      Lilymag 9 years ago from Upstate New York

      Excellent hub, I'm so sorry you lost your girl. I am glad you have taken the time to try to educate some people on the importance of this disease.

      I also have a great love of animals, especially dogs, as you can probably tell! We lost our beloved Harley last 4th of July, to a horrible disease that is common with dogs, you can read about it here if you like