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Updated on January 28, 2011

Wholesale Nutritionals

QSave is a new network marketing company that provides wholesale pricing on popular nutritional supplements in the vitamin industry.  The founders of Q Save have partnered with a 12 year old nutritional supplement company, Nutronix, to give QSave great nutritionals for the vitamins or supplements market.

For those who are looking for additional income, Q Save offers a turnkey, home-based business opportunity also, that has a great 2 X 15 comp matrix.  There is complete training for the new distributor and he has access to an autoresponder, several lead capture pages and much more to help launch his new business.

QSave Products

QSave is bringing to the vitamin market nutritional supplements at wholesale prices. This is a brand new concept in the health field. These are the same quality nutritionals that you would purchase at a Vitamin Shoppe or GNC retail store.

To take advantage of this opportunity as a customer, there is a one-time, new customer fee of $69.95 and this payment opens the door to a life time membership to the QSave online store.

QSave has a variety of products like weight loss supplements, digestive enzymes, mineral balancing supplements, coral calcium, silver sol and more. Q Save products are formulated and specifically chosen to help you bring your physical body back to balance.

Here is a list of supplements that are currently available through the QSave Plan:

Kre-Alkalyn 1500  has a patented Creatine pharmaceutical delivery system.  Creatine Monohydrate has shown through research to help with endurance and strength.

Digestive Enzymes  aid the body's ability to digest and absorb the nutrients found in food.  The amount of naturally occurring digestive enzymes in the body tend to decrease with age so this product helps "back-up" those enzymes in the body.

CoQ10  Is an enzyme which found in cell mitochondria, the cell energy factory.  Research has shown that CoQ10 has a substantial impact on your health.

Thermogen II  is formulated to help enhance the process of fat burning, or thermogenesis, in the body.  It does so without Ephedra which can have health consequences.

L-arginine  has been shown to help aid in the health of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation and heart health.

Joint Enhance + MSM  helps aid in healthy joint function and connective tissue in the body.

Natures Science Grape Seed Extract  contains pyroanthocyanidins a type of bioflavonoids that are water soluble.  They help decrease the antioxidants in the body.

Natures Science Essential Fatty Acids  contains omega-3 fatty acids which the body does not make by itself.  Many organ systems rely on fatty acids for proper function.

One-A-Day Vitamin Mineral Supplement  helps provide the necessary vitamins and minerals essential to the proper health of the body.  The foods that we eat today are often grown in depleted soils and are days old by the time they reach the supermarket.  Both the factors contribute to a lack of the necessary nutrients our bodys' need.  Supplementation is essential to proper health.

Vitamin D3  there are few foods that contain the needed daily dosage of vitamin D.  Skin exposure to sunlight every day is necessary for Vitamin D manufacture in our body.  If this is missing in our daily routines, supplemental is essential.

The QSave Digestive Enzymes

The digestive enzymes, chemicals inside the human body, are organized to reduce really huge molecules in food into smaller molecules to be utilized and taken up within the physical body. These enzymes are found in various areas along the gastrointestinal tract.

You will find diverse types of digestive enzymes that break down different elements in our food. You'll find enzymes in saliva, the stomach, the pancreas not to mention inside the small and large intestines.

Even though the body creates digestive enzymes automatically, as the human body ages this quantity can become lower.

When the human body does not have adequate enzymes in the digestive tract to break apart food properly this is enzyme deficiency. You can find various reasons for enzyme deficiency which comes down to a poor diet; consuming too much fat and sugar and consuming an excessive amount of food at meal time.

Ideally, all of the food we consume gets broken into the most effective digestive size, but if an individual over indulges in unhealthy types of foods and food quantities, their body can't generate sufficient enzymes to deal with the quantity. The food is just not thoroughly digested which can lead to heart burn and bloating.

Enzyme deficiency might lead to more significant conditions than just indigestion because unless there is proper digestion of food, dangerous by-products can accumulate inside the digestive system.

As the human body ages, the normal creation of digestive enzymes can reduce, preventing the proper digestion of your food. Should this happens, food we once liked can cause troubles.

As mentioned above, various afflictions can arise from enzyme deficiency which includes: heart disease, leaky-gut syndrome, hypoglycemia, type II diabetes, sugar intolerance and others.

Consuming digestive enzyme supplements like Q Saves' together with your meals, as instructed by a health care practitioner, can help maintain the body's capacity to properly make use of the food we consume.


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