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Quality Sleep Tips™

Updated on May 27, 2009
Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

When fatigue is not always enough

Sleep time is prime time,it is where we rest and repair.Prolonged poor quality sleep due to insomnia,ages us significantly. Drug companies just treat the symptoms with a highly addictive product on the side and provide us with what ends up being an unnatural sleep. I believe do not treat the symptoms, cure the causes of insomnia, source of your sleep problem.

Getting in sync with the natural internal rhythm of our body,that inner clock is the key to getting not just quantity but quality sleep.Resulting in improved energy levels and emotional well being. With exposure to today's stress factors of media,work,family.Our natural sleep rhythm has been thrown off balance for many,to the tune that it affects millions of people approximately 40% of women and 30% of men ,and it increases with age. Being a natural solution type of person I know there are many alternative therapies, treatments and habits to use to be rid of deprivation. For example Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, CDs of ocean or forest,avoid food before bed,take a hot bath before bed, lose weight to avoid sleep apnea,remove clock from view, keep bedroom temperature low,put the work and news away at least 1 hr before bed.These are just a few examples of possibilities you may explore until you find what works for you.

As for snoring problems, there are snoring aids on the market. Shop around get rss feed articles sent to your hot-mail account,seek and you will find.

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    • malebeautyforum profile image

      malebeautyforum 6 years ago from Toronto,Ontario

      Love the East West direction to sleep news...