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Quick Daily Abs Workout Routine to Get a 6-Pack

Updated on April 2, 2010

Who does not want a flat, cut stomach, a rippling six pack of abdominals? Most people do, but for many, it is hard to come by. The good thing about an abdominal regimen is though it needs to be done quite often, a little time each day can show big results. With this abs exercise workout routine, a flat stomach can be attainable.

As a cautionary tip, anytime before a new workout regimen is begun, it is smart to have a physical to make sure everything health wise is in order. Once the okay is given, the workout can begin.

One good thing about an abs routine like this is it can be done anywhere. A gym is not essential and it is good for the person short on work out time or who travels a lot. It also does not take too much time or need any extra equipment. If this is made a routine part of the day, results should be seen within a few weeks. Also as a bonus, strong abdominal muscles give your back more support and more protection from a variety of spinal injuries.

This abs workout incorporates five exercises to be done one after the other. Ten to fifteen repetitions of each are the goal, but if this needs to be worked up to, that is fine.

To begin with, an elbow to the opposite knee exercise is done by lying on the back with legs bent, do a sit up touching the elbow to the opposite knee. Hands should not be pulling up the head. For the second exercise, lie on the back with legs slightly bent, crossed and lifted and crunch up to the knees. Number three is the leg raise. Lie with legs straight and hands beneath the buttocks and raise the legs about twelve inches off the ground. Next is rowing the boat where the legs are elevated off the ground and hands beside the head. Bring the knees and upper body together, elbows crossing over the body for a rowing effect. The fourth exercise in this routine is another boat exercise where the body makes a "V" on the floor by bringing the legs up and the upper body, leaving the buttocks on the floor. The last one is the reverse crunch, where the upper body stays on the ground and legs lift up and in to the body, slightly raising the buttocks.

Remember, some push ups always benefit the whole body and adding them to this regimen can only increase results. As this abs workout routine is done regularly, the reps can be increased and the abs will become defined; that six pack is almost there!


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