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Quick Marijuana Detox : What Really Works

Updated on August 20, 2010



Tested for in standard drug tests? Yes

Tested for in extended drug tests? Yes

Possible to test for? Yes

Detection Period in Urine

Single Use          1-6 Days

Weekly Use         3-9 Days

Daily Use            7-30 Days

The Real Facts About Marijuana Detox

Marijuana is drug becoming more socially accepted among the US society as researchers recently discovered 42% of Americans surveyed have tried marijuana throughout their lives. Because this substance is illegal by federal law many people will be drug tested by employers, school administrations, police officers, athletic administrations, etc. Detox is the only option for many who’s lives depend on passing these tests, but one could be easily mislead to false information on the internet. To understand how to pass a drug test you must first understand how a drug test works and Do They Work?

Drug Tests (urine) analyzwhat it is actually testing for.

What Are Drug Tests and How e a urine sample from your body to detect THC-COOH. THC-COOH is a by-product of THC, the chemical naturally produced in marijuana that gets you high when inhaled or digested.

What kind of drug test you can expect?

Drug tests, drug screen, and lab drug tests consist of strips that will change color to notify if THC-COOH is detected. These on spot tests are actually all the same NIDA 5 dip cards, which are the same as the home tests (rapid read , quick scan , dip card , etc.) purchasable at many retailers like Wal-Mart and CVS. These tests are universally used because companies that do the testing such as Labcorp, which is an ordinary business fueled by economics, charge around $30 per lab test performed. These companies know that only about 1% of the people who take the test will result negative, and only those who result negative in the dip card test are sent to the laboratory for GC/MS (Gas Chromography/Mass Spectrometry) test. The dip cards only cost about $1 while the GC/MS test costs about $100, so the more passing drug tests means less GC/MS testing, which results in greater profit for the laboratories. There is a need for the laboratories to make money, so assuming that you will pass like most tests they will always use the dip cards first. *

*It is possible that a situation like higher salary jobs such as doctors use the more advanced drug testing as their primary test for more accurate results.


Drug tests to not detect THC! They look for the by-product of THC in your system, otherwise known as THC-COOH. 3.) Laboratory testing is actually on-site (rapid read, quick scan, dip card. Whatever you want to call it) testing in disguise. Here are the economics:

The NIDA 5 (Cocaine, Meth, THC, Opiate, PCP) dip cards cost $1.10 wholesale (For a decent, american made card). They are much cheaper if you go with the Chinese imported version (remember, this is a money motivated industry. Most people use the cheapest they can get at the time)


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      Palo azul is a scam!


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