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Quick and Easy Remedies for Heartburns

Updated on February 26, 2018
Image courtesy of samarttiw at
Image courtesy of samarttiw at | Source

The Secret to Put the Fire out of Heartburns

To say it is the mostunruly and unpleasant sensation, that one, when you feel your whole esophagus burn and the desire to give into your upchuck reflex when it kicks in would be in hindsight an understatement. That is of course if you have constant run-ins with this affliction which is apart from being unpleasant has been named improperly.

People would learn to handle certain things with a lot more care if they were named in a different manner. For example: knives should be called mischievous finger eaters and hurricanes should not have the names of people because they are never taken seriously. Name them after something with a scientifically serious background.

Despite my dire desire to change the heartburn’s name I must disclaim that there is a certain severity to the name. Heartburn! Jokes aside, heartburn is an ailment for most of the population because most of the population faces foods with a PH below seven and your stomach already has a reserve of acids of its own.

Heartburn involves the reflux (going up) of the contents of your stomach. This distasteful feeling is the product of the ascension of the gastric acid due to the improper sealing of the valve that connects your stomach to your esophagus.

How Does My Stomach Work?

Image courtesy of marin at
Image courtesy of marin at | Source

So wait! What does the acidity of my meals have to do with my heartburn?

Well, these “acid” meals and beverages tend to relax your valves tension bringing about the discomfort of your esophagus. Why does something your body produces on its own bring about your pain? Urine is stored in your kidneys and disposed of later on in the proper manner. If your kidneys or urethra were to spill their contents into your blood stream or on their adjacent organs you would suffer intoxication.

In the same way, your gastric acid is supposed to remain in your stomach because its walls are lined with a special mucus, which allows it to contain the acid without being consumed by it. When it leaves your stomach and goes up into your throat the discomfort it causes is justifiable because gastric acid is extremely powerful.

On the PH scale hydrochloric acid ranges from 1 to 3. To set an example of how powerful that is think about the fact that the acid in your stomach is only one level above that of the acid inside a car battery. This means that is powerful enough to corrode wood and dissolve razor blades (we recommend testing this outside of your tummy might you be interested in proving this).

Having understood the danger your body faces in the long term due to the constant exposure to the acid reflux you might be going hysterical into finding a solution now if you were not before you began reading this article. You mustn’t go far in the look for your answer: I have it!

Ideas to Reduce Heartburns

The first and most displeasing to hear to those of us who love eating is reducing our intake. Overeating can induce the gastric reflux as that valve I mentioned before is weakened due to the overflow of contents. Cause and effect, reduce your intake and remove the heartburn issue.

If that does not agree with you do not fret I have more than a few solutions to your tummy menace. Next on the list is reducing the amount of acids you consume when you eat. This involves reducing the amount of citric fruits you eat, the amount of coffee you drink, the amount of fats or oily foods you consume. In other words, you would have to take on a diet. Which is still as unappealing as the first option but not the same. You don’t have to stop drinking lemon juice or coffee.

However, you will be careful as to how much of it you will eat or drink because you know your body and now you know how dangerous your body can be if you don’t take care of it.

I’ve presented you with these options first because though they are not as attractive as the ones I will mention now they are the ones, which will, in the long run, protect your gastrointestinal tract from collapsing on itself. The following options are like taking an Advil when you come down with a headache.

Image courtesy of Praisaeng at
Image courtesy of Praisaeng at | Source

Your body naturally produces the chemicals and pharmaceuticals necessary to take care of itself. When you come down with a bad fever or any other sort of ailment caused by a bacteria or virus it is good to aid your body in its quest to bring you back to shape. However, the constant supply of chemicals that your body makes on its own will lead to your body ceasing the production of such said chemicals. So now, you will need a larger dose of the medication in order for it to cause any effect.

This is denominated as drug desensitization and while some of the following remedies might not be considered drugs you may experience this desensitization. The same way you get used to the way a room smells after a while, your body gets used to some sort of remedies. All this said is to educate you on the matter of taking care of your body. It is much better to keep it from wearing and tearing than to place patches on it every once in a while.

Now, if you are still into patching your body up quickly because you live the fast life here are some methods to cool off that fire.

Quick remedies for heartburns

The best thing to do to prevent heartburns is watching what you eat or drink, as I have mentioned before, avoiding all spicy and acid, essentially. But if you are one that enjoys eating I am sure this will be an impossible mission, so, here are some good ways to help you deal with this uncomfortable predicament and one of my favorite is the baking soda. The way it works is: add a tea spoon of baking soda to half a glass of water. Stir and drink. Sometimes using cool water helps even faster.

Also, swing by the minimarket and buy yourself a bottle of Aloe Vera juice. Apart from helping your digestion and working many wonders in your digestive tract Aloe Vera juice will also cool off the fever in your throat and stomach. This plant also works wonders for outer body ailments.

The king of potassium and the redeemer, for the most part of most of your future stomach reflux issues is the Banana! Yes! The banana has heartburn healing properties. One of these yellow babies should hose down that fire.

If you are not into eating mushy fruits or drinking white saliva from a cactus and more into drinking tea you might want to indulge on this quick remedy. Make yourself a cup of ginger tea. It will work wonders on your heartburn. Be careful about drinking ginger tea if you suffer from pressure problems. It could deregulate your blood pressure.

My father has recurrent gastric problems and I can testify to the effectiveness of the next quick remedy. Potato juice. No matter how disgusting it sounds the relief it can bring about is much greater than that of the displeasure you might face if you decide to drink it slowly. You want a word of advice? Make sure you take a quick swig and never look back. This remedy does not involve boiling the potato or roasting it or anything to do with cooking. Just grind the raw potato (without the peel) and drink the produce of your labor.

Article by: Alain Gutiérrez

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