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Quick Weight Loss Case Study : Adnan Sami - Famous Pakistani Singer

Updated on March 31, 2011

Adnan Sami Khan is a british-born Pakistani singer currently living in the India with holding the canadian nationality also. He is a very famous singer among the Pakistani and Indian nations. But he's also known as a musician, actor, composer and painist in Pakistan. He has sang many albums which really hit the Indian music chart for months.

Beside all this, he was a very obese person. He had always be a victim of obesity but he did not take care of this and did not ever think to perform the weight loss phenomenon until when his doctors warned him about the risks of obesity. And then he performed many techniques for quick weight loss and lost 130 kg of weight in just one year. Only a few people can imagine this that it's how much big acheivment.


In the start when he had massive weight, he was not taking care of this but his doctors warned him that you can only live a six months or so with this obesity because it has too many risks including heart attack and other. Then he signed up to do quick weight loss of him and doctors took a lot of tests on him to check his reaction to various foods. In the result doctors put him to not to use sugar, rice, bread and oil diet; the high protein diet was just suggested to him.

According to him it was very much difficult to act upon what doctors say. For the first two months there were withdrawals of many of his addictions which seemed like a death to him. Doctors replaced many of his dieting habits witht the alternatives which comparatively had the less calories. His patato chips were replaced with the home-made butter-less pop corns, chocolate ice cream replaced with diet fudge sticks and ice lollies. The one calorie soft drinks were suggested to him.

Physically, at start he started just to go to the near market on foot because he was too fat to do any other physical exercise. His legs was too weak and he could not walk more then five steps. This kept going on for the first two months, and Adnan lost his first 40 kgs of weight. Now he could perform a little of physical exercises and as he used to need a person to making him lie, sit onto bed and to walk but now he was out of the help now he could perform all these at his own. Keeping this struggle gradually lead him to the 110 kg weight loss which was a quick weight loss in the span of just one year. Today he now plays tennis and squash as well.

His advice to all those who are losing weight is first consult a professional must. He should be an expert. Secondly, according to him, if he can lose the weight then eveerybody can perform this quick weight loss phenomenon. All you need to do is to never give up and keep going on with this.


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