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Quickly relive stresssssssssssss

Updated on May 24, 2016
  1. Comb your hair. The long time spent at the monitor PC, gives a strong stress on the head and it starts to hurt. Combing the hair will help disperse the blood and relax the muscles, it is necessary only to scratch for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Ice cream. Tasty cool treat and help not only relieve stress, but also to return a good mood - the perfect anti-depressant.
  3. Massage. In the human body there are energy points, easy to massage which helps to improve mood. For example, to relieve stress, you need to massage the points of the upper and lower lip, between the eyebrows and the center of the palm.
  4. Rub your hands. A good way to relieve stress - intense rubbing her hands on one another. To be effective and useful to rub earlobes.
  5. Take a shower. It is believed that running water can wash off for a whole negativity and stress. Just a few minutes in the warm trickle of water will help you to relax and take away all the bad.
  6. Rearrange. Eastern wisdom says that the permutation 27 subjects will not only distract your attention, but also to change negative energy into positive flows in your direction.
  7. Running up the stairs. Active movement helps to saturate the brain with oxygen, and thus balance the emotional state. Even a short 30-second jog will result.
  8. Try to draw. On the internet are subject to special anti-stress pictures that need to paint for inner peace. Just a few minutes coloring under stress will help you to regain efficiency and logical thinking.
  9. Drink of tea with hibiscus. This tea helps relieve not only stress but also exempt from the sluggish state.
  10. Tidy the house. If all things are put in places to restore order to focus on this work - the order will come in your life. A sort of a psychological trick.
  11. Meditate. Try to find a few free minutes and and spend them in a quiet environment, sort through your thoughts, or even make a list of the actions for the future.
  12. Dance. Include rhythmic music and move under it at home. It's great fun, which will help relieve stress and tension after a hard day.


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