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Quinine, a useful Electronic Harassment Countermeasure

Updated on June 11, 2011

Quinine Interferes with Mental Aspects of Harassment

Today, I made an amazing discovery - quinine interferes with the high-frequency aspect of hearing. This is great because it makes it hard to hear the frantic, maddening ee-ee-ee frequency which is used to carry very nasty subliminal messages to the part of your brain that "sees things". The calming "Salvation Frequency" is not as high-pitched, so you can still hear it. All the tumult from the "mind-control/drive you nuts frequency" gets all run together so that your brain never receives the messages. I've been surprisingly free from the disturbing ideation that comes when they are really beaming me hard (like right now).

You can achieve noticeable relief just by drinking Schwepps Tonic water, which contains a very small amount of quinine. That mental brainwash/bullying frequency is at this moment cranked-up to the max...........and I'm not getting the disturbing effects because I've turned the code into mush. This code is designed to entrain your brainwaves, so you typically see yourself doing despicable things: the very worst in your own mind. By drinking a sufficient amount of this tonic, we can scramble/quiet the garbage being shoved down our minds. You will find it much easier to note the Salvation Frequency, which shuts out the maddening frequency. One things for sure, this stuff gives our minds more mental freedom.

Quinine also lowers overall hearing sensitivity, so this will also help with the "noise attacks" which stalkers use to freak us out. You know: loud noises enhanced by this frequency that makes you MORE SENSITIVE to loud noises. This is a major way that stalkers mess with your mind - noise shocking. When my hearing was "enhanced", normal sounds were stressful and abrupt noises generated my fight/flight response. I used an I-pod AND A HEADPHONE AMP to DESENSITIZE my ears, which has brought an amazing level of peace in and of itself. Now you have another auditory-desensitizer to get relief from these mental thieves. They are trying very hard to give me their worst and it just sounds like a turned-down blur and NO DISTURBING THOUGHTS.


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