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Quit Smoking - Meditation Way

Updated on May 7, 2011

Pravin Vaghani

Let Meditation Guide You

Quit Smoking – Meditation Way

‘Smoking is a Health Hazard’, ‘Smoking Damages Your Lungs’, ‘Smoking causes Cancer’, ‘Smoking Is Suicide’, ‘Smoking Will Ruin Your Life’, ‘So Many Thousands People get cancer due to smoking’, ‘So Many Thousands Die with Cancer Caused Because of Smoking’, ‘Smoking Does This…’, ‘Smoking Does That…’

There are innumerable messages warning the people about the dangers of smoking and asking them, urging them, begging them to Quit Smoking. There are advertisements in print media with graphic pictures of damaged lungs and wind-pipes due to smoking. There are TV advertisements and documentaries describing horrific effects of smoking to the mind and body. It even affects the unborn child if the mother smokes during pragrancy.

These are all designed to give chilling shock to the smokers and frighten them off the smoking so that they are encouraged to give up smoking. One would hope and wish that after so many years of Quit campaign in so many countries, every smoker, young and old, men and women, would have by now given up smoking, there would not be any new comers in the smoking field, and all the cigarette manufacturing factories would have been closed down.

But No, it has not happened.(Meditate and Quit)

You may have all sorts of warnings on the package of cigarettes, you may remove all the attractive colours and designs from the package, you may have it just white or grey with picture of skull on one side and the Dracula on the other, and you may levy high taxes on it so that the price is triple or may be ten times its manufacturing cost.

And Yet,

Yes, Yet

You will see a man walking to the counter, buying a pack of his favorite brand, pull out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and light it up. Or you may see an elderly woman in a wheelchair buying a carton of cigarettes.

These are intelligent people, they know the dangers of smoking, they read all about it, read the advertisements, seen the documentaries, and may be even tried to quit smoking the routine way. But they have failed to quit and resigned to the fact that ‘smoking is an addiction they can’t get rid of’.

So what is the reason of such failures? (Meditation Strengthens Your Mind)

The reason is in the mind. Any addiction is due to the weakness of the mind. At births most minds(brains) are almost same. They are like raw computers on the assembly line. The performance of the computer will then depend upon the software you install in it. The mind will develop according to the effects of socio-economic environment. The mind is performing many tasks at a time. It is the most powerful controller, regulator and protector of the body. All the safeguards necessary for the safety and health of the body are in the mind. You prick your finger with a needle and squeeze it to take a drop of blood for testing. Then you press a finger on that tiny hole. A few minutes late if you squeeze the finger again, no blood will come out. So who repaired that hole ?

It is the Mind who does all these things.(Mind Controls Body)

The simple, easiest and the most effective way to quit smoking is The Meditation Way.

A child psychologist will tell you that to stop a child from doing the wrong things and teaching it the right way you don’t tell it ‘Don’t Do That’ but instead show it the alternate correct way. The child will then adapt to the new correct way and doing so automatically forget the wrong way. If you have learned to play a musical instrument to play the wrong way and could not get a rhythmic tune out of it, you cannot undo your wrong learning. But you concentrate learning to play it the right way and automatically the bad habit will disappear from your mind.

The Meditation strengthens the mind. It directs the mind away from the hazardous smoking habit and concentrates in training and encouraging the mind to do correct type of thinking.

Mind is like a monkey. It will not give up easily a habit it has acquired, unless you engage it into an alternative activity. At the age of six I was accompanying my grand-parents to the pilgrimage of the Holy city of Mathura on the bank of the Holy river Yamuna. One morning I was asked to fetch water in a brass jug from the river Yamuna. I filled the jug with water and was sitting at the top of the steps watching and admiring small boats sailing or being pushed with long bamboos. I had some chana(roasted chickpeas) in my pocket which I was eating. Suddenly a monkey came and snatched away chana from my hand. I was frightened and ran away from it. The monkey now sat there keeping one hand on the brass jug which was left behind. I threw some chana at the monkey, hoping that it will take chana and let go the jug. But the cunning monkey took the chana, ate them but still kept the possession of the jug. I waved a stick at the monkey to frighten it off. But the monkey snarled back showing its dirty teeth in reply.

One shopkeeper, who was watching this tamasha(drama) with intrigue, shouted at me, (Of course in Hindi language)‘throw the chana away from the monkey’. I did as he told me and the monkey now moved away from the jug to take the chana. I quickly grabbed the jug and started running and did not stop until I had reached home.

This is what you need to do with your mind to quit smoking. You have to lure it away from smoking. (and Meditation Will Help)

Trying to frighten it off won’t work. It will only make the task harder. And harder you try to quit smoking, stronger it will clutch it. Because when you are thinking of ‘Quit Smoking’, you are still thinking of ‘smoking’. The cunning mind removes the word ‘quit’ and drives you to ‘smoking’. So unless you can remove the word ‘smoking’ from your mind none of those frightening advertisements or documentaries or warnings printed on the packet is going to be useful.

Meditation will help you to detach the mind from the thoughts of smoking.

I will show you how to do this.

To learn the preparation and posture for meditation please refer to my article in

Applied Meditation :

Here we need to use meditation for a specific purpose, as we want to achieve an earthly goal for the purpose of our wellbeing. So we will call it “The Applied Meditation”

In the meditation posture try to concentrate thoughts upon the darkness in front of your closed eyes.

Write the word ‘smoking’ in bright yellow colour with large alphabets in front of the eyes. This is what you want to remove from your mind, thoughts and life.

Now alongside the word ‘smoking’ imagine a picture of a cigarette. If you are fond of any particular brand, you can imagine that, but in picture all cigarettes will look same so it won’t matter.

Now before the yellow word ‘smoking’ put the words ‘I want to quit’ in bright red colour.

The whole sentence now reads “I want to quit smoking + a picture of cigarette”.

Now you will play the game of changing one word at a time, similar to the one you may have played in your school days with your friends. Change one word at a time and arrive at a completely different sentence.

Select your favorite fruit that you like most – apple, orange, banana or whatever.

For this exercise we will use an apple – a bright red ‘red delicious’ apple.

Take this apple and throw it at the picture of the cigarette knocking it out and the apple positioned in its place.

Now the sentence reads, “I want to quit smoking + apple”

This does not seem right. So let us replace the word ‘smoking’ with the word ‘eat’.

Now the sentence reads. “I want to quit eat + apple””

Two verbs side by side in a sentence is not correct grammer. So let us remove the word ‘quit’

The final sentence is, “I want to eat + apple”

Now, you can easily memorize the sentence, “I want to eat an apple”.

So your desire to smoke will now be replaced by a desire to eat an apple.

You may need to practice this several times to achieve the required result.

The success rate will depend upon the intensity of your desire to quit smoking and the concentration during meditation.

Good Luck.

If you succeed, please, pass this on to other friends in similar situation.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Meditation is diet of our mind and soul it boosts our spiritual wisdom and refreshes our body.But

      Smoking is killer of ours BODY, MIND, SOUL and everything others


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