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E-Cigarette Quit Smoking Trends Electric Smokeless Tobacco & Quitting With Homeopathy & No Tobacco Day

Updated on January 27, 2016

E-Cigarettes Emit Second Hand Particles

Reading the comment section on a medical website can be enlightening. So many perspectives about the pros and cons of E-cigs help us understand the voracity of addiction, the need for pleasure, or a crutch to help move from one substance to another.

The concerns of those who relate cigarettes to home fires and lung toxicity and interpersonal relationships. Add on top of these factors the hype, the political posturing, the industry propaganda and you have the makings of a great novel. Read further HypeWatch: E-Cigs Best Cessation Tool Ever, Really? on MedPageToday and then you will need to click over to the comment section.


New Regulations: New Packaging

December 15, 2014 New York Times article, video and slide show highlight the concerns of increasing e-cigarette production and quality control in China. One half of the production line employees' job of quality control to test for heavy metal coming from 200 working parts, soldering with tin and potential contaminants. Just 'how much' of each contaminant will be considered 'safe' when people of all ages inhale the water vapor and smoke puffed into the air? Do you trust the manufacturers, suppliers, quality controllers to have your health as their highest good? When you view the video, does this tell you something about concern for the welfare of the workers in the plant? I predict sitting in a room around a table, smoking e-cigarettes for 8 hours a day, may reduce the life span of these young people.


April 24, 2014 | The FDA Food and Drug Administration will regulate the newest technology in smoking E-Cigarettes and the oldest preferred smoking methods, Pipe and Cigars. Forty-Two million people in America say they smoke today.

  • New regulations would ban the sale of e-cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco to Americans under 18, and would require that people buying them show photo identification to prove their age, measures already mandated in a number of states.

NPR made the issue of gory cigarette labels a top story. For months, my blog has been educating folks about the dangers of smoking. The polls have tested whether people would be turned off on smoking if the packages were so gory and gruesome, even to the point of including dead bodies, bloody images, rotten teeth and tongue.

It seems the FDA [The Food and Drug Administration] took note and finally changed their anti-smoking campaign with this new attention-getting approach. In fact, these types of images have been used in Europe for a long time, so we should be able to figure through some statical analysis its impact of people of all ages.

You can hear what FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg had to say about this new campaign and why they determined the previous campaign labels have become outdated and ineffective. I've remarked about the psychological effectiveness of any imagery when ubiquitous over a period of time. They blend into the background, and we gloss over them. Can we ignore these new death signs? We shall soon see.


USA TODAY NEWS | E-Cigarette use doubles in teenagers. Use of E-cigarettes in those addicted to tobacco can help withdrawal. Yet, we see the dangers of E-cigarettes by entreating young non-smokers to begin an addictive behavior.

In 2012, 10% of high school students say they tried e-cigarettes, up from 4.7% in 2011, according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A doubling also occurred among U.S. middle school students saying they've experimented with e-cigarettes — from 1.4% to 2.7% — and similar spikes in teen usage were found in the 2013 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey.



Roswell Park Cancer Center Research in E-Cigarettes

Roswell Park Cancer Center research measured the amount fine particle nicotine emitted into the air from smoking E-cigarettes and compared with regular cigarettes. A short active smoking period of 30 minutes during which 2 cigarettes were used demonstrated a significant increase in ultra fine particles in the surrounding air.

  • Cigarettes produced about 10 times as much nicotine and 7 times as much particulate matter as the e-cigarettes.

  • The vapor density of e-cigarettes would lead to pollution levels of about 70 to 140 mcg/m3, which is 5-10 times what is considered acceptable.
  • Oxford Journals Publications:

19 Harmful Chemical In E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are unregulated products that contain at least 19 harmful chemicals, including several that are cancer-causing.

Propylene Glycol
The e-cigarettes contain propylene glycol, which produces the ‘smoke’, but is a hazard if inhaled. Studies have never been carried out to see what harm it does to the lungs at the concentrations delivered by the products. America’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health lists it as a risk and recommends immediate fresh air if it is inhaled.


  • Propylene glycol uses include: as a solvent in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics; as a deicing fluid; and in brake fluids, antifreezes and plasticizers

  • Propylene glycol may cause adverse health effects following exposure via inhalation, ingestion, or dermal contact.

  • The metabolites identified from propylene glycol exposure in humans include pyruvic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, and proionaldehyde.

  • The renal effect caused by propylene glycol is hemoglobin uric nephrosis

Concerns about the fake cigarettes have been voiced by Philip McAndrew, of the Loyola University health system. He describes e-cigarettes as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” that needs to be regulated. “People think it’s a safe alternative to cigarettes, but the reality is we really don’t know,” he said. One American city isn’t waiting to find out. Chicago has decided to apply the same regulations to e-cigarettes as it already does to cigarettes. They are kept behind the counter and proof of age has to be produced.

McAndrew, who helps people quit smoking, says there are better ways of replacing cigarettes, especially as e-cigarettes are still delivering high quantities of nicotine to the body.

(Source: Loyola University health system)


Subliminal Messages

Since the creation of television marketing and I'm sure before, advertising agents have used the power of subliminal messages to get people to purchase products, watch more television, change habits and implant some type of propaganda.

What if we could use these subliminal messages to change our smoking habits and quit? Many people praise the use of these types of relaxation tapes and messages when used properly.

These resources may help people who truly want to quit smoking, with sincere determination but just need special assistance to achieve their goal.

Hollywood Celebrity Models

I recently read on The Examiner that the up and coming trend is the use of electronic cigarettes. I believe that hollywood stars lead the way to what influences young minds, like teens, and also other age groups who are watching movies and television series.

As more and more celebrity magazines and online sites highlight this type of behavior to replace old habits, more people will follow and give it a try. I still concern myself with the longterm use of electronic and smokeless tobacco and cigarettes This is a very new technology and we do not have long term studies to see the outcome over years of use.

If someone is able to use this form of smoking as a short-term crutch to actually stop smoking altogether, it might not be so bad for someone's health. However, viewing many celebrities role models smoke, as in the Marlborough Commercials, and embedding these images into major motion pictures, then I feel this is sending a different kind of signal.

In fact, it is showing important people smoking. Can we fool the mind into thinking it is one thing when it is another? The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between watching someone hold a look-a-like cigarette in a hand during a vulnerable time, such as have a cup of coffee or in bed after sex [note this is very dangerous as to cause a fire], or other occasion.

Therefore, I have my doubts about promoting this type of behavior and method to withdraw and quit from smoking. There was a time when the population of smokers was declining. I do believe that smoking may be on the rise again. It is worrisome that this behavior is increasing in young people and women.

Please see my other article about smoking the pros and cons. Talking from both sides. Obviously, I am biased in finding it unhealthy behavior. Politically, there is an issue of freedom of choice, but ethically, if it is truly a health hazard, then which is the better choice?

W.H.O. Says Don't Smoke Around Children

World No Tobacco Day - May 31, 2011

The World Health Organization states that tobacco kills almost six million people worldwide annually. Of that total 600,000 deaths result from second-hand smoke. Brochures are available at their site. Numerous videos and poscasts may be accessed. And entire series of videos may be viewed on YouTube

  • A 15 year old smoker is 3 times more likely to die of cancer than someone who starts at age 20

  • Low tar cigarettes just as unhealthy as traditional cigarettes.

350 Million Smokers in China

Daphne Mezereum

This shows the berries of the spurge laurel family. Daphne helps withdrawal from nicotine.
This shows the berries of the spurge laurel family. Daphne helps withdrawal from nicotine.

Plantago: Your common garden weed

Have you seen this plant around in your garden? Maybe it is just what you need to withdraw from tobacco smoking.
Have you seen this plant around in your garden? Maybe it is just what you need to withdraw from tobacco smoking.

Homeopathy Helps Stop the Smoking Habit

Here are some typical homeopathic remedies used to assist someone quit smoking.

Remember that homeopathy is based upon the principle of "Likes Cures Likes." Therefore, you are bound to find many of the remedies coming from the plant families. The main remedy tabacum could be considered like an isopathic remedy because it has a same component. However, the difference is that cigarettes have a multiplicity of chemicals and additives, whereas, the homeopathic remedy is derived from just one substance - tobacco.

  • Tabacum is a remedy that confers both psychological and physical symptoms addressed with the addictive nature of smoking. There may be sweating, weakness, vertigo, dizziness and nausea. It is also good for sea-sickness.
  • Caladium is has been used for lung diseases and to help stop the craving desire smokers have to endure. Caladium helps asthmatics who produce a lot of mucus that is difficult to cough out, but once it is out they feel relieved. I imagine it would probably similar to someone experiencing emphysema.
  • Nux vomica is well known for helping irritable people with an addictive personality. Those who are passionate in all they do, workaholics, drinkers, perhaps taking drugs, too. There is typically a feeling of "can't" even though they want to vomit or have a bowel movement. This means they are often constipated. Throat symptoms include a dry, tickling cough that feels like something tearing in the chest and they do finally vomit.
  • Avena Sativa is used as a tonic to support the person through withdrawal symptoms. This remedy which comes from the common oat plant helps calm and nourish the nervous system. When there is trembling and tremors of limbs and muscles this may assist the body. In addition, like nux vomica, this remedy helps all types of addicts withdraw from heavy drugs or drink.
  • Daphne indica is commonly called the spurge laurel. This homeopathic remedy helps with cravings and has particular symptoms to help make this choice. If someone has very bad breath, with fetid smelling urine and sweat this may be indicated. The person may have electric lightening type jerks to the muscles and tissues. And because this remedy is from the thyme family there is a feeling of parts being separated from the body. This is also good for the aching bones of rheumatism and the inability to fall asleep for insomniacs.
  • Plantago from plantaginaceae family, below subclass of asters, and helps to withdraw from tobacco smoking by creating a feeling of disgust. There is even a patent using this herb for smoking cessation. It is used in the anti-smoking patch and other herbal concoctions. Do not confuse this "plantain" with the varieties of bananas found in the grocery stores. Researching this plant it has an ancient history as a medicinal substance. Plantain has been used for all types of sharp sticking pains in the ears, teeth and eyes, with tearing. It has been used for bronchitis and also skin rashes like poison oak. Like daphne it is good for insomnia. There can be headaches, plus decay in teeth and inflammation in ears. Instead of taking as an herbal tea, homeopathic treatment is much more subtle. Similar to nux vomica, there is that same desire for bowel movement with inability to go. However, there is night-time enuresis.
  • Staphysagria is most famous for assisting the emotional aspects of smoking. Those people who feel injured, abused and turn to smoking as a relief. This remedy is helpful for the injuries after surgery, as well. These people can be very emotional and have feelings of numbness, irritability, and emotional outbursts. On the other hand, they can suppress all their emotions and have them stirring under the surface. Staphysagria can help calm their nerves and is great for those painful sensitive teeth when food touches them, too.

Get Professional Help

There are probably many more remedies to assist your journey to stop the smoking habit. It is always best to consult a professional homeopath. They can select the proper aids and tailor the remedy to your special needs. It is best to have an objective observer and also someone to listen to your story. Addictions are difficult to break and requires continuing support to get through the ups and downs of withdrawal.


  • Plantago major transdermal patch for use in treating a tobacco or nicotine habit by Cody - February, 1998 - 5716635
  • Soft gelatin capsule compositions by Cimiluca - June, 1997 - 5641512
  • Pharmaceutical compositions and process of manufacture thereof by White - July, 1995 - 5431916
  • Magnetically influenced homeopathic pharmaceutical formulations, methods of their preparation and methods of their administration by Whitson-Fischman - November, 1992 - 5162037
  • Method and therapeutic system for smoking cessation by Baker et al. - August, 1992 - 5135753

Nicotine Withdrawal Products

Combinations May Help

You will find many combination remedies, both herbal and homeopathic in the market place. The main substance that causes addiction in cigarette smoking is nicotine. Therefore, one of the isopathic remedies would be nicotinia to help the body balance. You will have many symptoms including: dizziness, depression, frustration, anger, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, headaches, and increased appetite. You can see by the list of remedies above that smoking affects the entire mind/body system. Some people are able to stop smoking cold turkey. Other people try to sneak a few puffs and that just doesn't work.

It's Up To You

The only way to truly stop smoking is with a determined attitude. You must want to do it, no one can do it for you. That means putting all your effort into finding ways to help yourself, creating a non-habit forming environment, lessen the stimulants that are conducive to smoking and even change your friends for a while if they contribute to your smoking habits. 

A husband and wife naturopathic/homeopathic teachers team, esteemed authors and practitioners wrote this highly acclaimed and easy to use book for healing with homeopathy.

This guide can help readers to learn the treatment of first aid or acute conditions. For deep healing, always consult your health care practitioner. Organized in three sections: An introduction to homeopathy and how to use the guide, how to intake symptoms and necessary information; plus how to analyze, select and administer the remedies.

Part two lists ailments from abscesses to motion sickness and the homeopathic medicines used to treat them.

Part three describes the main features of the most commonly used homeopathic medicines. Appendices include lists of books, organizations, homeopathy pharmacies, and information on how to find a homeopath.

Other Hub Articles

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Updated news added 01/16

Trying to Stop Smoking

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Author Dana Ullman

Dana Ullman, now a prolific columnist on HuffingtonPost and proponent of homeopathic medicine authored this standard book for newcomers. Homeopathic remedies are increasingly being used to treat common childhood ailments. They are safe, have no side effects or allergic reactions, are inexpensive and, above all, effective. In this guide, Dana Ullman explains what homeopathy is, how it works and how you can use it correctly to enhance your child's health. He recommends remedies for more than 75 physical and emotional conditions, including: allergies, grief, anxiety, headaches, asthma, measles, bedwetting, nappy rash, bites and stings, shock, burns, sunburn, colic, teething, coughs and colds and travel sickness

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  • How To Quit Smoking: 5 Easy Tips

    Short and sweet with tips that might help YOU! 1) Keep a Smoking Jar. 2) Go Kojak. 3) Make a deal with someone you respect/love. 4) Take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy. 5) Chew/suck on ice chips


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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Glassvisage ~ You just added the links. Random Acts of Kindness for all. I'm in awe of your social networking accomplishments as a young adult. Keep going! Blessings.

    • glassvisage profile image


      9 years ago from Northern California

      This is great - very technical and yet people can relate to it with your photos and references. Thank you for sharing all of this information.

      I was curious if you'd be interested in adding a link to this page: This page is a central place where educators can find background information about tobacco, lessons and activities for educating youth, and other resources. You can also visit my Hub:


    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Dear Fucsia - I'm voting for you to quit smoking and make it last. I have a few friends who are now 1-3 years out from smoking. Their face and skin appear much more glowing. The smile they wear shows how happy and free they feel from the dependance upon cigarettes. Consider it a drug and an addiction. I know you can do it! Hugs, Debby

    • fucsia profile image


      9 years ago

      I quit smoking several times, this means that I relapsed many times! but this last time is the very last time, so your hub is very interesting but I hope he never need, rather I am sure!

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hi Hello ~ Sweet. You are one of my best fans. Yes. Addictions can be very difficult to stop without emotional and physical support.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      9 years ago from London, UK

      Great article with a lost of help. It must be very hard to stop.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hello Lois ~ I wish you a healthy future without smoking. The lungs have an incredible ability to heal. My grandfather smoked as a teen up until his 40's. He quit cold-turkey and lived into his 90's.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very good article. I too am attempting to quit smoking. I did see the ads for the e-cigs but am skeptical. I have found success with the committ losengers. I am sowly weening myself off by increasing the times when I use one. Right now I take one every two hours.


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