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Quit Smoking

Updated on May 10, 2012
No, I don't!
No, I don't!

Kick the Butt in the Butt

To all of you smokers out there, you know just how difficult it is to quit. We all know the risks that comes along with the little sticks of nicotine we put in our mouths, but we continue to smoke because of the urge. I've been a smoker for about four years now (started since I was a junior in high school) Worst mistake I ever made. I would give anything to go back to the moment I first tried a cigarette, and give myself a good slap in the face. Four years later, and many failed attempts at quitting - I am fed up with being controlled by the urge to smoke, but I vow to never stop trying. Hey, the twelfth time is the charm, or so I heard. To all you smokers out there trying to quit, I'll give you some words of wisdom from my father who quit cold turkey after ten years of smoking, "Remind yourself of the reasons why you want to quit and then smash any nearby cigarettes to pieces!" My father is a regular Tolstoy. Good luck and good day everybody!


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