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Quit smoking time

Updated on April 16, 2012

Quit Smoking

When you decide to quit smoking, your body will instantly begin to heal itself as you get into your quit. Amazingly your body will start the healing process in the first couple of hours of a quit and will continue to heal over a number of years. Once you decide to quit smoking it is difficult to quantify the healing that occurs in your body, by understandint the quit smoking timeline you will be able to work out exactly where your body is in the healing process and also use it as a motivational tool to move into the next healing phase of the quit timeline.

Here are some of the benefits of quitting smoking:

After Two Hours

Your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease back to normal levels. Your circulation improves significantly as a result.

After Eight Hours

The Carbon monoxide levels in your blood will begin to decrease and your oxygen levels will increase.

After Twenty-Four Hours

Risk of heart attacks decrease considerably

After 48 Hours

Your withdrawal symptoms hit their peak with cravings lasting for a maximum of 90 seconds and your nervous system begins to repair itself.

After 2-3 Weeks

Your circluation will improve significantly, your lung function improves, you should appear less breathless when doing strenuous exercise.

At 1-9 Months

Your lung regenerates, the cilia cells start to develop and function normally again, you will notice a significant improvement in yorur breathing and sinuses. You should also feel less tired and more alert.

At The 1 Year Mark

Your risk of heart attack is half of that of a smoker.

Long Term

After 5 years you have the same risk of stroke as a non smoker, after 10 years your risk of Cancer is improved after 15 years your risk of heart disease and heart attack is the same as a non smoker.

As you can see, a long term goal is ideal and will greatly reduce your cancer risk to closely resemble a non smoker.

Quit Smoking Timeline

Are you looking to quit smoking?

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    • clintonb profile image

      clintonb 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

      Good Hub!

    • Brandym2012 profile image

      Brandym2012 5 years ago from PA

      Great hub! Very well laid out and thank you for all the information that follows the time frame. If only I had the will power to tell myself it's time to stop and stick with it.