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Rabbit Meat: Nutrients and Health Benefits you will Want to Include in your Diet

Updated on February 7, 2016

Rabbit Meat and Nutrients

Many of us have a select meat diet that is composed of chicken and cow, generally obtained through fast food restaurants in the form of fried chicken and dollar burgers. Yet, as healthy and unhealthy as those meats could be, there is one group that we never include into our eating arrangement. At times we will consume fish, sheep, beef, pork, bison and yet elk but rarely do we delve into what it is to consume rabbits.

Now you are probably sitting there in total awe as to what I just suggested. The cute and furry rodents that we love to see and wish to have as pets can be eaten? Of course they can and we get many nutrients from them in the process.

Rabbit meat is one if not the healthiest of the bunch since the animal is so meticulous in what they eat and their bodies take care of the nutrients and it is easy to cook as well. So why don't we see it more often in stores and even more, why don't we buy it and try it for once? Yes, deep in our minds we only imagine the beautiful creature this once was and cannot see ourselves making them for dinner. Would it be so bad? We devour all other kinds of animals, what difference would there be in this one? It is true that rabbits make wonderful pets and let me tell you I know how hard it is to make the change, but when it comes to your health, you will love them for a very different reason.

Whole Rabbit Frozen 2.7 Lb
Whole Rabbit Frozen 2.7 Lb

Farm Raised on a diet alflfa, our Rabbit is well known for its incredible flavor. Rabbits come from French bread, are raised for 10 weeks, and live in groups of 6.

From my Sustainable Farm Rabbit
From my Sustainable Farm Rabbit

What Are this Meat Benefits?

As much as we think we would not like the taste of the bunny meat, we could not be more wrong. Not only does it have many nutrients that we need, and it tastes delicious. It is quite a known fact that many people who have consumed this type of animal protein source often confuse it with chicken.

It is also quite healthy for you with one of the lowest percentages of fat and cholesterol. Imagine that, being able to eat a great amount of this and still getting less cholesterol and harming calorie counts that are found in one simple burger. It is a true testament to how great this could really be for you, especially those who have had to cut down in their meat consumption because of how unhealthy it was.

The breeding and growth of bunnies is in addition very healthy, only feeding them things like alfalfa instead of all those harmful mixes fed to chickens and cows to make them grow so they can produce more. The count of bunnies produced is higher, giving a superior percentage of meat for a lower price of production so it is really good for the economy if we were to invest in this, or yet if you are into the sustainable production of a small farm.

Beginners Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits
Beginners Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits

Raising rabbits for meat is one of the easiest ways to supply nutritious meat for your family. This book will teach you everything from choosing your breeding stock to butchering.


Bunny meat is known to contain a great amount of antioxidants and anti-aging factors to it, certain nutrients that help our digestion, our well being, energy and skin. It has selenium, a mineral in charge of producing various special proteins that help aid in cell damage and the immune system, and it contains glutathione, a highly important molecule that is part of other proteins and amino acids and is in charge of fighting and preventing diseases.

As much as our body produces what we need of these two things, we constantly lose them to stress, poor diets and exercise, often leaving the need for them to be eaten, and making the rabbits a perfect source for it.

Rabbits: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Raising Healthy Rabbits for Life! (Rabbits - Raising Rabbits - Rabbit Care - How to Care for Rabbits - Rabbit Nutrition - Indoor Pets)
Rabbits: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Raising Healthy Rabbits for Life! (Rabbits - Raising Rabbits - Rabbit Care - How to Care for Rabbits - Rabbit Nutrition - Indoor Pets)

“Rabbits - The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Raising Healthy Rabbits for Life!” Are You Ready to Raise Healthy Rabbits? Learn the most efficient ways for raising and caring for rabbits! As we all know, each type and breed of animals are unique and requires specific needs in every stages of their life. Raising a rabbit is no exception to this. Unfortunately, most owners do not really have the knowledge on how to properly handle and care for these innocent creatures. These common mistakes in handling, bathing, improper grooming and diet usually cause the rabbit’s life at stake. Moreover, treating them as plush toys, picking them more often and letting children chase them adds up to their stress.


The meat found in one rabbit is more than the bones found. Many times when we get home after a long shopping trip and begin cooking we find that the meat in our chickens usually are far less than the bones and find ourselves constantly searching for more, at times cooking 2 or 3 of them so that everyone can eat. That problem rarely occurs with rabbits, especially if accompanied with various dishes and cooked properly.

Anyone can cook this meat as well. There is no special procedure or training to be undertaken if you want to eat it. Basically, if you know how to make a chicken for dinner that everyone loves, you can rest yourself assured that everyone will dig into the rabbit, perhaps with more passion since it tastes slightly different. The recipes are quite possibly infinite if you want to get experimental, more so if you have not tried bunny meat a lot throughout your life.

If searching for a nutritious base of Calcium, Sodium and Phosphorus for your diet, rabbit is the sure way to go. It has the most when it comes to these nutrients and comparing it to any other meat so it is a great win. The benefits for your bones, digestion and basic body balance are great and assured if you start eating bunny instead of other meats.

Raising Meat Pen Rabbits
Raising Meat Pen Rabbits

Raising Meat Pen Rabbits by Aaron Webster. Learn how to begin raising rabbits for 4-H and FFA in this unique one of a kind Meat Pen Rabbit Guide. Learn how to effectively raise and care for your meat pen bunnies to improve your show success. Everything that you need to begin successfully raising meat pen bunnies is included within this information packed book... From Rabbit Breed Selection to Getting Started Advice to Rabbit Supplies to Feeding and Growing Meat Pen Bunnies to Stock Selection to Show Preparation to Housing to Bunny Rabbit Health to Rabbit Meat Pen Selection... everything that you need to know is included within this book!


Most of all, rabbit meat is the safest yet. Many of us still quiver in fear as we hear new diseases striking the pigs, chicken and cows every year. We constantly neglect them every now and then because we are afraid of getting those very diseases or putting our family at risk.

The bunny is known to suffer from a small category of ailments no harmful to humans and is a great source of white and tender which is far healthier than the red meat we usually consume because of its low fat and if you want large amounts of iron, and B Vitamins, this is the way to go, but the rest of the nutrients can be found in the delicious rabbit.

I know at first it might seem hard to consider this since bunnies are so cute and you don't want to think what they have to go through to become a main dish in your table, but to be fair, it really is not all that bad. I will be completely honest, there are places that abuse the rabbits before killing them, but there are places that abuse the other animals just as much. The animals are sometimes killed quickly and painlessly, while other times are brutally slaughtered.

We can campaign against this and try to eradicate this but there will always be a group that does it like that because that is how they know how. So the ultimate decision falls on our shoulders. Do we feel bad of something we are not sure if it happened or not and what the animal looked like or do we get the nutrients we want and need for a better price and a healthier future? I highly suggest you try the meat and consider that all animals go through different things and that should not stop you from trying different things and seeing what is best for you and your family.

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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback Señor Leche! We try our best when researching and writing our articles to make them enjoyable and interesting!

    • profile image

      Señor Leche 

      3 years ago

      Rabbit meat is delicious! Good article!

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      4 years ago

      Hi Justthemessenger!

      I am glad that you enjoyed the information. I was surprised too when I first ate it since the taste is somewhat similar to chicken but no that much. At first I felt bad because the farm is really close to us and I pet the rabbits, but after it was on the table and smelling so good, I couldn't help myself and it was super delicious.

      I hope you try it and let me know what you think.

    • justthemessenger profile image

      James C Moore 

      4 years ago from The Great Midwest

      I've heard that it taste like chicken. Apparently, it looks like chicken too, based on your first photo. I know that I've eaten vinison, quail and even shark steaks but not rabbit. That wiil change. Good information.


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