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Races:Flying Pig 5Ks

Updated on June 27, 2007

Flying Pig 5Ks- Held all over NJ: 3.2 miles

I give this racing series a 10!

Description: These 5K races are held all over the state of New Jersey each summer. They are off road and run you through some great park, over some great streams, and can even get a little challenging- for one I had to hope on rocks to get across a river and for another I have to jump over a bush! The winner gets- nope, not a pig- a pork roll (it you don't know what this is, check it out here: it is a New Jersey thing!)

Likes: These are FUN! Everyone there is in it for a good time. People often wear pig paraphernalia, including pig t-shirts, pig hats with wings, pig shoes with wings, pig everything! These races run you on some great trails in some beautiful parks in New Jersey- places I otherwise would not have seen without these races. They also challenge you, they are definitely not your usual 5K trails and sometimes you run into streams, bushes, and other obstacles that require some creativity to get across. The people who put these races on are friendly and very encouraging- they definitely make you glad you came out.

Dislikes: Since they are in the woods the water spots and suppose is scares, you usually only get one water stop- which on an August night in New Jersey usually isn't enough (I suggest carrying water with you). There also usually aren't places for spectators, again since most of the race is through the woods.

Overall: A great time, each 5K in the flying Pig Summer series is a little different, but they all have the same fun and excitement to them. You normally see a lot of the same people, and you'll get to know them- they are friendly, and they are probably wearing something pink with wings!!

Best for: Those looking for a challenge and something different. This is not the place to do your first 5K unless you have run the trail before and know what you are getting yourself into. This is also a great race for people who have done road 5Ks before and would like to get into off-road racing or adventure racing.

Don't forget your pig t-shirt, or pig hat, or pig shoes, or pig bandana, or pig shorts.... Trust me, you may look out of place if you don't have anything "pig" on!


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