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10 Steps to Raise the Energy in your Home

Updated on September 3, 2016

Is it me or my home?

Do you ever feel unmotivated to do anything when you are home? Maybe you left work and had a great idea to workout and create a healthy meal when you got home but once you got there, you just sunk into the couch and remote clicked your way to bedtime? Is your energy lacking and you feel heavy in your own home?

Sometimes it may not be us but the energy we are living in. Our homes need a clearing just as much as we need to shower. Whenever we have a fight with our loved ones, have a bad day or create clutter in our space, it weighs the energy down and in time it stagnates and becomes heavy and dull.

When I do a house clearing for myself or my clients, almost immediately you can feel the difference. The air becomes lighter and thinner, the space becomes brighter and everyone feels relaxed and smile more. We are sentient beings, therefore we feel things more than we know.

If you are having some difficulty getting motivated at home and in life, then these simple and practical ten steps should help! Read on to discover what easy things you can do to create a better vibration in your abode and how you can increase yours too.

10 Ways to Raise the Energy in Your Home

I have used these simple techniques for my own home clearing and for my clients. At the basis of these steps is the intention to clear your space of any negativity, lower vibrations or emotions. Intention is key! Your thoughts create your reality and therefore if we focus and intend to have our lives filled with positive things, it will come to pass.

1) Salt the Earth

This is an old custom of ancient healers. Salt is a cleansing and protective ingredient and has been referenced by the Bible and Wiccan/Pagan rituals for cleansing and purification.

In this step, you need sea salt or Epsom salts and will be outside the home but within your property lines. I like to start at my mailbox and I walk along my property going all the way around the house until I end back up at the mailbox. As you walk, you will sprinkle the salt creating a thin border. You can say a prayer/psalm, chant a protection mantra or cast a protective spell (whatever your fancy!). As you walk around your property, your intention is basically to keep the bad out and only invite good things to your home: peace, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, health and wellness.

This is a great practice to do with the changing of the seasons from Winter into Spring as the heavy, lethargic energy of winter is leaving and the new, blossoming energy of Spring comes in. Once a year is a good enough step unless you feel attacked or weighted down and then you can do it again.

2) Plant Away!

Plants and flowers have naturally high vibrations as they come from Mother Earth herself. If you want to continually cleanse the air and energy in your home, keep them around!

There are specific plants that have sattvic qualities as according to Ayurveda. Sattva means neutral and calming, and these kinds of plants bring balance and harmony into the home. Some examples of sattvic plants include Holy Basil (Tulsi), Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, and the banana tree.

Once a week I buy an inexpensive bouquet of flowers at the grocery store and keep them on my desk as I work. It lights up the room! Something simple as bringing nature into your home can make a difference very quickly. Just be careful to toss dying flowers and trim dead leaves off of plants as they happen. If you allow them to stay in the home as they degrade, it will also add to the heaviness of the energy so it can be counter productive if not tended to.

3) Sage and Smudging

You may have heard of this cleansing technique as the spiritual community is all about it! But what exactly is it? Smudging is a Native American ritual of using smoke to cleanse the aura and energy of a person or home. Typically white sage is dried and used for the smudging. You can buy sage sticks at natural wellness stores or online. Most practitioners will also get an abalone shell to put the sage in and burn it. Once you light the sage, blow it out so smoke can form. Take the smoky sage around the house and hold the intention to cleanse the walls and energy of the home.

I tend to start from the top floor and work my way down to the basement. You can choose to go through each room and sage the corners or just stand on the middle floor in the middle of the house and move around in a circle to indicate a complete smudging of the home.

Remember this is all based on intent so if physically it is impossible for you to move around the house, the second method can work too.

4) Let the light shine in

Of course this step depends on the season but it usually works well in the Spring and Fall when you can take the air off and open up the windows.

Keeping doors and windows open allow a natural spiritual healing through the natural elements (sun, wind, rain, moonlight). It is not a coincidence that there is a saying, "Open a window and receive a breath of fresh air."

Why do we need FRESH air? What is wrong with the air we have inside? Sometimes it can be or feel heavy. If that is the case, a transfusion is needed and therefore opening windows and doors will bring that about.

5) Spiritual Architectural Changes

Technically we all should be living in accordance to divine principles such as Feng Shui or Vashtu Shastra which indicate how we can organize our home to maximize the energy potential and create harmony with nature and ourselves.

I strongly recommend hiring a Feng Shui or Vashtu Shastra practitioner to check out your home. They can make suggestions to improve the energy of your home using simple rearranging of furniture or addition of things.

My Feng Shui practitioner opened up the energy in my home simply by adding some crystals and mirrors in certain areas and moving furniture around. That simple! If you do not have the budget or availability of these experts in your area, you can do an online search on how to feng shui your home. Once you have an idea of what to do with a room, start moving some furniture around and see how it feels.

Use your intuition and feelings to determine if you like being in that space and if it makes you feel lighter. If it does, then that is the new layout! Every couple of years you should move your furniture around to mix it up a little. Anything that stays in one place too long, will become stagnant and contribute to the heaviness of that area.

6) Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Now we understand that proverb! Godliness for me is a state of harmony and peace, and isn't that what we truly want when we think of our abode?

As much as we would all love to have our own personal cleaning crew to come in once a week and clean our homes, most of us cannot afford that. Don't give up! Your home does not have to be hospital sterilized clean for this principle to work, just a few things to incorporate and it can change the energy drastically.

My main agenda with cleaning is that there are two routines. Every now and then you do need to have a deep cleaning of the entire home. You can choose to make this once a year where you splurge and hire a cleaning crew for the day or make it once a season; whatever works with your time and budget.

The other routine is the daily routine and more feasible. My motto is, "If I see it, I clean it." Therefore if there is a stain on the floor, light bulb that needs to change, hair in the shower drain....handle it. If you keep up with these little things on a daily basis, then you don't have to set aside a large amount of your weekend to do a whole house cleaning.

7) Healing with Sound

Sound healing is a real thing, just attend a sound bath meditation or listen to tuning forks and tuning bowls. You will feel immediately calm, peaceful and relaxed. Sound is known and proven to travel through a medium. In healing practices, the medium would be our skin, tissues and cells. As the sound travels through us, it changes our cellular makeup and create healthier cells and energy within us.

This principle can apply to the home too where the medium would be the walls and structure of the home. No there is no cellular healing involved but the energy in the home will be affected.

I like to listen to Solfeggio frequencies on You Tube and turn my speakers up. These sounds make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music such as the well known Gregorian Chants. The tones are said to balance energy and keep everything in perfect harmony.

It doesn't have to be these frequencies, anything of a spiritual nature would work such as hymns, mantras and even nature sounds. The idea is to create a peaceful environment by inviting in peace through sound.

8) Declutter and Move

I love the term "spring cleaning" but it really should be called "I am distressed and need to toss stuff NOW" cleaning! That is invariably what happens when you get sick and tired of looking at the piles of stuff around you.

There is a reason why we feel the need to spring clean. We are sentient beings, in tune with nature and as the heavy energy of winter leaves, like the Spring we want to toss off the heaviness and bring in new energy.

You can easily do this by moving furniture around and addressing the mess and piles of papers or stuff laying around. Anything that stays in one place too long, creates stagnant energy. Clean up closets, throw out or donate things. As you declutter and let go, you open the pathways for more to come in.

Remember give and take is a Universal principle. To stay in the flow of energy, like a river, it must be moving. Every few years go through your closets and donate what you no longer wear and clear out clutter. You will be amazed at how the flow starts back up and things start coming to you!

9) Mind your Company

Of course we have to address one of the major issues to balanced energy in our homes and that is the company we keep. Think about the time you walked into a friend's house and felt uncomfortable. What was it that you didn't like? Was it the trash falling out of the trash bin or the lingering smell of cigarettes in the air? Maybe the cat made you feel creepy or you had a distaste for their bright red walls. While these things might make you cringe, I bet it doesn't compare to the time you were there and they were in the middle of a heated fight with their partner or had friends over who were rowdy, loud and obnoxious. Yep, energy begets energy.

If you continuously have guests in your home who are not in alignment with your energy, it will pull down the energy of your home. Simply put, you don't vibe together. This is one of the major, motivating factors that made me move my business out of my home studio and into a commercial building. The energy was affecting me even after my clients left!

Your home is your temple and like a temple, you require people to be respectful and courteous while in it, honoring it and being mindful. By all means invite friends over and test it out, but you have to be strong and ready to cancel their future invites if they come in and make a disruption to your happy place. Friendships must add value to your life and be in sync, if they are not, they can throw off your vibe seriously.

10) Spiritual Practice on the daily

As much as all the other steps were helpful and beneficial, I would say this step is the most important one. If you have a daily spiritual practice in your home, you create a beautiful synergy with your energy, your home and the Universe that will be felt by all who come by.

Find a place of solitude and quiet in your home and make it your own place of spiritual practice. For some, placing an altar in this space is helpful in sealing in the qualities of this area. If one keeps an altar at home, it is best to let it face the east-west direction. Divine frequencies are released from the Sun as it passes through the sky each day, and these frequencies are best attracted to an altar if it is oriented in the east-west direction. Key items to put on an altar vary person to person but typically you can start with flowers, crystals, pictures of spiritual people/angels/ascended masters, a candle and/or incense.

Typically your spiritual space is used once a day for practice or several times a day to just sit, be quiet and mindful. Simply doing these things on a regular basis will help increase the energy in your home.

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