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Rambutan: The Exotic Fruit, Do you Know About its Nutrients, Benefits and Properties?

Updated on July 9, 2016
Rambutan fruits
Rambutan fruits | Source

Rambutan: Vitamin C, Copper, Calcium, Manganese, Iron and Protein

Many of us consume fruits on a daily basis, these being composed of the usual orange, apple, lemon and what not. Yet, there are many other fruits we do not even know of, and have not tasted once. One of these is the rambutan, a crop that has its origins in Southeast Asia and is not easily recognized by the general public. The benefits it brings are quite important however and we should try to incorporate it into our diet as much as possible.

There are some places that consume the rambutan and recognize it instantly, these being, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines mostly. People there have created all kinds of recipes and remedies with the rambutan to be used to increase their well being and the state of the immune system since the fruit is so filled in nutrients. It is said that this is one of the many exotic fruits that came from the heavens since it has so many things that can aid us and make us feel better.

The table of nutrients is quite extensive. Just to list a few, the rambutan is known to have large amounts of Vitamin C, Copper, Calcium, Manganese, Iron and Protein, all of which are direly needed by the body. It also has a healthy amount of calories to keep you going through anything!

Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans: A Childhood in Singapore and Malaya
Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans: A Childhood in Singapore and Malaya

Growing up as a child in Singapore and Malaya in the 1960s was an idyllic experience. Thousands of children of naval personnel will have the same fond memories of the time spent there, as Derek has. Who could forget the constant hot weather or the strange smells that you only seemed to find in the Far East? Who could forget the heavy monsoon rains, chit-chats or Tiger Balm Gardens? Other memories will include the markets, hawkers, amahs and snake charmers.

Shopping was an experience in itself. Bartering was a way of life and anyone who lived there at the time would remember CK Tang's and Change Alley. Only going to school till 1.00 p.m. because of the heat and spending the rest of the day on boat trips or at the beach was wonderful, as were all the fantastic toys that were available at the time.

Rambutan In Syrup
Rambutan In Syrup | Source

What are the Real Benefits?

Now, many of us see the table of nutrients and think that it's all great and all, but what do all these things do? The rambutan is in charge of some great homemade remedies and medicines that heal many areas of our body and improve our general condition. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits we get when we consume the rambutan fruit:

  • Aids the Immune system to fight diseases: Because of its large quantity of Vitamin C, the rambutan is consumed to provide for better immunity and health in fighting infections and diseases, even getting to prevent them. The Vitamin is in charge of bettering whatever is not working right and will protect the body from radicals. The help it gives in absorbing what you need is also quite vast.
  • Helps fight Dysentery: The fruit inside is not the only thing that is good about the rambutan. If the skin is also consumed, your body will use it to fight fevers and dysentery. Even the leaves are helpful when it comes to diarrhea, mostly consumed as a tea. The water it all contains quenches natural thirst and helps the body get back on its feet, you know theoretically and physically.

Fresh Rambutans (5lb)
Fresh Rambutans (5lb)

Rambutans are close relatives to the lychee and the longan. Despite the rambutan's and pulasan's relatively thicker rind, both can be pried open with bare hands. Some people use their teeth to make a single, strategic puncture mark before pulling both sides of the shell apart. But even market fruit can harbor territorial ants, so I prefer to keep a small blade handy instead. Once opened, the fruit within is a glossy, opaque white and looks like a hardboiled egg. You squeeze the shell lightly so the fruit pops out and into your mouth, hopefully without trickling its sticky, syrupy nectar all down your front.

  • Wonderful Energy Boost: If the fatigue and tiredness is bringing you down, rambutan is what you need. Its high quantity of carbohydrates and proteins increase your energy and make you feel young and strong in no time at all. It is consumed most during long work days by people in Malaysia or Thailand who need to keep going and fight off the heat.
  • Aids in Iron deficiency: As stated before, the rambutan is known to have a large amount of Iron in it so anyone suffering from deficiency will feel much better after including it in their diet.

Rambutan fruits
Rambutan fruits | Source
  • It is a Bone Strengthening fruit: If there is something we should all care about are our bones since they hold our body into position and allow us to carry out all the actions we want so their utmost care is a priority. Iron and Calcium are great for the bones and the rambutan has just that, providing with a boosted growth and well being of our skeleton.
  • Helps get rid of waste in the kidneys: The kidneys could use a little help with all the waste that needs to be ridden with and the rambutan can also assist with that. It has bountiful amounts of phosphorous which are in charge of repairing any damage in the tissues and getting rid of such said waste.

  • It fights diabetes: I know it might sound like we are going overboard with all the things this fruit can do but they are all true. Doctors will at time even prescribe patients to eat it since it helps so much. Another area is lends a hand in is diabetes. There are known recipes that help with the body's natural lack of being able to deal with all the gluten. A great thing to do with the rare rambutan fruit in this case is to consume the seeds as powder in a drink every day.
  • Great Fiber: The rambutan also has much fiber and can quiet down hunger for very long periods of time, aiding in the loss of weight as well. There is no damage in it either since your body is getting what you need but for less calories than what eating other foods would do.

  • Better Hair and Skin: The water in the rambutan aids the skin, making it soft and smooth while a paste created from the leaves of the fruit are known to help the hair be healthier and stronger.
  • Creates Red and White Blood Cells: This one is almost self explanatory. The copper is a must have when it comes to the creation of this cells and the fruit has it, and quite a lot of it too.
  • It could help fight Cancer: There are many ongoing studies at the moment that suggest that the fruit could even assist people in their constant struggle against cancer. The antioxidants provided and the other many nutrients that help the body maintain healthy levels of just about everything are great indicators of this and I would not question it if it really could help people with this too.

In conclusion, this fruit is basically a need in everyone's diet now. You can have them imported, buy them at a local market near you or even attempt to grow them yourself. Just make sure you get some of this every now and then! The nutrients are plentiful and offer so many

Fruit King Rambutan Vacuum Freeze-dried 1.76 Oz in Pouch
Fruit King Rambutan Vacuum Freeze-dried 1.76 Oz in Pouch

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