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Raspberry Ketones Reviews – Does this Fat Burning Supplement Work?

Updated on January 30, 2014

Dietary supplements that promote weight loss are extremely popular. Most people that want to lose weight find that a combination of exercise, balanced diet, and supplements are rather beneficial.

Raspberry ketones are one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market and they are widely used throughout the United States as well as in many other countries.

Overall, raspberry ketones reviews have been very positive with well-known public figures such as Dr. Oz having called this supplement a “miracle fat-burner in a bottle”.

Many people have achieved great results using this product.


Raspberry ketones work to burn fat through increasing the oxidation of fatty acids.

The compound stimulates adiponectin, a hormone that breaks down fat, and also increases the body’s metabolism.

This can improve energy levels, which will allow for better exercise regimens.

Some raspberry ketone products are made from inferior ingredients and packed with useless fillers.

These are a waste of money and leave consumers feeling disappointed.

The goal is to find a supplement with quality ingredients and the right formula, such as Uplifting Therapies Raspberry Ketones Extreme.

Extreme Appetite Suppressant Supplement

Raspberry ketones reviews associated with this relatively new product from Uplifting Therapies have generated a great deal of interest.

Known as Raspberry Ketones Extreme, this dietary supplement continues to receive excellent feedback from its consumers.

Uplifting Therapies has been in business for nearly a decade and have consistently released quality healthcare products.

The company is well known for retailing supplements that use the finest of ingredients combined with the latest technology to deliver the desired results. Their consumers are enjoying the benefits of this product.

So what makes this particular supplement so effective?

Raspberry Ketones Extreme from Uplifting Therapies uses two natural ingredients, raspberry ketones and calcium carbonate, to stimulate weight loss and to stop excess weight gain.

These natural compounds complement each other and while being very effective, they are also safe and present no known dangerous side effects.

After taking this supplement regularly for several weeks, most people report significant weight loss. When accompanied with exercise and a good diet, the results can be even more favorable.

So how do these ingredients work and why do they function so well in Uplifting Therapies’ Raspberry Ketones Extreme?

The calcium carbonate will elevate calcium levels and help to control the hormones calcitriol and parathyroid.

These hormones promote the storage of fatty acids and can lead to excess weight gain.

Calcium also reduces the growth of fatty tissue by binding to fat molecules before they can be stored.

Essentially, calcium helps to maintain a stable weight.

One of the criticisms of other raspberry ketones reviews is that although people may lose the weight with these supplements, they can’t keep the weight off.

When calcium carbonate is combined with raspberry ketones, individuals not only lose weight, but are also able to keep it off with the assistance of this supplement by Uplifting Therapies.

If interested in purchasing Raspberry Ketones Extreme weight loss supplement by Uplifting Therapies, visit the company website at


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