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Raw Emotion

Updated on April 7, 2015

I'm upset. I know I have my own

defects, but this negative attitude

and behavior must stop before I

truly pop my top.

I don't know how else to

help this whelp. I feel as

though I've tried everything.

I try not to despair and

pity the fool, but I don't want

to lose my wings.

I don't want to be dragged

into darkness, marked and in

rags. My home is in the realm

of light. Fight or flight?

I know naught what to do.

Did I just waste years of my

life or can he be saved?

The bigger questions are

why and how. How did this

happen and why does it keep

happening? Does he even realize

how his actions affect those

around him?

I can't fathom it. It would

seem we just do our own

thing and he doesn't care

enough about me to change.

I know I may sound deranged.

I feel I'm the one putting

effort in. I'm tired of

imitating life. I deserve to

be a wife.

By myself I am successful.

I deserve to have happiness.

A transformation is needed. I

follow my creed. Love should

be unconditional, but it seems

there's a disconnect when one

loves objects more than their

life partner.

Father, let me level up please.


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