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Raw Food Diet: Eating in the Raw

Updated on February 17, 2015
  • General overview

Carol Alt, a supermodel, wrote the book ‘Eating in the raw’. People used to say about her that she is very beautiful woman. Now she’s 40 and follows a diet based on raw foods. This helped her feel more energetic, slimmer and healthier than before.

For many years she followed a yo-yo diet that caused her mood swings and many illnesses. One day she decided to change her eating style. She followed the advice of Timothy Brantley, a naturopathic physician and started a diet based on raw foods.

Right after she started the program, certain symptoms like digestive disorders, sinusitis, chronic headaches and fatigue disappeared. Her book is meant to help the people that are pioneers in this eating style.

  • Understanding the ‘Eating in the raw diet’

The program is based on raw foods and also emphasizes the fact that our bodies cannot support cooked foods. That’s why they lead to poor health and cause addictions.

You should consume 3 meals per day and you don’t need to control your portions or count the calories. Consume raw foods until you feel satisfied. The meals must include raw foods and healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The author eliminated the alcohol from her diet, so the program doesn’t contain guidelines for alcohol consumption.

  • What should you eat?

This program doesn’t contain only raw foods. You can also eat cooked food but with moderation. Raw foods should prevail.

You can consume meat, fish, eggs and dairy products that are raw, so this isn’t a vegetarian program.

  • An example of eating plan

Breakfast time: one smoothie with spirulina, pineapple, mango and banana

Early snack: nuts (raw)

Lunch time: green salad (large), raw hummus, tomato and avocado with zucchini crackers

Evening snack: lemonade with peach

Dinner time: zucchini strips and spaghetti (raw), tuna tartare

Late snack: tiramisu with banana

  • Advantages

- Encourages the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.

- The book is written in an interesting style that will motivate the readers.

- Unlike other diets based on raw foods, this one doesn’t have nutrient deficiencies and it’s not rigid because it lets you consume meat, fish, eggs and raw cheese.

- The diet is motivating because it highlights the importance of health and it’s not based only on weight loss goals.

- You don’t have to control your portions or count the calories.

- Contains guidelines for those that aren’t accustomed to this eating style.

- It preserves most of the foods groups.

  • Downsides

- The diet is very strict and will make you change your lifestyle and diet.

- There are no tips for meal planning.

- If they don’t use the diet gradually, some persons might experience detoxification symptoms.

- Some ingredients are difficult to find and you need costly kitchen equipment for certain recipes.

- It will take more time to prepare the meal.

- It’s not quite safe to eat animal products in their raw version. If you don’t store and handle them right, you might be exposed to harmful bacteria.

  • Final statements

This diet cannot suit all the needs and preferences. For Carol Alt the diet worked and improved her health after she used to consume only refined carbohydrates and alcohol and to have unhealthy eating patterns.

Numerous dieters stated that they improved their health with diets based on raw foods, but it’s better to be careful while using Alt’s diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are beneficial for everybody, but not everyone can adopt this diet on the long run.

© 2015 Andreea Mihalache


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