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Raw food for weight loss and health

Updated on April 2, 2013

Diets here, diets there, diets everywhere. It seems that everywhere you turn someone has written a book or is an expert on the subject of diet and nutrition. I can honestly say that I have tried just about every diet out there known to man and have lost and gained a hundred pounds once or twice in my lifetime.

I have tried the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, extra water diet, south beach diet, the Atkins diet and so many others. After all my dieting I have really grown to dislike the word diet. If you break down the word the first three letters are die, that alone should tell you something! I prefer "nutritional lifestyle" because when you adapt to a healthier way of eating it's nutritious and it's a new lifestyle to be enjoyed and embraced.

What Ive learned from my many years of studying diet and nutrition is that the absolute best nutritional lifestyle is RAW. Most doctors that you go to know little if nothing about nutrition or diet because it's simply not something that they were taught in medical school. If you need nutritional help they send you down to see the dietitian or nutritionist. The doctors that have taken the time to educate themselves about the nutritional needs of the human body will instantly tell you that if you want to get healthy, cure disease, stop cancer or loose weight; raw is the only way to go.

Some of the doctors that are making great strides in the area of raw foods are Dr. Gabriel Cousens who runs the tree of life center in Arizona and has had great success with curing and reversing diabetes with raw food. Dr.Robert Morse owns and runs a practice in Florida and has helped people to walk again after being in wheel chairs for years. Dr. Sabi is well known for curing AIDS and other diseases, Dr Douglas is well known for his 80-10-10 diet and Dr. Robert young for his wonderful work in the PH Miracle. The one thing that all these doctors have in common is that they are cutting edge healers and all support and advise a raw food lifestyle.

I adapted the raw lifestyle after become severely ill with multiple diseases which doctors could not seem to help me cure. I became tired of the multiple tests, the constant probing and the lack of health, even though I had followed their instructions to the letter. Another reason for adapting the raw lifestyle was when I heard of something called Digestive Leukocytosis.

Digestive Leukocytosis is when you experience a high white blood cell count after eating cooked food. For years it was believed that this high white blood cell count was a normal process during digestion. It wasn't until years later that tests showed that white blood cells where only activated when the body consumed cooked foods and not while eating raw.
I started to understand that raw is the way that we were truly meant to consume our food. We are simple beings with very complex digestive systems. We were meant to eat fruits off tree's, pick vegetables from the ground and consume berries off bushes. We were doing wonderful until the invention of fire and once we began to heat food our digestive systems took a dive and have been going down hill ever since. We may have come a long way in technology and in our evolution, but our digestive systems have not changed one bit and yet our eating habits have changed tremendously.

Now, unless you have a diagnoses of Cancer or some other life threatening disease I fully understand that the average person is not going to drop everything, go out and go raw. Most people have some real food addictions to contend with. There are sugars, caffeine, nicotine, white flours, processed foods and so many others. Adapting a sudden raw lifestyle could also lead to some pretty gruesome detoxification symptoms that you might not be able to handle all at once. Most people when they begin to detox will experience headaches, flu like symptoms and swollen glands. Some of these symptoms make people so uncomfortable that the will give up before ever having given the body a chance to even get started on it's healing journey.

The best way that I have found to introduce raw into your life is through simple lifestyle changes and slowly eliminating certain foods with the help of herbs in order for toxins to leave your body slowly so you won't be overwhelmed. Taking simple steps like eliminating dairy and red meat and incorporating fresh juices is a wonderful place to start and always a step in the right direction on the path to weight loss and health. Once you have accomplished the first hurdle you can then tackle others, such as soda, sugar, caffeine and so on. Without even realizing it you will begin to loose weight and feel healthier and it will just happen naturally without much effort on your part.

The purpose for this article is to get you headed in the direction of incorporating more raw foods into your life in order to achieve a healthier weight, if that is what you so desire, or just to improve your over-all health and get rid of some of those pesty symptoms or prescription medication that you have had for years. If your seriously wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, turn around a debilitating disease or simply drop some weight that you no longer want to carry around; no diet or nutritional lifestyle will accomplish it as quickly or as simply as raw.


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