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Re-organize your life

Updated on June 18, 2010

 Face it. You are stressed? Disorganized?

Is there clutter everywhere? Is it making the impact of getting unstressed worse?

Well I know we all deal with some forms of stress in our lives. Weather it be work, school, home, friends, family etc. What if a simple re-orgainization of your home could ease some of the stress around you?

Well it can. Simply put, when I get stressed I just look around my house. Dishes piled up, floor is a mess (needing a good vacuuming, or sweeping and mopping) dust bunnies are piling up, clothes either need to be folded and put away or washed? Yup that's my house in a nut shell. Especially with my crazy work schedule. And the funny thing is....I hate mess and clutter. But with work, writing, and family I tend to neglect these mundane everyday chores.

So I always start small and in one room at a time. If you are looking around thinking that your office/computer room needs cleaned....STOP right there. I always focus on this room last simply because the computer is what will keep me from getting anything done. I simply walk out of the room, shut the door and start small.

Start in your kitchen. Do the dishes (yes as much as we hate to it needs done) re-organize cupboards, clean out the fridge. Wash the counters, sweep and mop the floors. Simple right? Ok maybe not simple for all of us. But it's one things down!

Move on to your living/family area. Get rid of the dust bunnies and vacuum the floor. I'm sure you would be feeling some of the dust bunnies on the brain starting to eliminate themselves to!

Now I know piles of laundry can be a pain...but force yourself through it! Get it all folded/hung up and put away. Or if it needs washed DO IT!!! I can guarantee the magic fairies you are hoping to come do it will never show up! I know I've waited on them for years now.

Do you get the point I'm making here? Your life may be stressed to the limit...but one thing that always keeps me calm is coming home to a wonderfully organized home. Not having a worry as to what needs washed, mopped, vacuumed eases some of the stress I'm feeling and allows me the time to do what I love doing the most. Weather it be writing, spending time with my husband to be, playing with the dogs or just playing around online. I know I'm not going to be stressed or feeling guilty because I have a mountain of other things that I need to tend to around the house.

Here's hoping you have a stress free home life!


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    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 7 years ago from Cyberspace

      lol I love the paragraph encouraging people to avoid cleaning the computer room first. That's always what sucks me in and keeps me from getting to the other rooms. The computer is a major distraction for me.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      re-organize your life: I will - fron now on - after I started exploring your life-affirming hugs!!!