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Reaching Happiness

Updated on June 15, 2010

Healthy natural ways of living bring happiness

According to the theory of evolution feelings guide us toward the best most natural way of living. So it is also if god created us without evoluion.

We get positive feedback always when some side of our way of living gets approximately right. And the more right we them get, the happier we are.

But what are those healthy natural ways of living like? That is something that we have to find out ourselves... A strong contact with the living nature, meaningful things to do, enough physical exercise, enjoyable social contacts, life fully according to emotions while having a holistic picture of the world, respect for ideals, meaningful enjoyable practical things to do, etc.

Spend time in the nature!

Our ancestors spend all their lives in a nature environment much like the wildest nature in wildlife parks nowadays is.

Getting that enormous part of our lives right can make us much happier and much fullfilled.

So take the nature as your hobby! It is no nonsense, it is the most practical and most valuable thing that you can do for your own happiness.

Enjoy sports...

Our ancestors also lived very much on the physical level. They did practical and sporty things all days long.

If you get physically fit, your quality of life gets much better: you endure everything better, are in a better mood and your attention is keener. Besides, you do not fall ill so easily.

Do the kind of sports that you enjoy the most... And in ways that feel pleasant...

Practice philosophy

Before the era of tools and technologization, humans had proper holistic pictures of the world. It is in our nature to know at once what things are about, what is their role in the world, what to do about them and how to best do it in wise ways. Only children's tales and religion nowadays offer such holistic views to life where each thing has its place in the whole. Still, it is in our nature to think in such holistic pictures. So, do your very best to reach a better holistic understanding of the world: everything in your nature is "planned" to function WITH that holistic view of life and of the world, and not without it! You can find an easy guide to learning proper holistic objectivity on my page here.

Follow feelings while having a holistic picture of the world

Feelings guide us to wise choices in life. Our feelings teel whether we feel that something is a good or a bad idea.

But all feelings are not suited to be guides in life: often we feel agitation because of the too many artificialities in life. That is an ok feeling if you recognize that it is the artificial arrangements that you hate. But if you mistake something else to be tyhe cause of those feelings, you go ashtray. So feelings can be followed only on the condition that you recognize right the cause for those feelings.

From the causes of negative feelings you should get rid of, and you should reach for the causes of positive feelings.

If you follow only one feeling at a time, you are like a tunnel-sighted person: likely to collide with others. But if you would use a holistic view of what you feel about things, you could follow all your feelings at the same time. And it would only make your life objectively better!

Good attention rich with atmospheres

You live in the world. Only if you take into account what the environment is like can you live a rich full life according to your nature.

The natural form of attention is sensitivity to all kinds of impressions, sensationa and feelings: to atmospheres.

Life rich with atmospheres goes without needless collisions. Is happy!

Doing worthwhile things

The point in doing anything at all is to be able to react with wisdom to the circumstancies that one is in. The need for that kind of meaningfulness is deep in our nature. That need is what makes our actions make sense.

Wisdom means choosing your actions and your way of doing so that they make things better, happier, make the future brighter. Doing such things makes you feel good inside.

Healthy kind of social life

We are social beings, we need company and we need solitude. We have our own brains but like to hear the opinions of others and to do things together. We are all uniuque and have all different situations of life, still we enjoy hearing about the wisdom of life that the fates of others has given rise to. We have high ideals and a wish for realistical solutions. We care for the future, yet the future way of living that is tied to our present way of living here and now is maybe the most important thing in it for us. We care and we want to be free to live a full life according to our nature - in the company of others!

Healthy kind of social life is not dogmatic. It relies on people's holistic common sense and on us sharing the same nature which guides us to a happy life together - in free and diverse ways...

See my guide to fullfilling relationships here and to finding new friends or your mate here.


There is a sensitive and atmospheric state of mind that comes as a response to a prayer. That is a good guide to a better way of life according to tyhe ages old human nature.

Problem solving method

Whenever you think of some social situation or your life or anything else, look at the same time at a tree. Any ordinary healthy tree with many branches is good for this.
Please try it out, and if it helps you, tell it also to others... Thank you!

Thank you

Listening to your own ages old principles of functioning, choosing all good and nothing bad, leads you to a pleasant harmony with the world. You can see how others too like ice cream in the summer time, how they enjoy holidays and hate catastrophes, how they all share one and the same nature, evn though they are all very different and their situations of life are very different too. Finding your own instructions of usage makes you serve as a model for others too: they can see in what they see about your life, how they themselves ought to live. When you find your own heart, you find that of others too!

Thank you for visiting my page!

Never say "only" but FEEL the worth of things!


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