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Reaching Your Goals Through Daily Affirmations

Updated on December 8, 2011

Bettering Yourself The Way You Chose To

We all have strengths and weaknesses that describe the basis of who we are. However, how we react to these qualities determines the full essence of our personality. You can either dwell on your weaknesses or chose to improve them in order to reach your ideal self - your essence.

Positive Affirmations

If you want to become something, you must believe it to be true. There is a reason why we tell High School students not to think they'll fail a test before they attempt it; a defeatist attitude can result in lower performance. Having such a view about your goals can have that same effect.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements you tell yourself that are true. Affirmations can be positive or negative. Let's take a person whose diet plans says "no sweets", but ends up indulging on a piece of chocolate cake.

Negative: I failed to keep to my diet today. Bad me. I'll make up for it by exercising an extra hour tomorrow.

Positive: By having that piece of chocolate cake, I made myself happy and my need for sweets for the week is fulfilled. It's perfectly alright because it is in moderation.

It seems as though the latter person is making excuses while the first person takes responsibility. However, these are short term effects. In the long term, the negative person will feel depressed from the strict diet, which can affect social and work performance. The person might end up giving up on the diet and will in turn feel even worse for failing at a goal.

The positive person realized that perfection cannot happen, and that any goal that deprives a person of happiness cannot be a good goal at all. Instead, she adjusts the plan to reflect her new findings: it's OK to have a moderate amount once a week. Because the diet allows her a small slice of happiness, she is more likely to continue the altered diet and will treasure her ability to keep her goals.

Louise Hay Affirmations: Present Moment

Progressive Daily Affirmations

Some goals are more difficult than others; they cannot simply be started. For such goals, giving yourself progressive daily affirmations will ladder your mind to what it needs to be. In short, be happy for the progress you've made - no matter how little - and praise yourself for it. Perhaps the movie What About Bob? said it best through the recurring title of the fictional book "Baby Steps". Let's have a mental study regarding a writer suffering writer's block.

Writer's Block Mental Study

In this example, we have a writer. He has been writing flash fiction on a weekly basis but has now hit a two-month writer's block. Rather than dwelling on his shortcomings and how he'll "never be a published writer" because he cannot finish his compilation, he can attempt to cure himself through daily affirmations and establishing smaller goals.

Day 1: "I realize I have writer's block. I will therefore attempt to fix it because if I work on it, it can be cured"

Day 2: "I read through my previous work because I do have writing ability and a short break doesn't make me any less of a writer"

Day 3: "I do not need to write another story of the same size to write. Even a one sentence sequel to a current story counts as writing. This is what I'll do today."

Day 4: "I can expand that one liner into a paragraph. It's just a few sentences more and I know I can do that"

The pattern is obvious. By focusing his goal to just writing, no matter how short, he can work back up to where he was before the writer's block happened. Who knows, perhaps he'll discover a new idea, perhaps he'll realize that the 1-3 paragraph flash fiction genre is even more interesting. No matter what, he can be sure that at least he is working toward fixing his problem and bettering himself.

Affirmations Through Meditation

If you have already selected a few affirmations you want to remind yourself of everyday, meditation can help enhance the effect. Whether these are affirmations you created or quotes you found online, you can make your own mix CD of yourself slowly and confidently speaking these affirmations. There are also premade affirmations you can purchase if you don't feel comfortable making your own.

Through meditation, you can relax yourself as you listen to these reinforcements. Meditation clears your mind, letting you absorb more of what you hear. You can now analyze these affirmations and set clear paths to fulfilling them.


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    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Love this article! I have been on this very journey lately. Thank you for the added inspiration, Rising Caren. Voting up! :)

    • tarajeyaram profile image

      tarajeyaram 6 years ago from Wonderland

      Postive affirmations can drive you up in life. Great hub. Positive thoughts will attract positive things in life.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I'm all for affirmations! Thanks for sharing this Hub :D

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      I love affirmations and verses, that encourage me to focus on the positive! Thanks:)

    • yolanda yvette profile image

      yolanda yvette 6 years ago

      Very insightful and inspiring. Thanks!