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Reaching goals with Positive thinking and the Law of attraction

Updated on May 22, 2013

You have the power to change

Remember when he was still in high school and had to do their homework? This is precisely the attitude that you should take going forward. Let the step-by-step.

The ideal is to make a future diary. This diary is different from a normal one. In it will be noted everything that has not happened yet. You should write down everything you want, as if it had already happened. In the diary is written as if your life will get what you want. To emphasize the application is good to include details. The more detail the better. But the most important thing is to write as if you had lived it in the past.

The imagination is free in this diary. Cole photos, clipping magazines, draw pictures. Use whatever is necessary to make records. Explain in notes application, how to get it done.
Besides the future diary there are other ways to achieve goals that do not depend on notebook paper glue and scissors.

To practice the Law of Attraction and achieve goals you need to create mental pictures. These pics are transformed into electromagnetic energy through emotions, fervor, creative enthusiasm, passion driven, delight, ecstasy to preview the result. The way to create the tables is to let the bad things rational level. Think putting feeling into what you want, leading, focusing on the creation of images at one point and not looking away from it.

Sounded a bit complex? Let us now turn to the next exercise.

Define what you want. Make a plan of action. Determine the year, month, day, hour, minute, second you will be in possession of your desire, since it is not something easy or utopian. In neither of these features your unconscious reacts. You do not give importance to what is easy. As to the Utopian, you see no possibility of realization. Keep in evidence in mind, believing and visualizing the scene.

Feeling and mentally visualize what you want, even if you do not know how, your unconscious generates the Law of Attraction and biochemistry happens directing his physical body in the direction of achieving desired.

If you still don't follow these steps, the next exercise will help you. You should stop talking about the word no and do not think about that. The word does not show the unwanted. This does not bring negative vibes to the universe worked that receive. The Universe does not distinguish between good and bad vibrations, simply delivers them to you. So you should think well, have good vibes. The key is to get what you want to ask, what do I want? With this question, you have no doubts or negative vibrations that disturb the order.

The Success has Secret

The teachers have steps which are essential to achieve your dreams. You must be thinking. The tips are good. I can even imagine I will get what I want. But what is the secret of success for each specialist?

Practice - 'If you need to blow up a rock to build a road, no use putting dynamite in the rock and wait a year to put the wick, and after six months of rain, put fire on the wick and ask: Why, why not exploded? '.

You have to choose the location of dynamite and the system that will be used, ignite the fuse and run to the bunker, or a place. All at the same time. Only then the universe will deliver the explosion and clear the way for you to build your road.

The secret is making positive thinking work with the limbic system, the primitive and the right brain, without visualizing and feel, the difficulties in achieving desired. The limbic system or 'great intelligence' works with emotions and is faster than our rational side, the left side of the brain. To work with it you need to take the thoughts to the emotional side. You need to feel and see what you want.

For the prof should not only try to see the good side of things, situations that demonstrate worth living. There are people who do this all the time, especially the kids today.

"Chance always acts in favor of the man who has a dream and the courage to do a project to test it."

The Power of The Mind


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