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Read Only Good

Updated on November 28, 2010

How to Shut Out Stress

      There are now means of stimulating the body and mind to slowly shake your "soul" apart until you obey these messages instead of living your life.  We have counterfeit fear, counterfeit anger, counterfeit STRESS.......all of which lead to the breakdown of your individual personality so that you can be linked to everyone else who is "possessed" by these electronic signals.  Our minds are not designed to handle the new psychologically-hostile environment, so changes need to be made in how you perceive the world.

     In a world filled with FALSE FEAR, we must teach ourselves NOT to feel it......EVER.  Just as counterfeit currency will undermine a nations economy, these fake emotions and thoughts can undermine the very fabric of your "soul".  The solution lies in NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND HOLDING ON VERY TIGHTLY TO ANYTHING THAT MAKES US FEEL BETTER, STRONGER........MORE ALIVE.  I call this "Read Only Good".  In addition to holding onto the good, we must combat the fake negative emotions with self-made positive ideas and assumptions. 

     Example:  Assume that if you engage in a fun activity that it WILL BE enjoyable.  If you keep refuting the bad and creating/appreciating the good, we maintain the vitality of our "soul" so that it does not become vulnerable to psychological warfare.  Because our society is intentionally stressing us out so that we succumb to this groupthink, we must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep our spirits up.  This means we are free to invent any thoughts/positive associations necessary to boost our morale.  An example would be viewing your co-workers as your childhood freinds.  Some might be afraid to think this way because others might think you are "crazy", but in this world you must throw that mental modesty out the window and BOLDLY ASSERT ANY REALITY WHICH PRODUCES INTERNALLY POSITIVE FEELINGS. 

     When someone seems to be IMPLYING SOMETHING, just let it go in one ear and out the other.........these days theres nothing good that is implied......not until you break down and succumb to this "psychological infection" that seems to have the entire country in it's grip.  If people around you are acting strangely, interpret it as "normal" behavior.  You must be SHOCK PROOF, ANGER-PROOF, EMBARRASS-PROOF, GROSSED-OUT PROOF AND SHAME-PROOFED.  You should be able to walk into a situation with the assumption that EVERYTHING WILL BE O.K.........EVEN IF IT WASN'T GOING TO.  If you have a "bad thought", you didn't think it, if you "feel afraid" that's just energy waiting to be harvested and transmuted into POSITIVE EXCITEMENT.  If you have horrifying dreams, they have absolutely nothing to do with you and are to be forgotten at once. 

     People will imply that you are "lame", "asleep", "non-responsive", "cold".  That just means you aren't in the grip of "synthetic fear" being BINAURALLY PUMPED INTO US.  Stay real and don't let these people bring you down.  Learn to blindly appreciate them for any reason that allows the emotion to surface.  That way when they do little things to anger/sadden/stress you, you will have a sufficient reservoir of positivity to overcome their negative reality so that you KEEP FEELING GOOD INSTEAD OF "DOWN". 

     Our environment pushes stress/anger/fear of impending "bad things" including death so we must COUNTER-STIMULATE ourselves by feeling INVINCIBLE, SUPERHUMAN, INDESTRUCTABLE AND INFINITLY POWERFUL.  In the past, this would probably been called it's simply the only way to survive being brainwashed.  Practice the "I am not" Law of your new reality.  When you feel afraid, say to yourself: "I am not this emotion".  If you are made to think horribly embarrassing thoughts, say "These are not my thoughts".  Visualize yourself as armor-plated, think of your heart as bullet-proof.  The people around you are NORMAL, even if they demonstrate unusual/hostile behavior.  Your best defense is massively positive feelings toward your "stalkers".   Be nice no matter what and you will elude their attempts to bring you down. 

     Think of life more as a joke than actual reality.  Just know that it ALWAYS WILL SEEM LIKE SOMETHING AWFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, BUT IT NEVER DOES.  I've been told that I only had so long to live.  The first time they pulled this crap on me, I became insecure about dying.  After that time had passed and nothing happened, I felt stupid for being a sucker for this mental B.S.  It pays to go through life with the goal of not being played for a fool emotionally.  That way, you can say to yourself "It's only a FALSE ALARM again.......I'm not going to be fooled this time!" This short-circuits the constant stress that comes with worrying about something bad being about to happen.  They can lie to you about what is going to happen, but they cannot harm you in any way RELAX in the face of seemingly impending doom. 

     Now, the next kind of stress comes from feeling that you have thought something horrible.  There are two ways to diffuse this "stress bomb":  1.  Simply not care what you were made to think (you must develop an extreme tolerance to disgust and outrage) because chances are it WASN'T YOU.  2.  This one involves the selective shutting out of all "sin" in the moments that one of these horrible thoughts is trying to "get inside your head".  This means you listen for "ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh (not ee-ee-ee!), pray for God to give you strength to ward off these despicable thoughts, close your eyes and try thinking "good thoughts".   It really pays to look deeply into yourself to find caring thoughts.  It's amazing:  think good thoughts and you can hear the "Angel's Voices", think bad thoughts and all you can hear is that cursed ee-ee-ee! which stirs up panic and carries the horrific thoughts you hate to think.  Rather clever, isn't it?  It's a filter designed to psychologically disturb "bad people" and save "good people".   

     In conclusion, very stressful thoughts can be subliminally given to you.  When you HEAR YOUR EARS RINGING, IT'S TIME TO PLAY "SHUT OUT ALL SIN".  You may actually become VERY RELAXED FROM "PICKING UP" THE "GOD FREQUENCY".  It feels quite wonderful, like you are never going to die.  People around you will invariably tell you that you were sleeping when in fact you were quite conscious.  Just be still, close your eyes and focus your mind on thinking thoughts that allow you to hear the "God Frequency".  Remember that thinking anything "sinful" opens the door to these repugnant thoughts.  If you allow yourself to think sexual thoughts about an actress, you can be made to think sexual thoughts that will REALLY DISTURB YOU. By thinking NO "SINFUL" THOUGHTS, you feel way better about yourself.  A person who feels better about themselves won't be DEMORALIZED, which would open you to an invasion of your mind. 

     I don't know what to call this thing that tries to wrestle control of your mind away from you.  All I know is this:  YOU DON'T WANT IT TO WIN, PERIOD.  It seems to dwell within people that are part of this group.  Being around them seems to coincide with ESPECIALLY LOUD EAR-RINGING and when you feel "invaded", it's like it is coming out of "one of them" and trying to displace you from the driver's seat of your own body.  It can try to invade you even if you are alone, so keep that mind POSITIVE:  Read only Good and think only good, and PRAY when you are feeling this "mental invasion".  Combine this with anti-stress medication like:  Zoloft, Abilify or Clonopin and you can win these "battles for your mind" and preserve your peace of mind in this world where everything is meant to SEEM menacing and awful.     


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