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The Jack Russell Westie Mix Workout: Lose Weight and Get Toned Now

Updated on June 24, 2019
Jackie Zelko profile image

I love food and desserts more than I should. I do simple exercises throughout the week to make sure I maintain a healthy weight for myself.

My Jack Russell Westie Mix
My Jack Russell Westie Mix | Source

Author's Note

The tips that are given below are workouts that I have personally created for myself based on my old track workouts in high school. This is what works best for me based on my body type. I am a tall and petite 26 year old that typically weighs between 123 and 126 pounds. My unhealthy weight is 136 pounds, which is where I was at in February. I have recently lost 8 pounds and have maintained that weight without exercise the past two months.

Pounds do not mean anything though, so do not compare yourself to others. Everyone's body type is different, so set a healthy goal for yourself and not someone else's. Try aiming for working out, at the very least, four times a week. The maximum you should do is six days a week.

Run for 25 Minutes

Best time to run: Running is a mental game. You cannot bring yourself to get started with it, you hate your life while you are doing it, but you feel amazing afterwards. I find the easiest time to go running is right when I get home from work. I do not give myself a chance to think about it because the moment I sit my butt on the couch, it is game over. I will not be going for a run that day.

How to get motivated: I use my Jack Russell Westie Mix as motivation for my runs. He has a lot of energy and needs the exercise after being home all day, so I feel like I have to take him out. Having my Jack Russell Westie Mix with me during my run boosts my moral. We have a specific route around our neighborhood that can take us 20-25 minutes to complete. My dog pushes me to run fast in the beginning, and I push him to run fast in the end. The best runs are the days he looks up at me and smiles with his tongue out. It makes it worth it. If you do not have a furry companion, get your significant other or a friend to run with you. It helps when you have a support team to hold you accountable. Listening to upbeat music can also make you come more alive during your runs.

Note: It does not matter how fast you are running. As long as you feel the workout is working, and you know you are not slacking, then you are okay at the pace you are going at.

My Jack Russell Westie Mix tired from our run.
My Jack Russell Westie Mix tired from our run. | Source

Ab Workout for 10-20 Minutes

When you get back from your run, give yourself a chance to catch your breath. Do not let too much time go by though. The best results come from when you do your ab workout right after your run. This is not supposed to be easy. It will be hard, and you will be hurting. Chances are you may barely make it through some of these workouts below. Just do the best you can, push yourself, and know when you are pushing yourself past your limit. It will get easier overtime, I promise! If you have a dog at home, try incorporating them into your workout. If you do not have a dog, turn on the TV to watch your favorite show or listen to music to hype you up.

Note: Go with whatever pace works best for you. Do not spend too much time resting though in between each of these workouts.

1. Complete 20 crunches.


2. Complete Sideways Sit Ups, 20 on each side.

My dog will sometimes sit on my feet when I do this. It is so cute!


3. Complete 20 bicycles. Two twists of the shoulders count as 1.


4. Complete 20 leg rises if you can. I typically can only do 10 or sometimes 15.

I will take one of my dog's toys in between my feet while I do this workout. He tries to jump up to take it from me, and when he grabs hold of it, I hold my position. You can really feel it in your abs!


5. Complete 20 Russian Twists. A twist to each side of your body counts as 1.

I think this workout is my dog's favorite! I hold his toy in both of my hands while I do the twists. Sometimes if he is already on the side I moving towards, I will hold my position on the opposite side until he moves and finish out until I get to 20.


6. Complete 1 minute of a standard plank.

I hold my dog's toy in my hand while I do this. It makes the time go faster, and it is an extra workout for your arms as they tug at it.


7. Take a breather for a minute or two but no longer.

8. Repeat the ab workouts 1-6 one more time.

9. Rest and drink water. You and your Jack Russell Westie Mix are done for the day!

Choose Healthy Food Options

Remember that losing weight is not just about working out. Unfortunately, you have to cut back on the bad stuff in order to see results. You do not have to cut back entirely though because your body needs fats in order to function. Just make sure you are eating in moderation, choosing to eat less sweets, and drinking less soda.

Workout Tip

You are more motivated to continue to workout when seeing how much or how little you have been working out. I track my workouts through a gym journal on my iPhone. It really keeps me committed and shows me when I have been slacking.


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    • AudreyLancho profile image

      Audrey Lancho 

      15 months ago from North Carolina and Spain

      But but but.... I hate working out!! Kidding! Great post.

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      15 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Why not? Some of our modern day exercises are derived from animals, reptiles, and bird. Thanks.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      15 months ago from UK

      This is a great work out schedule. I just have to be careful with some exercises because of previous back problems. It sounds like a dog is a great exercise companion.


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