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Real Secondary Health Risks of Smoking. The social condemnation. The 20 foot rule.

Updated on February 18, 2013

Everybody needs the words of an Angel from time to time. Do not hold them back based on bias

Reserve judging too harshly
Reserve judging too harshly | Source

Sometimes the downtrodden outcasts are that way because the smoke.

Real Health Risks of Smoking

I hope by nowadays all adults are aware of the health risks associated with tobacco use, especially smoking. Most should be aware of the concept of a tar going into your body and sealing off, or clogging needed pores and cells. Educational campaigns have given every awake American knowledge of the downside of smoking. Advertising the health risks of smoking is a major industry.

I do not think it is a matter of belief anymore that smoking causes serious health problems or risk to your health, it is a matter of fact. It is accepted as truth. This is so much so that a smoker must feel guilty and ashamed for smoking. It is also true that almost everywhere smokers are segregated out and cut from the majority. In many instances it is illegal to smoke in a given place or space or within so many feet of another or another space, place.

I think that in can be accepted that smoking is a nasty dirty habit. Smoking stains teeth and makes clothes stink. Smoking ultimately always ends up littering our places. It is fairly well accepted that smoking increases our health care costs.

But I have been around awhile and have seen a lot of littering, healthcare cost increases, all kinds of cancer. Money spent on teeth whiteners and breath improvers. I have heard the rasp in the breath of an emphysema sufferer. These are horrible consequences of smoking. I do not mean to diminish any concern over such human suffering.

I just ask you to go back with me over the bad stuff of smoking: Causes disease, dirty and stinky, illegal, cause of health insurance increases, segregation, decreases life expectancy. Now how does or will society treat such a person? Smokers are outcasts, second rate citizens, guilty of all sorts of malfeasance. What does that do to a person? Keep in mind many good studies have shown smoking is most often done by folks suffering from some sort of melatonin/serotonin issue in their bodies. Much smoking is done by post or current adolescent teens. These folks are at risk from serious emotional and mental problems. And now society dumps all this stereotypical stigmata on top of them. Remember an habitual smoker already has emotional garbage or they would not engage in such a self inflicted activity. And keep in mind smoking is a physical as well as psychological addiction.

So I pose to any reader, which is the actual worst health care concern over smoking? Self loathing, isolation, depression and increased risk of emotional illness, are horrible problems that stifle productivity, inspiration, acceptance and the needed benefits of respect and self esteem. Maybe next time a gal wants to take a powder outside for a few, you might join her and lift her up a bit, rather than putting her down.


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