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Real Sources Of Homeopathic Medicines - How the Homeopathic Medicines are Prepared

Updated on July 5, 2011
Homeopathic Medicines
Homeopathic Medicines

No side effects for homoeopathic medicines:

“HOMEOPATHY” is a therapeutic system of medicine based on the principle “Similia Similibus Curenter” i.e., likes are treated by likes. Homeopathy is individualized and the treatment is patient specific.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by a process called potentisation where by the inherent dormant dynamic curative power of drugs are aroused by modifying the drug strength to dynamic power through simultaneous and successive process of dilution and friction in definitive order according to pharmacopoeia. In simple words it is getting more and more diluted as the potency (dose) increases; a potency increase means reducing the drug strength into 1/10 or 1/100th as per its scale of preparation. Even form the lowest potency it is very difficult for a chemical lab test to detect the trace of drug substance present in it. So it is not the drug substance that is giving a cure instead our immunity is increasing or our vital energy is regaining strength and thus overthrowing diseases in its full extend.

Considered safe for pregnant women, and has no side effects or post-recovery injuries even on unborn child. Even beneficial for pets, farm animals, as homeopathic drugs are easy to administer and is very effective.

Sources of homoeopathic medicines

Homoeopathic drugs are prepared mainly form 7 different sources. 

They are:

  1. Vegetable kingdom.
  2. Animal kingdom.
  3. Mineral kingdom.
  4. Nosodes.
  5. Sarcodes.
  6. Imponderabilia.
  7. Synthetic sources.

How the Homeopathic Medicines are Prepared

VEGETABLE KINGDOM: It includes whole plants, roots (fresh and dried),

stems, leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, algae, fungi etc. The different plants and parts therefore are used for the preparation of mother tincture and mother substances which are homoeopathic drug substances.

ANIMAL KINGDOM: Here the drugs are prepared from living or dried whole animals, different parts, secretions etc, and also from the venom of poisonous animals as well as milk and milk products.

MINERAL KINGDOM: Here the drugs are prepared from acids (organic and inorganic acids), elements (metals, non-metals, and metalloids), compounds (both organic and inorganic), minerals and mineral spring water.

NOSODES: Here medicines are prepared form causative agents or a product of the disease itself. It includes preparation of medicines from pure microbial culture obtained form diseased tissues and clinical materials like secretions, discharges etc. Medicines are also prepared from diseased products of human beings, lower animals and diseased plant products. For example, the drug Bacillinum is prepared by maceration of typical tuberculous lung.

SARCODES: here the remedies are made from the preparations of healthy animal tissues and secretions; from healthy endocrine glands, from healthy secretions like hormones and enzymes and even from tissue extracts. For example, the medicine thyroidinum is prepared from the healthy thyroid tissue of sheep or calf.

IMPONDERABILIA: Here the medicines are prepared from energy, available from natural and physical reactions. It can be natural or man made (artificial). For example medicines are from magnet, from full moon, radium, sun’s rays, x-rays etc.

SYNTHETIC SOURCES: Here the medicines are prepared from synthetic substances like aspirin, chloramphenicol, cortisone, penicillin etc.


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