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Realize the power of positive thinking

Updated on June 8, 2015

Realize the power of positive thinking

It takes a less than a second when an idea comes into mind and sometimes you even start thinking to work on that. Sometimes though you try to nurture the idea but then suddenly it slips and you wonder whether it can be regained shortly. A number of ideas come into mind during the day but very few ones can be retained out of them and we become able to work on to proceed. At times we receive of flurry of positive ideas while sometimes a series of negative ideas shakes our brain and disrupts mental peace. It happens often when we hear some kind of negative news that affects us and then it is followed by many negative ideas either related or unconnected to the substance. Then we compelled to make hypothesis that all difficulties come together to a person.

In your dark phase you may feel the world is not so kind to you and every person is extremely selfish. It gives a kind of feeling to you that when you have plenty of wealth and resources everybody would like to approach you and would enjoy your company. But since you are not having that much of wealth and influence your friends won't contact and nobody would be interested in your well being. This kind of feelings happens be true up to some extent but not entirely real. Because true friends and relatives will never desert you even in your dark phases instead always stay there for you and would want your wellbeing. The most important thing in your life is that you must not try to find the cause of everything so as to remain calm and delighted. If you are gloomy it’s not because of others but due to your own negative thinking. Stop blaming others for your faults and realize your mistakes, learn from them and overcome the shortcomings at the earliest.

Sometimes a flurry of positive ideas fills you with pleasure and enthusiasm. This mind set is framed mostly at times when you hear some kind of positive news surrounding you. At that time even little bad news too doesn’t affect your mood as you still want to remain happy. This can only change if a bigger bad news reaches you. Normally when you are happy it reflects from your behavior too. The response of others depends highly on your behavior itself. It’s very simple fact that if you talk with grudges then surely the person will rebut to you and then you must not complain. If you talk happily you will be rewarded with positive gestures. So much of that we receive in return from others is an outcome of what exactly we give to them. Even if you are on the verge of losing your peace or calm in front of some unavoidable circumstances the best thing you can do there then by ignoring it. Make always a positive frame of mind to remain happy and to succeed in life even at the face the difficulties.

Our intention must be good. We must not have the repulsive feelings or anonymity towards anybody. If you don’t get out of bitter experiences soon with somebody and want to carry that old grudge, it will harm only you the most. This kind of emotion will form a kind of prejudice in your mind which won't help making your correct future judgments towards that person. Any kind of negative thought may generate negative energy. So beware of such thoughts. Think about well being of others too. When some kind of bad idea is coming to your brain, just think about something happy or pleasant past experiences to avoid that. When someone hurts you, instantly ponder the good thing in the personality of that person, it will help you to calm down and enable you to get rid of the unnecessary anger. Every person has good things and bad things in its nature. So nothing is there to be egoistic at any moment.

To get success and to achieve continuous progress in life it’s essential to move on and get rid of any kind of negativity. Never give space to any doubt and any fear in your mind heart or soul. Doubts and fears will diminish your willpower and reduce your mental as well as physical strength. Positivity and optimism will diminish all sorrows and pains of life. Hopes will do away with the atmosphere of gloom and cynicism. Do everything in a generous way just not have many expectations at all from yourself so that in case of failures you won't get jerks. In case of failures start learning from the mistakes you made and learn fast to improve substantially. The best thing to remain positive all the time is to remind yourself that you won’t waste even a very little moment of your precious life in petty things. More and more positive thinking will make you strong and enable to remain calm and happy all the time. This is my own experience that has helped me to come out of all the negativity and made me a positive thinker.


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