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Reanimation of the dead: humans, tissues of humans, and other animals and their tissues: Why?

Updated on December 22, 2012

Reanimation, is it ethical, or spiritually correct?

Even though I have not directly worked as an reanimation scientist, I have done cell and tissue work that would be highly useful to a professional reanimation, scientist or technician in the lab. My work, with cells and tissues, in the context of cryogenics or cryo-medicine, give me a wealth of knowledge that would be highly useful to anyone who wants to work in the area of reanimation.

One has to seriously contemplate the question, "Why reanimate cells, tissues and bodies?" Is it ethical? What use is it, or for what purpose can it be used? Forgive the language, but my did would say, "We can't do this shit, just for the Hell of it?"

My dad's language would be not be appreciated in the academic circles that I have made a living working in, but no one can deny the fact that is understanding of the potential abuse of science is a real problem.

As I have said, above, already, reanimation is not my "cup of tea," and it is not an area that I have seriously studied. I do have a special interest in longevity, and in techniques, or science that can be used to "relieve human suffering," however. If technology, or science can be used for the sake of "doing good," and doing good in an medically, ethical way, then I am all for it.

After having said all of the above, I believe there a good use, or an application for reanimation, that we do not want to overlook. In the January, 2013 issue of the National Geographic (a 125th Anniversary issue, by the way), T. Folger wrote an article called "Crazy far: to the stars. Do we have the right stuff to go?" If we humans are going to fly to the stars (and beyond) we have got to come up with the science, or the technology to live for thousands of years. I am not speaking about methods for keeping a gene pool alive for thousands of years, we can already do this. Folger's article talks about keeping generations of people alive while traveling interstellarly. I am saying that, using a science like reanimation, to kill individuals, or put them in a totally inactive state (where the heart has stopped and breathing has ceased), is possible to travel through space and time for hundreds of years, if not for thousands of years, and then bring the individuals back to life at a much later time, in a very remote solar system, out there, somewhere.

I am only speaking about the possibilities that are ahead of us in the very near future. I am not promoting anything, especially a science as problematic as reanimation cells, tissues, organs and bodies.

In summarizing, I support the investigation, and potential use of drastic measures, and questionable technologies, in the use of deep space travel, in the broad and far-ranged goal of ensuring the survival of the a civilization (in our case, the survival of the global gene pool of planet earth).

As I mentioned earlier in this discourse, "This is not my cup of tea." I do not make a living doing this kind of science. I have a knowledge of medicine, theology, and Japanese Nature farming, in a very general and "low-keyed" kind of way. I take Life, slow and easy, in the sense that I do not get carried away with Science or anything else. I manage to get Joy out of Life and I promote the same approach to my students, or learners, who follow my teachings.


Dr. Haddox


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