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Reasons Not To Pick Up An Alcoholic Drink When The Urge Strikes To Drink

Updated on August 21, 2013

What to Think About When the Urge to Drink Comes over You

Here are reasons not to pick up an alcoholic drink when the urge strikes to drink.


  • How hard was it to stop drinking alcohol in the first place?
  • Do you remember the pain and frustration you went through during the first month or two without a drink?
  • Do you remember how nervous and shaky you were in the beginning?
  • Do you remember what you had to go through living everyday with alcohol in it?
  • Do you remember how hard it was living alcohol free and didn't know what to do with yourself?
  • You certainly don't want to go through these things again after you have beat your addiction and got sober.
  • Why torture yourself and go through all this once again.
  • Just think how disappointed you would in yourself if you took that drink of alcohol.

Do You Really Want to Start from the Very Beginning of the First Day of Sobriety

Here is how I look at this. Say for instance, you are at that party and everyone is drinking alcohol and here you are sober as anything just watching those people drinking, and so called having a great time. They are laughing, acting foolish, giddy and all those things people do as they get drunker and drunker.

You sit there as they get drunker, and start to witness them talking nothing but nonsense, being rude, acting like fools, and all the things people drunk do. You think they are having a better time then you are, but are they really? You have gone through this before when you drunk alcohol and you are remembering acting in the same manner, so why do we want to have a drink when we know what it does to us? After all, isn't that why we stopped drinking alcohol in the first place?

The Demons Will Always Try to Catch You

Yes indeed, your inner demons will always be there just waiting to catch you. Our job is not to let them back into our lives. I realize how hard it is to watch others drinking and getting drunker with each alcoholic drink consumed, but do you really want to ruin the life of sobriety for one night of drinking?

I can say for myself that it would be a huge mistake to take that first drink, all to have a few hours of fun, and then feel like crap the morning after. It is not worth those few hours of a BUZZ, which I might add, those hours might turn into days, weeks or months of drinking again. I can bet on it, at least for myself. That is why I simply just don't touch a drop of alcohol.

Once your mouth and body get a taste of that alcohol after being sober for so long, more than likely you will start drinking again. Maybe not, but for me I can assure you I would start back drinking alcohol each day. Alcohol addiction is a powerful thing, but the thing is that we all have to be much more stronger than our addiction, plus we have to learn the word, "NO!"

As hard as it may seem, each one of us that have had an addiction to alcohol in the past, and have become clean and sober MUST NOT ever give in to our inner demons,under NO Circumstances!


We Are All Grown People and Have a Brain and a Mind

We all are grown people and know what is right and wrong, so why in the world would we ruin a perfectly good life of sobriety for one night of drinking?

Lets hope you are smart enough to know what will happen to you if you were to pick up a bottle or glass of alcohol. I am sure the temptation will be there, but you need to be strong enough to say NO thank you!

I really don't need to write a list of the reasons why you shouldn't pick up a drink when the urge strikes you to drink. You are smart enough to figure what the consequences will be if you break and start back drinking, even though it would be only one short night. That few hours of drinking will be the ruination, and believe me the next morning you will want to kick yourself in the ass for letting your demons back into you life, even for those few hours.

If you are at a function or any kind of party that is serving alcohol and you are starting to feel uncomfortable and are getting that urge to drink, THEN LEAVE!!! That will be the best thing. Never mind hurting others feelings by leaving. You are saving yourself from something that will destroy your long term sobriety.

You are FIRST and you should treat yourself with Love and Respect before anything else. Remember that body you are living in is the ONLY ONE we have, so take good care of what belongs to you.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Leslie- Thanks for your comment and I am proud of you for quitting. I am so sorry for the long delay in responding to your comment. your blog looks great! Stay well dear :)

    • vandynegl profile image

      vandynegl 4 years ago from Ohio Valley

      It is good to hear from people who have direct experience. My father-in-law was an alcoholic. I believe it stemmed from depression. It eventually took over his entire health and he died of a heart attack last year. It was a learning experience for everyone involved. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      Your advice to others who are suffering from addiction is valuable. A very powerful message in this hub. voted up+++

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 4 years ago

      Mark..i adore your strength - and your compassion for others! You don't TELL people what to do - you simply lead by example!

      Interestingly - while i've never been a drinker - our thought processes are very similar!

      When i quit smoking cigarettes (which I LOVEDDDDDDD((the smoking, not the quitting...)) - it was the hardest thing i'd ever done! everyday was HELL and yet - every day i told myself one simple thing: I will NEVER have to go through THIS DAY again!

      And - i never have!

      voting/and sharing on...

    • UberGeekGirl profile image

      Michelle Harlow 4 years ago from Calgary

      My mom was an alcoholic my whole life. I ended up with a drug problem although I've been clean now for over a decade. These things creep up on you. One day you're fine and can quit anytime you want and the next day you wake up and you can't without help.