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Mistakes That Make Workouts Fail

Updated on March 2, 2015

Burn out, boredom, and a lot of other reasons. These and some more other factors are the main culprit why your last exercise and weightloss program failed. Learn a thing or two and get ready to get back on tract, perhaps wiser next time.

1. Your weightloss goal is too general

You told yourself, "I just want to lose weight." But how much and how soon, you have no idea. If you are serious about following a weightloss program and succeed, defining a clear and specific goal is a basic must. A simple example of a specific goal is something like 'I want to lose fat in the belly and midsection,' or ' I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of this 2013'. A clearly defined goal will narrow down what needs to be done, when and how frequent. Just make sure this specific goal is realistic and achievable. A weight loss goal of losing weight from 150lbs to 90lbs in a three-month period is like taking a shot at the moon, so be realistic in your goal making.

2. You did not commit

Most people love their weightloss program at the start only. Give it a few weeks or months and a few would be able to sustain that interest. No one is to blame but yourself. Commitment is the key to finishing what you had started.

The same intensity and interest to your workouts will only be achieved if in the beginning you have already sorted out with yourself that this is gonna be an activity that you will see through until you get to any of the specific weight loss goals you have set.

2. Fitness goal is too general

If you are bent on having a workout with success you can expect to see soon, defining a clear and specific goal is a must. A simple and good fitness goal is to lose your fat in the belly and midsection. Spot loss reduction may not work for many but it does for some people. Of course overall weight loss would result if your are doing the workouts regularly but zooming in your attention on a particular body area will make a good start as your specific goal.

Another is to go down to a specific weight, there is nothing wrong for gunning for a specific number but make sure it is something achievable factoring your age, height, and health condition. If you are 5'8" and your goal is to reduce your weight from 150 lbs to 90lbs, now that would be very unrealistic. Try a more realistic goal that you know you can achieve after following the workouts religiously.

3. Tendency to eat more

When you start working out, you feel good. After a few sessions, with all those sweat and body pain you get, you begin to believe that you are starting to lose weight. And so, with this powerful belief, you begin to feel invincible and eat more. Stop right there!

Working out is not a valid excuse to consume more especially when you have just started. When one eats more,you are wasting a lot of that effort for nothing. In short you are not getting anywhere. Many fall into this trap. The right mind set is should be developed. Eating more must be offset by exercising twice as hard in order to burn what was consumed. To hasten the weight loss process, it is more effective to reduce your consumption of calories on a daily basis.

4. Inappropriate workout

Choosing the right exercise can be tricky but help in deciding which one will work for you can be obtained from a fitness consultant, a trainer, and your own research. The appropriate exercise will help you achieve those goals faster. Doing cardio and aerobic exercises will help you burn calories but if you want to turn your body into a 24-hour calorie burning machine, then strength-training can be another option.

If the goal is to have nice abs but you hate sit-ups or working out with weights, there are workout programs that you can do such as running, jogging and cardio like HIp Hop Abs. Now if you are really crazy about toning your butt and thigh area, incorporate an intense butt and thigh toning exercises plus cardio.

5. Gave up too soon

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, or simply want to reduce belly fat from your midsection, give yourself a reasonable period of time to achieve it. You can’t lose in a month what you have piled on for couple of years. The success of a weight loss program does not merely depend on the number of pound lost but also by how long it is maintained. Take your time and giving up should not be an option.

6. Not finding an inspiration

When you work out, it is recommended that you have a specific inspiration in mind for the purpose of getting motivated. It can be any of your favorite stars or admired friend who had the body that you are aiming for. If you don't have one, it is easy to become offtrack.

This inspiration should be visualized and ot in more concrete terms. One suggestion is to put up a poster in your room, gym or even screensaver. It will serve as a daily remind for you to keep on working for that fitness goal.



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    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 5 years ago from Washington MI

      Excellent tips on the things we don't do when beginning an exercise program. It is essential to go slow and listen to your advice, greatly insightful and hugely useful. Thank you.