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Reasons You're Always Hungry

Updated on April 24, 2015

Physiological Reasons Your Appetite is Never Ending

Many find themselves hungry shortly after consuming a meal regardless of how much or how little was consumed. Many leave the table feeling full and completely satisfied only to desire more food a few hours later, or even sooner. Regardless of a person’s weight, there are some possible reasons for unsatisfied hunger.

Hunger is essential to life. Without hunger a person or animal would starve to death. Hunger is the body’s signal that food is needed for fuel, building materials, and other cofactors. Food is an essential material and one of many nutrients needed for proper function and repair of the body, and hunger is what drives us to acquire this nutrient. Unfortunately in our society this function has become miscued and insatiable for many. Hunger is a vital function of the human body, but can deviate from normal healthy function and become hard to understand leading to overeating or false cravings.

1. Improper Sugar Metabolism

Cells require carbon (sugar) for function. The body produces hormones for proper sugar transportation and utilization. If the body falters in the production of hormones, sugar is not properly transported into the cells and the body signals for more food to obtain the required sugar for function. This is solely based on the lack of hormone production and not the lack of sugar available.

2. Weak Enzyme Production

Enzymes that are produced by the body are responsible for the digestion of food. If there are not enough enzymes produced due to weak gland function, foods are unable to be digested to completion. If foods are not digested completely they are unable to nourish the body and fully satisfy the hunger deficit.

3. Malabsorption

After the digestion of food the second process is absorption. If nutrients are unable to be absorbed, they are eliminated. Malabsorption may occur due to intestinal inflammation, thick mucous, digestive congestion, or poorly digested foods.

4. Empty Calories

Empty calories are foods that are poor in nutrient content. Nutrients are destroyed in foods when any form of processing is employed. This includes cooking, canning, drying, jarring, or drying. These foods include anything that is bought in a jar, can, or box. These foods fill the stomach but fall short when supplying the body the needed nutrient.

5. Under-Eating

When a person employs a healthy diet, strengthens glands, and cleans the digestive tract but still finds that they experience hunger, they may not be consuming enough food. In these cases hunger is a healthy signal for more food.

6. Food Withdraw

Many of the foods we eat are nothing less than drugs. Anything that cannot be used by the body is toxic. Many processed foods cannot be used and overstimulate the body in the exact same way any other drug does. Many of these foods contain addicting spices, such as MSG (monosodium glutamate), that are only meant to increase a false sense of hunger so a person not only eats more food but also craves it, becoming a repeat customer.

A true sense of hunger is a mouth and throat sensation and not the gnawing pain in the stomach that many experience especially upon awakening in the morning after a night’s rest.

7. Micronutrient Utilization

After foods are digested and absorbed, the nutrients must then be used by the body. This process is identical to the utilization of sugar and requires the production of hormones from the glands of the endocrine system. When production is weak or low, nutrients are not used by the body and the body will signal for more food to make up for the poor utilization.

8. Poor Digestion

Poor digestion can occur from an insufficient amount of enzyme production or eating under the wrong condition or incorrectly. Different food substances require the use of different enzymes and these enzymes function properly under different environments. When two foods are combined that require enzymes for proper digestion that are in contradiction of one another, digestion is hindered.

Drinking with meals dilutes digestive fluids, weakening digestive powers. When eating under emotional distress, digestion is also weakened and at times comes to a complete halt.

9. Stomach Irritation

Due to poor food combining and the ingestion of irritating spices, alcohol, vinegars, and acidic food, the delicate lining of the stomach can become irritated and inflamed. This inflammation may create a false sense of hunger. This is evident after someone has a long night of heavy alcohol consumption and immediately following crave food.

10. The Emotional Factor

Many connect food with specific events and use foods when emotionally distressed to deal with unpleasant feelings and emotions. We eat when we are happy, sad, upset, or indifferent. We are a culture that uses foods to celebrate the good times are make someone feel better during the bad. We have developed an unhealthy relationship with food.

To overcome and address the issues of an unhealthy appetite one must consume a healthful diet in proper combinations, under the correct conditions, clean the digestive tract and the rest of the body so the glands may strengthen and resume proper function.

The digestion, absorption, and utilization of foods are vital for proper bodily functions and true hunger is the signal to the body that it has received the nutrients needed. Deciphering between true hunger and an unhealthy appetite is essential to achieving health.


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