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Reawaken that Inner Self

Updated on May 28, 2007

Reawaken that Inner Woman!

Something I encounter quite often when talking with other women and I myself have experienced this, is women need to learn to love themselves again. So often our lives are consumed from day one of marriage of taking care of the home, the husbands' needs and when they children come along, it is years and years of taking care of someone else.

Women put themselves second or third to take care of the family needs, which in and of itself is commendable and the motherly thing to do, but unfortunately it is sometimes at the expense of her dreams and goals in life. Many women never get the chance or take the chance to fulfill their dreams during or after the years of raising children. It is not wrong to put aside some of these things to care for your family, but never give up on doing them someday!

For women who are facing the time in their life when the children are all in school and not making so many daytime demands on her or her children are all grown and gone, she is faced with "Now What?" and with "Who am I anymore?"

Many women in these situations find that they do not know who they are deep inside any longer. It can be a time of fear and panic, but it does not have to be!

This can be such an exciting time in a woman's life. Just think, its time to do what you want, eat what you like, read a book without interruption, and hey even go to the bathroom without someone asking you a question through the door! What a wildly exciting concept!

How do you figure out who you are again? Let's first start a list describing you.

List several adjectives and short phrases that describe YOU. And I do not mean things like, mother, sister, etc. We are all those types of things, but what describes the deep inner person that makes you who you are.

Use words like: passionate, sensual woman, lover of animals, poet, etc. See what I mean? Now look at that list you created. Within those descriptions, what are some of your passions and dreams of things you want to accomplish in your life?

Some of these things are just things you want to do, others may be similar to things your husband also wants to accomplish. (By the way, you can get him to make his own list too and reawaken his inner self as well!)

Keep a journal or diary of these things you have listed. Refer to it often as you start to work on them.

Choose one or two things at a time and plan out how to do them, how to reach that goal or live out that dream.

Keep adding to that list also, its your time in life and that is OK. Selfishness gets a bad rap! If you cannot be happy within yourself, you will not have anything to give out to others!

Here are a few more things you can do to help reawaken that inner self.

  • Redecorate your home or specific room in your home. This does not need to be drastic changes unless you can afford that. But subtle things, like putting out the breakables that have been stored away while small children have been home, etc.
  • Revamp your cooking, go through your cookbooks and find the recipe's that you always wanted to try. Revamp your eating from the mac n cheese phase to the things you and your husband prefer.
  • Find a job or volunteer for something you love to do. Do this because you WANT to not HAVE to!
  • Learn or pick up an old hobby. Create a place or room in your home dedicated to that hobby. Maybe it is something you and your husband like to do together. (Or not!)
  • Read some great books on women, the Law of Attraction, Reawakening your Inner Self, etc.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi Mary

      I agree people should work very hard on finding out exactly who they are and what they are here for. We need to remember that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way round.



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