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Rebound Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, Sexier, and Healthier Body!

Updated on August 20, 2012

I'm On the Rebound!

I'm on the rebound. NOT the hopeless, desperate love rebound - but the energizing, stress-relieving, EXERCISE rebound! That's because I've fallen in love with REBOUNDING!! And I'm sure this love affair is going to last! Best of all, it's a love that's making me leaner, stronger, sexier, and healthier! And yes, I've got "that glow"; that unmistakable healthy glow that comes from my daily rebounding workouts! So allow me to introduce you to my "new love" - the sexy, irresistible rebounder!

What is a Rebounder?

What in the world is a REBOUNDER, you ask? Well, its probably just one of the most best kept secret pieces of exercising equipment in the world! That's right - I've been having an affair with this little baby for YEARS, and hardly anyone's heard about it! But the good news is, there's plenty more of them out there JUST LIKE MINE! And I'm not willing to share mine, so you'll have to GO GET YOUR OWN! (Later, however, I WILL share with you all the wonderful things MY rebounder has done for ME!)

A rebounder is basically a mini-trampoline, that is designed to subject the body to gravitational pulls two to three times its force. It is this strong gravitational pull that effortlessly and safely works and tones muscles, as well as repairs and cleans the lymph system - the most important cleansing system in our bodies!

Rebounders range in size from 36"-48" in diameter, and may be foldable for easier carrying and storage. A good quality rebounder will have a sturdy, six-leg frame, a strong and solid spring system to support your joints, and a durable, non-slip mat. When shopping for a rebounder, quality is a MUST. There are many cheap imitations, but for the best safety and health benefits, it would be wise to buy the best you can afford! Most good rebounders also come with a handle bar support that attaches easily to the frame, for added body support while rebounding. This makes it a great piece of exercise equipment for almost anyone of any age!

How Do You Exercise on A Rebounder?

There are as many different ways to exercise on a rebounder as there are stars in the sky! In fact, the sky's the limit as to what you can do on rebounder! Here are just a few of the many ways to utilize a rebounder in your exercise routine.

1. Health Bounce - The basic rebounding exercise is simply known as the "health bounce". Just as the name implies, It is an easy, up and down bouncing motion that warms you up and gets the blood flowing through the lymph system, without your feet ever leaving the mat! In fact, just ten minutes of easy health bouncing can bring about significant health benefits! More about that later...

2. Jumping Jacks - Yes, these are the same old boring jumping jacks your fifth grade P.E. teacher made you do, but with a little more "umph"! Doing jumping jacks on a rebounder incorporates much more body movement and coordination, as you try to balance yourself in midair! And by pumping your arms up and down, you'll be forcing blood through your lymph vessels, detoxifying and stimulating every cell in your body!

3. Jogging/Running in Place - It has been said that ten minutes of jogging on a rebounder has the heart-healthy benefits of jogging three miles down the road. It's the perfect cardio workout! But with a rebounder, your knees and ankles won't be subjected to the harsh,jarring impact of the ground or other hard surfaces. That's because the strong, industrial strength mat absorbs the impact and shock, and cushions the knee, ankle and foot joints, thereby lessening risk of injury or pain. Plus, jogging or running on a rebounder improves balance, coordination and endurance! Plus, its weather-friendly - rain or shine!

4. Strength and Toning Exercises - Strength training is fun and easy on a rebounder. Just incorporate some two or three pound hand weights, and you'll be rid of those "bat wings" in no time. Bicep curls, overhead push-ups and butterfly chest exercises are all great ways to tone and strengthen the upper body and arms. Using weights as you rebound also helps tone abdominal, leg and back muscles for an overall sleeker, leaner, and sexier physique!

5. Leg Lifts, Sit Ups and Squats - Standing or sitting, leg lifts and leg squats are two great exercises you can do on a rebounder to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the lower body. For a great tummy tightner, lie down on the rebounder and do leg lifts or scissor cross leg lifts to really tame the tummy muscles and get rid of that "muffin top"! Sit-ups are a breeze on a rebounder, as the comfortable nylon mat cushions and supports the lower back and neck!

6. Twists and Turns - You can whittle your waist away by twisting and turning while jumping on the rebounder! Put on Rod Stewarts's "Twisting the Night Away", and twist away inches from your obliques and torso! Or, sit on the rebounder, hold an exercise ball between your knees and twist elbow to knee for a super-slim waistline!


Health Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding has significant health benefits - probably more than any other exercise you can do! Who knew something so much fun could be so healthy?!

  1. Improves flow of the lymphatic system - The major cleansing system of the body, the lymph system rids the body of toxins, cancers, fat, bacteria, viruses, and a host of other assorted foreign substances the body doesn't need or want. But it has to be pumped daily in order to perform at optimum levels. Rebounding is the only exercise known that can pump the lymph system effectively and efficiently, in order to keep it running at top levels. Think of rebounding as 10W-40 for your body!
  2. Reduces joint pain - Stagnant lymph flow is associated with arthritis, bursitis and a host of other related joint pains. Rebounding helps move stagnant lymph fluid out of the body, thus relieving the associated aches and pains.And because rebounding is gentle and low-impact, its safe for seniors and others who suffer from these painful and debilitating conditions.
  3. Anti-aging benefits - Regular rebounding can actually help slow the aging process by encouraging regular blood flow to the heart and lungs.Rebounding can reverse hardening of the arteries, detoxify the skin cells and help keep the mind alert!
  4. Lowers cholesterol levels - Rebounding can lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol, which reduces your chances of heart disease!
  5. Weight Loss - Any exercise can aid in weight loss - IF you do it on a regular basis. Rebounding is so much fun that you'll want to do it every day - maybe even twice a day! This increase in activity will help burn more calories and tone flabby muscles for a leaner, stronger body! And because rebounding is such a great cardio workout, you'll be melting fat with every bounce! Rebounding actually helps change your body fat composition, and improves muscle-to-fat ratio!
  6. Stress Relief - Rebounding aids in reducing stress, encourages better relaxation and deeper sleep cycles, as well as relieving depression and anxiety.
  7. Enhances Digestion and Elimination - Rebounding encourages healthy digestion and aids in regular elimination of body wastes.
  8. Menstrual/PMS Relief - Rebounding eases cramps and reduces the mental and physical symptoms associated with a woman's menstrual cycle.
  9. Minimizes Colds and Allergies - Because rebounding constantly moves viruses and germs through the lymph system, and out of the body, the immune system is stronger and better able to fight off colds, flu and allergies.
  10. Improves Self Image - Rebounding produces an abundance of endorphins, which enable rebounders to enjoy a healthier self image and more positive outlook on life.


Why I LOVE to Rebound..

I've been an avid rebounder for about seven years now. I discovered the rebounder when I opened my own ladies fitness gym. I ordered two of them for my members and they loved them! It was THE most used piece of equipment in my gym! After I closed down my business, I kept one of them for my own personal use. It was an Urban Rebounder, which I still have and use almost every day! I've not once had to replace the springs or mat, and just keep the springs oiled periodically for maximum performance. I've tried all types of exercise programs - from kickboxing to jogging to pole -walking; but NOTHING compares to the benefits I get from rebounding! Some of the benefits I've noticed include improved skin condition, toned muscles, stronger immune system (I hardly EVER get a cold or the flu!), better mental state, reduced PMS and now, peri-menopause symptons, a flatter stomach, and increased energy! Plus I never have to wait for a machine or pay a monthly gym fee!

Rebounding is easy, fun and I can get a complete workout in only twenty minutes! I just turn on my favorite TV show, or put in an upbeat music CD and I can jump, twist and shout away my worries, stress and FAT! NOTHING has ever kept my attention or been so much fun as rebounding. It was TRUE LOVE from the very beginning, and a "love" that's definitely going to LAST!


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    • Sajna Jee profile image

      Rizwan Ali 

      5 weeks ago from Lahore

      Best Post About Exercise

    • Yogiustaad profile image

      Yogesh Kumar 

      5 months ago from Chandigarh

      Rebounding is amazing , it is entertaining

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'll give it another try. Coming off the rebounder was like coming down to earth.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      6 years ago from the beautiful south

      Sounds like a fun way to exercise. ^

    • Seira Girl profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa Tippette 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      That's great, Scott! Studies have shown even rebounding as little as 10 mins a day has significant health benefits! Keep it up!!

    • Scott Miscall profile image


      7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I love my Rebounder :) - I use it ever day for 10 minutes and I think it makes a huge difference to how I feel.

    • Seira Girl profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa Tippette 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank you!

    • jbrock2041 profile image


      8 years ago from Park City, UT

      Nice hub! You have a very organized, informative hub.


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