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Recall of Dietary Supplements Containing Aromatase Inhibitors

Updated on September 22, 2010

The FDA announced, this month, that some dietary supplements illegally contain an undeclared drug in its ingredients. Aromatase inhibitors, a class of drugs used to treat breast cancer and ovarian cancer in post menopausal women, has been found in the following products:

--Advanced Muscle Science (Arom-X, Arom-X UTT, Arom-XL, 4-AD, and Decavol)

Marketed by: Advanced Muscle Science Fizogen Precision Technologies, Inc.


Marketed by: Genetic Edge Technologies of Phoenix, Arizona


Marketed by: Kilosports Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona

--Off Cycle II Hardcore

Marketed by: Fizogen Precision Technologies, Inc.

--iForce – Reversitol

Marketed by: iForce Nutrition

Adverse events from these products may include:

--decreased rate of bone maturation and growth

--decreased sperm production


--aggressive behavior

--adrenal insufficiency

--kidney failure

--liver dysfunction

Additionally, consumers with liver, kidney, adrenal, or prostate abnormalities are at higher risk for developing the above adverse events, and the FDA has concluded that the dietary supplements containing aromatase inhibitors have a reasonable probability of causing permanent impairments of body structures or functions in at risk consumers.

These products have been sold nationwide and were available for purchase in retail stores and via the internet. Although the companies have issued voluntary recalls of the dietary supplements, the FDA warns that some internet retailors may continue distribution due to remaining inventory.

Consumers who have any of the above products are advised to discontinue use immediately. Consumers who believe that they are experiencing side effects or adverse reactions to the above listed products should contact a physician immediately.

Information on Dietary Supplements and Herbs:

This is not the first time a dietary supplement has contained an undeclared drug in its ingredients. It is extremely important for people to realize that dietary supplements and herbal remedies and/or herbal supplements are not FDA approved. These types of products do not undergo any sort of evaluations or studies prior to being marketed. Additionally, the ingredients contained in products that claim to be dietary supplements and/or herbal treatments and remedies may contain ingredients that cause adverse reactions if taken in conjunction with any type of medications, including over-the-counter medications.

There is a long list of dietary supplements and herbal remedies that have been recalled over the years, because the makers of the products often include prescription drugs in its ingredients. Many herbal remedies and dietary supplements have been found to contain lead, arsenic, and pesticides.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the dangers associated with the use of herbal supplements or remedies and dietary supplements. Consumers incorrectly believe that they are making healthy decisions when they decide to purchase these products. Some products, due to labeling information, lead consumers to believe that the products will cure or treat a disease or can be taken in lieu of conventional medicines. These claims are completely untrue.

A great hub written by prettydarkhorse called Things to Consider Before Using Herbal Remedies goes in depth about the dangers of herbal remedies. This hub should be read by anyone that takes herbal and/or dietary supplements or by anyone who is considering taking them.


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    • profile image

      what is a SERM 7 years ago

      I heard this news yesterday and I still can't believe that it happens But after reading this article now I know why they have to do it. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

      Have never even heard of this! I am afraid of most supplements that are not at least investigated by the FDA.