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Stress Management by food pharmacy

Updated on May 17, 2012

Fight stress with right food

Internet is full of literature on right food to reduce the stress syndrome. I plan to build a compilation of all the good sites on topics of stress reduction through a combination of food item.

But before that happens (?), following is the list of some of the recommended food items which help in reducing the stress level:

Omega 3 fatty Acid

The best sources of this valuable chemical termed as brain food are fish of certain types but a surprising vegetarian source or pretty less known sources is is flax seed. The ideal way to take this is in the form of fresh oil as its self life is limited for a few days, may be a week. And for that you may consider buying a hand oil impeller and installing that in your home to take this valuable natural medicine which has many more curative powers.

Spinach and other leafy vegetables

There is no exaggeration in the power of Spinach when Popoy takes a can of Spinach and becomes all powerful. Spinach as a regular food item goes a long way in over all wellness

Green Tea / Black Tea

Slowly but steadily tea is moving up the chart of beneficial food item. Besides being anti oxidant it is being seen as a stress buster. You can try for your self as it is so easy to do.


Dry Fruits - especially walnuts and almonds

The complex carbohydrates of dry fruits is quite helpful in helping the metabolism for achieving reduced stress levels. Making a few nuggets or may be keeping in the office may be a good way to take this regularly.

Munching Green Vegetables

The belief that eating raw green vegetables have a strong effect of reducing the stress generating hormones in the body is gaining ground. It helps in achieving alkaline state of the human body which in turn reduces the stress.

Supplementing with Exercise

Exercise is resistance force to the stress and anxiety. Right diet with right kind of food should bring about a great deal of relief from chronic stress and anxiety.

This article will continued to be improved and refined to give a holistic view of stress reducing food items.




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    • profile image

      loanyi 6 years ago

      People should look at this blog. All I see is the stress on people's faces lately. this are good recommendations. I like the green tea though, it does really help me relax

    • Leah Helensdottr profile image

      Leah Helensdottr 6 years ago from Colorado

      Very useful--thanks!