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Reconstruction Und-Her Way

Updated on May 16, 2015

It doesn't always start with a lump

For this started I'd say bout 5 years ago. I was having a clear discharge from my breast sometimes it had a yellowish tint. I had told my gynecologist about it when I went in for my regular check-ups. He did some kind of test which came back normal and said we would just keep an eye on it and if any changes let him know. I just figured it was because the clear milk never dried up full after the last baby. They still went through the filling up when it was feeding time or I was around a new baby. It was strange too. I told my doctor about it he said that couldn’t happen. But, it did for years; it would stop sometimes for a few months then start up again.

October 2014, it was a Saturday; I was getting dressed and felt something wet on my leg. I look down to see and there was blood everywhere just flowing on its own from my right breast. Crazy I say; Okay that’s not supposed to be happening. Went to bathroom and cleaned it up, checked to see if still bleeding. It had stopped I got some gauze and put over just in case. I made a call to the doctor come following Monday. It didn’t hurt, I did my breast examine every week to two weeks. Some say that was way too much, but when over top heavy, it’s best to be safe. Never felt a lump or great tenderness, a little at one point when the bleeding happened. So I thought it was just an infection and didn’t worry about it.

Caring Team Response

I couldn’t get into see doctor, because of the transportation company up here. MTM-Transportation, was again giving me a headache about taking me. Its over state line, they couldn’t find the doctors number in their system, even though I’ve gone there before. I called the Women’s Center at the hospital and made an appointment for a mammogram and what they called a ductogram. A ductogram (Galactogram) is when they take a very thin needle on a syringe filled with dye, insert into the duct where the discharge is coming from to see anything strange. And they did, I could tell because while they were talking the Radiology doctor and tech got really quite.

Afterwards I met with him in his office and he told me that he would send the report to my primary, which I saw him the next day. When I got to his office they put me in the back office. I waited and waited and waited, then he finally came in and first thing he tells me. Okay, you have cancer and it has to come out. I love that man, does not beat around about things just tells you straight out. I said; “Okay, I knew something was wrong”. He gave me the number to a breast surgeon, the radiology doctor had sent his report to my Gyn and he informed the surgeon about me. The doctors were more worried than I was.

Dcis Images

DCIS appears as microcalcifications on a mammogram. When these microcalcifications are seen, it is recommended that a woman have a core biopsy or a wire localization biopsy. This will determine whether you actually have DCIS. If you do, the next step
DCIS appears as microcalcifications on a mammogram. When these microcalcifications are seen, it is recommended that a woman have a core biopsy or a wire localization biopsy. This will determine whether you actually have DCIS. If you do, the next step | Source

Breast Surgeon; "You're Taking this Remarkably..

Dr. Anna Katz was the Breast Surgeon I went too, her office called me and had me to come in. My Daddy took me in for the appointment. Her practice is conjoined with my Gyn: Dr. Ralph Frank's office. I everyone there a couple I've known for about 20 plus years now. So the trust is there, which is very important when going through a major new medical chapter in your life. Helen, Dr. Anna's nurse checked me in going over the usual questions on current medication, medical history, etc. Then Dr. Anna came in she was or is young, looks same age as my daughters, seems like the medical colleges are turning them out younger every year. I've seen some male doctors not old enough to shave or were and had nothing to shave. She told me what the ductogram revealed. Examined me saw the discharged from the right breast, it was a yellowish tint no blood. She said usually, if there was no blood she would not recommend surgery. But since I said it was and the test results, she suggested strongly a mastectomy.

Reason being ductal or DCIS-cancer is contained in the duct (see the link to right) and if it burst out it would go into my body and spread. And told me of the different ways that we could proceed with this, but still insisting on mastectomy. She asked the usual questions of family history of cancer, and she suggested I see a person about genetic testing. To see if they would need to do a double mastectomy and lower my chances of the cancer returning and extending my life. I was not a candidate for the genetic testing, but personally I think I am. I've cousins that have had breast cancer. But, my left side is fine. After she finished talking to me and all the while she was explaining to me. She sat down on the stool and said, 'I must say you're taking this remarkably well". I just smiled and said if you Only knew what I've come through, this is nothing. She hugged me with the warmest true hug, one I've not had in a very long time. Its good to be loved.

NOTE: When going through ANY pre-illness (not sure if this is a word) and are looking at major/minor surgery. GET A SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH opinion. I was fighting getting a second opinion. Why? Because I trusted the doctors. They seemed to know what they were talking about. But, since the thought came in my mind I could not sleep. So I did go and get one and that doctor completely agreed with Dr. Anna. And she explained it to me in the same yet different way that I understood much better. And felt better about going forth.

Mastectomy procedures

Medical operations -Mastectomy Full Operation قناة الطب للجميع قناة الطب للجميع

Caution in Watching the Videos

These videos are graphic and for some they maybe hard to watch in one sitting. Take them in increments when you watch them, please. I thought it was very, very interesting to see the inside of the breast. It JUST FAT. Women go through some long and strange measures to make her breast look good and its just fat covered over with skin.

How does DCIS start?

DCIS starts in the nipple and goes in through the duct and builds up. Why does it, there is speculation on going on that now. Some researchers say its due to a vitamin D deficiency, others say there is not prove of this. But, pertaining to myself. I have a Vit-D deficiency, a huge one, I went to see a Endocrinology for this and found out that my taking prednisone for so long rids the body of Vit-D and can cause you to be more susceptible to fractures namely the hips and osteoporosis. My daughter, has told me that with the people she sees at work (she is an Phlebotomist), the women that have breast cancer all have a Vit-D deficiency. Personally I thing it is connected.

it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, here the JP drain is still in.  Its less than a week after surgery.  Kinda looks like a pug with no eyes...LOL
it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, here the JP drain is still in. Its less than a week after surgery. Kinda looks like a pug with no eyes...LOL | Source

My Reconstruction Road

On March 25, 2015, I underwent a mastectomy of my right breast. The photo/s, here may sicken some, worry other and surprise all. This hub is going to be in parts, not sure how many just yet, but it will be spread out over a few months. When I get enough update information or changes I'll add to it and promise not to have it so long. I'm still learning, this writing, I think if I wrote more I'd get the hang of it. I didn't tell a lot of people, only ones I wanted to, reason being is this a lot of people know what Our Lord has brought me through.

Not less than two year ago I had my leg amputated. That was because a doctor didn't listen to my complaints of the pain and the site being red and hot at times. It was infected and the infection with into the bone, which left the new doctors no choice but to amputate. [ Again I say get a second opinion in any and all things especially if the doctors not listening to you.]

And the other reason, was that when a persons tells someone/anyone they have cancer. The person/s they tell have you six feet deep and 3 feet wide. And you start to get the 'poor pity look' they just waiting to see if you're going to drop dead on the spot. They also seem to think that the persons life is over. This comes from the ones that say; "Oh don't worry about it. I hear they can do a lot with that theses days and they'll get it before its to late." With a look in their eyes of thinking what they are going to wear to your funeral.

And I don't want pity, or people to shake their heads or whisper behind my back of 'poor me'. I ain't dead yet. And Please don't do the looks either. I get enough of those being an amputee.

The second part will be after surgery thoughts and issues. Get your vitamin D levels checked to be safe and know so you can prevent this from happening to you. Also get your Sons and Daughters checked. Yes men can get Breast Cancer too.


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