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How to recover faster from Glandular Fever

Updated on March 16, 2012

How to recover faster from Glandular fever: some tips

Recovering from Glandular fever. Is faster recovery from glandular fever possible? Since glandular fever is a virus infection, you cannot treat it with medicine. Can you only let your illness be, and take it easy and be cautious? Or can you also actively contribute to faster recovery from glandular fever? Here you can read how to speed up the recovery process. A few tips on how to recover faster from glandular fever.

Recovery process of glandular fever

Before we start off with tips on how to faster recover from glandular fever, it is import to realise that glandular fever manifests itself very differently for different people. Where one person has all the symptoms but is not really tired, the other person has just a few symptoms but is extremely tired. For that reason it is possible that one person can get a little ill, and find out later that it was glandular fever, while an other person gets terribly ill for a long time. Most people, however, fully recover between 4 to 8 wees. This article tries to help you speed up the process, and control it as sensibly as possible.

Tips for faster recovery from Glandular fever

Recovering from glandular fever already starts with discovering you have glandular fever as quick as possible. When you do not realise you have glandular fever in time, and continue your normal lifestyle (with drinking, greasy food, sleeping late), the impact of glandular fever is a lot bigger. Considering your liver is extremely vulnerable when you have glandular fever, your body gets struck hard when you continue living the way you do, and consequently will recover less fast. It can also be more vulnerable for other diseases. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms and go see your doctor immediately or take a glandular fever test.

The symptoms of glandular fever

First of all, you will experience a lot more fatique. But the exhaustion is usually accompanied by normal flu, with fever, sore throat, and a headache. In case of glandular fever, the sore throat usually stays for more than a week. Very characteristic for glandular fever is the swelling lymph nodes, in your throat, armpits and groin. You can also get rash or jaundice.

Listen to your body when you have glandular fever

The most often heard advice, and at the same time the most vague advice, is take it easy and listen to your body. Nevertheless, this is still the most important factor in faster recovery. When you have glandular fever, you realise that actually CAN listen to your body, because it will give pretty clear signals. This means of course that you need to act on it. When you feel your body needs rest, take some rest. It is better to be too cautious rather than too reckless. Because there is always a chance for relapse and other diseases. So make sure you get enough rest. If you are a real athlete, and you want to start playing sports again, make sure you pick it up very slowy, because your muscles will not be ready yet. Too much physical activity can really hit your body hard.

Drink no alcohol when you have glandular fever

Taking into account that your liver is very vulnerable, it is very reckless and irresponsible to drink a lot of alcohol. Because your lymph nodes are not functioning properly, the alcohol goes straight to your liver. When you drink alcohol regularly, the chance of getting yellow eyes increases. Alcohol stands in the way for fast recovery from glandular fever.

Eat no greasy food when you have glandular fever

Greasy food is a no-go. With greasy food, I don't just mean junk-food, but also heavy high on egg white meals. It is very important that you eat light, but substansive meals with a lot of vitamies and minerals. Just like with alcohol, greasy food does help you to recover faster.

What should you drink when you have glandular fever?

For fast recovery it is vital that you drink enough liquids. You can drink normal mineral water (without sparkle), but if you do not like water, you can also choose to mix freshly sqeezed fruit juice with mineralwater. Moreover, drinking herbal tea (all kinds) on a daily basis is a good incentive for recovery.

Alternative medicine

Although there is no concrete evidence that alternative medicine actually helps, there are a lot of people who claim it has helped them. There are people who benefit from homeopathy, but also people who claim they benefit from acupuncture or acupressure. Possibly it can help, but it is not a guarantee. Moreover, people often feel very tired after certain treatments on the short term.


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